Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual Personal Assistant: Your Time Savior

Any business holds a plethora of daily activities that would compel you to run all day to make sure it functions properly. While you are busy building your business, your daily personal tasks are going haywire due to the lack of proper attention. Hiring personal assistants does not help because their service is time-bound and they need your personal monitoring all the time. But a virtual personal assistant at MyTasker understands how precious your time is and would take over all your personal jobs 24*7 with a smile. Our VAs at MyTasker would take care of your enquiries, upcoming appointments and would handle all your extra personal tasks while you enjoy some off time for relaxation.

Advantages of Hiring Virtual Personal Assistants

Your MyTasker virtual personal assistant would offer you all kinds of personal services that are time-consuming. A virtual personal assistant would make sure that your next flight booking is confirmed while you are away attending a client meeting. They would look for any information that you request such as enquiries about restaurant rates, traveling cost or the process of importing email contacts to your newly bought mobile. They would assist you like your favorite virtual secretary, always keen to meet your job expectation at any hour of the day. Online personal assistants are very attentive to the details and would understand the priority of your personal jobs like you do so that they can deliver you with the best results.

MyTasker: Your Best Virtual Personal Assistant Provider

The virtual personal assistant services at MyTasker are delivered by experienced virtual personal assistants who are knowledgeable about the job technicalities of any personal secretary with a mind oriented towards excellence. Within minutes of your approaching us for any personal assistance through phone calls or calls on Skype or emails, our dedicated online personal assistants would take over your job with immediacy and complete it within the stipulated time.

We treat the urgency of your job with as much importance as you do and would manage your personal tasks with 100% expertise and quality. We believe in the topmost prioritization of your personal jobs and are committed to rendering it with profound professional management. We offer flexible pricing plans that complement your affordability level so that you get your desired personal job done without any trouble.

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