Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist: Your Key to Greater Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the most valued asset of your company and your business growth depends on how satisfied your customers are with you. Your front desk receptionist might be good at handling calls but their absence at the desk or any impatience shown while tackling many calls with multiple queries might incur you with the loss of a potential customer. Clients are everywhere; they might call you any time for assistance and a missed call might mean the loss of a great business opportunity. A virtual receptionist knows that proper customer assistance begins with a smile and constant presence and would devote their excellent conversational skills to serving your clients all day long to keep them happy and satisfied.

How Would a Virtual Receptionist Help You Reap Great Business Advantages?

A Virtual Receptionist at MyTasker knows that the path of great virtual reception to clients demands professionalism, telephonic skills and uninterrupted connectivity with them. Equipped with their own resources for use, a virtual receptionist would ensure that your call is answered every time it rings. Virtual receptionist services offered by virtual receptionists provide good alternatives to automatically generated responses which might irritate your potential customers. Hire a virtual receptionist instead who would answer each call personally and would only forward you the important calls while they make a good track report of all the inbound calls received in the day. They would assist your clients about the basic requirements of your business in your absence and their ever welcoming tone while providing virtual reception services would ensure that your clients receive warm greetings for every call.

MyTasker: Your Guide to Getting Best Virtual Receptionist Services

Here at MyTasker, we offer you a host of Virtual Receptionist experts who are resourceful in handling any call situation with professionalism and liveliness. We value your clients with as much importance as you do and are dedicated to providing them with patient and friendly virtual reception. Our virtual receptionist would answer your customers once they call, assist them by solving their queries with convincing conversational skills, make note of important points and events and get back to you with the summary of all the calls whenever you want. Our Virtual receptionist team work in co-operation and would ensure that all your calls are answered 24*7 even when your office remains closed. Let us help you build a prosperous professional image before your customers with our affordable and flexible plans for virtual receptionist services.


Subscription plans range from 10-hour / 30 days to a Full-time Dedicated Assistant. We have also introduced Pay As You Go plan with unlimited validity which enables members to use the service on-demand without a monthly subscription.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Want to try 3 hours for 3 days?
10 Hours
USD 120 / 30 days
20 Hours
USD 220 / 30 days
40 Hours
USD 400 / 30 days
60 Hours
USD 540 / 30 days
100 Hours
USD 800 / 30 days
Full-Time Virtual Employee
USD 1200 per month, 5 days a week for any business hours
Pay As You Go
USD 15 per hour for unlimited validity.
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