You can cancel a task by sending us an email through the same task chain or give us instructions over the phone or Skype chat. Our executives will act accordingly.
If your tasks need to be done every day/every fortnight/every week/ every month, please mention the instructions in the task email. Our executives will perform the task as per your requirement.
Yes! Since MyTasker offers 24/7 services, it is possible that your work will be performed in different time zones. However, two different executives from two different shifts will do the work.
When you sign up for Exclusive Trial, MyTasker will appoint a relationship manager who will take care and supervise your tasks during the entire trial period. You can directly communicate with your relationship manager about your task requirements.
No. We do not provide cold calling because we do not guarantee sales of products/services.
At MyTasker, we make it a point to train multiple executives so that our clients’ work processes do not get hampered even if his/her dedicated VA falls sick and is unable to work. There is always a ‘backup’ executive ready to perform the task and ensure quality output. We provide backups even when your virtual assistant is on leave.
The virtual assistants at MyTasker are proficient in English and use this language as a mode of communication with clients and for performing various tasks. However, they are also well-versed in certain Indian languages such as Bengali and Hindi.
Yes! We have a team of expert content writers who can conduct extensive research and work on various writing projects. Go to Writing & Editing to know more.
If you sign up to the Full Time plan, you would be assigned a dedicated VA who would be reserved for 8 hours a day for 5 business days.
Yes! We do consider ASAP tasks through chat. However, we would like to mention here that our chat services are mainly meant to deal with client enquiries. So, the best option would be to send us tasks via email or Skype.
No. We do not offer dispatching services.
Yes! From itinerary planning, flight / hotel bookings to planning and scheduling meetings at the desired destination and providing timely travel plan reminders, our expert virtual assistants can handle all travel related tasks.
The virtual assistants at MyTasker would get back to you within 8 hours of sending a task and ensure its completion. However, if the task could not be completed within 8 hours, you’ll receive an interim at the end of the day from the executive informing that the task would pass on to the next day.
No. At present, we do not have a mobile app for iPhone/Android/Windows.
You can send us an email, give us a call or inform us via Skype chat. Our executives will look into the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.
If you want to change the priority of one of your tasks, kindly send us email at or give us a call or send your request via Skype chat. We’ll make the necessary changes from our end.
We provide our services 24/7. So, whether it’s a weekend or a public holiday, you’ll always have a virtual assistant to assist you with your work.
Yes! We have a team of skilled virtual assistants. As per your task requirements, you can use multiple assistants.
We have a very strict quality control process at MyTasker. A task performed by an executive is checked again by the Supervisor to ensure quality and perfection. The client receives the final resolution only when we’re satisfied with the work quality from our end.
You can communicate with your assistant via Skype, live chat and phone.
Yes. We do have a referral programme. To know more, please send us an email at
To monitor progress of tasks, please login to your CRM portal and click on TASK HISTORY. From here, you can check the status of your tasks.
We are based in India (IST time zone). However, we offer our services 24/7.
We offer provision for change of your virtual assistant (VA) if you are not happy with that person’s work performance. You can train your VA prior to sending any task. This reduces chances of dissatisfaction with your VA.
No. We do not outsource any work to freelancers.
We will send you the resume of the person who would become your dedicated assistant. By checking the resume, you can ascertain your VA’s educational qualification. You can also conduct an interview over Skype chat to evaluate your VA’s capabilities.
Yes! You can avail the services of assistants who can work on per project basis.
No. You would only train your dedicated VA once. We make it a point to create backups. Also, each task is personally supervised by the supervisor/account manager. This ensures accurate quality, precision and perfection.
SEO is a continuous and competitive process. Since Google frequently changes its search algorithms, it takes time to fetch desired results. Our SEO experts provide updated and high-quality services, but do not guarantee instant success on subscription.
We do not make any cold calling for sale. We can contact your leads, if you provide us any. However, we do not guarantee you the sale/ the conversion.
Yes. You can conduct an interview with your virtual assistant before delegating tasks.
Once you sign up for an Exclusive Trial, a relationship manager becomes your single point of contact. Any task that you send during this trial period will be supervised by your relationship manager to ensure quality output. Exclusive Trial is meant to help you evaluate our work process after which you can sign up for any our plans.
We usually charge for the actual involvement of hours. We do not charge for our understanding of the task. However, you can always get in touch with your single point of contact (POC) if you have any doubt on the time charged.
We use TeamViewer & Skype for remote desktop sharing.
We do have referral programme, but there is no such link for the same. For more details, contact us at
If you want to delete or remove a task, contact us via chat, email or phone. We shall close the duplicate task.

Account Related

Please Sign in to your MyTasker account and click on EXTRAS tab. Here you have the option to enter the number of hours you would like to purchase. Once done, click on CONTINUE. You will be redirected to your PayPal account.
Yes! You can downgrade to a “Pay As You Go Plan" from a monthly plan. However, we do not grant any refund for the unused hours.
Unfortunately, we do not encourage the concept of ‘roll over’ hours. It is recommended that you choose hours as per your requirement and convenience.
Yes! You can review the usage history and hourly breakdown on your account. Just login to your MyTasker account, click on TASK HISTORY and check the hourly breakdown.
Yes! If you want, we can put your account on hold. Just send us an email at and we’ll do the needful.
Once you subscribe to any of our plans, you can avail our services 24/7. You can get your work done anytime up until you exhaust your existing hours after which you'll notified for next recharge.
In order to purchase additional hours, login to your MyTasker account and click on "EXTRAS". Add the numbers of hours you wish to purchase and click on "CONTINUE". You'll be redirected to your PayPal account.
You can switch plans anytime. Login to your MyTasker account and click on CHANGE PLAN. Here select a plan of your choice and click on Instant Upgrade.
You can simply send us an email at One of our customer service executives will get in touch with you immediately.
Yes, you can add multiple email accounts and provide access to multiple users from the same account. The administrator of the account will be able to add / delete email ids.
Yes! You can seek our assistance by contacting our customer service desk. We’ll help you with the process.

You can either go for the instant upgrade to start a new plan with a new billing cycle or you can buy additional hours which will be valid upto your next billing date.

Usually we do not grant any refund, but reimburse the equivalent hours only. You can get in touch with our customer service desk for more details.

Payment Related

In order to upgrade to a higher plan, login to your MyTasker account and click on CHANGE PLAN. Select a plan, click on Instant Upgrade and complete the billing procedure.
We have comprehensive SEO plans and packages. Click here to know more.
We have monthly as well as hourly subscription plans that enable our customers to use our services as per their requirements. Please check our Plans & Pricing for more details.
You can try out our services by opting for Exclusive Trial. Only a minimum activation fee of USD 1 is required to avoid spams.
We do not have any plan for less than 10 hours. This is our base plan. However, you can also choose our customized ‘Pay As You Go’ plan that enables you to pay on an hourly basis.
At MyTasker, the Point System works on a ‘point per minute basis’. This means: 1 POINT= 1 MINUTE
We have a ‘per hour’ based pricing.
The monthly plans have a limited validity of 30 days. Hence, after cancelling your account, you will still be able to use the unused hours until the validity is over (next billing). Thereafter, your account will be closed and you won’t be able to use the unused hours anymore.
Coupon code is a unique code to avail any discount offer. If a coupon code is available at the time of your subscription, you can indulge in it.

Registration Related

If our system is not recognizing the email, it means that you’re using a different email ID. You need to only use the same email that you’ve used when signing up for EXCLUSIVE TRIAL.
Visit , click on Log In / Registration and proceed accordingly.
Our crafted plans are automatic renewal in nature. The lowest validity term is the monthly rental plan where the automatic renewal is scheduled every 30 days from the day of subscription. Thereafter is the Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly plan which are renewed in every 90, 180 and 360 days respectively. Besides, we have a non recurring plan named Pay As You Go where you can purchase desired number of hours along with unlimited validity. We also work on Small to Large Projects with a negotiated amount which is one-time payable.

Security Related

The credentials that you upload through WEB LOGINS in your MyTasker account and the other information that you share are safe with us because:
  • Our website is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • We have a secured data center.
  • We do a background check of the virtual assistants we hire.
  • We make our employees sign an NDA before joining the company.

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