Business Support Assistance

Business Support Assistance

Outsourcing your non-core tasks to the skilled virtual executives at MyTasker, who have access to high-end technology gives your business the competitive edge. Outsourcing is quick and easy and often a necessity to ensure success in business. Especially, if your business is still in its nascent stage and there is so much to do! The purpose of outsourcing is getting another individual or a group to think and work on your venture.

As an entrepreneur you can make strategic use of our resources to accomplish the tasks associated with handling your entire business process. Hence it would be the right decision to seek assistance and sound advice from the virtual executives at MyTasker who would assist you in setting up your business and manage the entire work process.

Virtual Executives at MyTasker Assist You with Your Business Process

The virtual executives at MyTasker take complete care of your business needs from start-to-finish, once you decide to outsource your work. When you plan to start your business, our virtual executives would:

  • conduct Internet research and gather relevant information about the market conditions related to your start-up venture.
  • develop your website to enhance your online visibility.
  • handle the entire gamut of web development work, which includes website designing, graphic designing, content development and SEO work
  • guide you formulate unique marketing strategies that would focus primarily on fulfilling customer needs

When you have already set up your business, the virtual executives would:

  • take the responsibility of the recurring work (including blog updating, social media management, email management, calendar management, data management etc.) that are associated with running a business.
  • provide third-party customer service (fixing appointments, calling offices, scheduling meetings etc.)
  • offer administrative assistance
  • take care of the entire business process 24/7

After setting up your business, you can also hire full-time office assistants to take care of your entire business process. We would provide an account manager to you who would be supervising all your tasks and project that can be handled remotely by VAs.

The virtual executives:

  • take over all your time-consuming work, giving you ample time to take care of your core business activities
  • keep themselves updated on latest technologies and learning;
  • take training from you to keep themselves updated on the latest development in business.

Outsourcing is the most cost-effective (the cost of hiring virtual assistants who work from remote locations is much less than hiring full-time office assistants. You do not have to pay for office space, insurance, employee benefits, etc.) and convenient way to grow your business. We, provide outsourcing solutions to our clients across the globe. Avail our services and achieve success in your ventures.


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