12 Benefits of A Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant


All businesses have to be good at one big thing – managing their money well. While business owners may be true visionaries who excel at creativity and hustle, they may often lack the skills to report, reconcile, and allocate things in the proper category when it comes to accounts. The best solution in this context? Go for a virtual bookkeeping assistant. Indeed, bookkeeping services from a virtual assistant have benefits galore. 

From managing the financial records, end of the year accounting, bill payment and invoice generation and other related things, they can efficiently take care of all your money matters. Also, virtual bookkeeping assistants cut back on your initial costs and help you in saving money in the long run. And most importantly, they save that scarce resource which is much in demand – your time! Offloading your bookkeeping and accounting tasks to them frees up your time and helps you to focus on the mainstream tasks and strategies for your business. But who is a virtual bookkeeping assistant? Let us find out. 

Definition of Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

The process of organizing and keeping track of all the business transactions that occur in the course of a business is called bookkeeping. Virtual bookkeeping assistants provide the same accounting services but from a remote location other than your office. Hiring virtual bookkeepers has become a common practice these days as it effectively saves the time, money and energy of busy professionals. From corporate conglomerates to mom and pop stores, virtual bookkeeping assistance is much in demand for  all the right reasons. 

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

There are several advantages of hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant. Some of those are discussed below:

  1. Cost-Effective Service Solution: Hiring a virtual assistant rather than an in-office employee can save you precious bucks. Why? Well, you need not spend on employee benefits, insurance, employment taxes, office space, office supplies and other aspects that come with part-time or full-time employees. cost effective service solution
  2. Upcoming Payments: Your virtual bookkeeper can shoulder your responsibility in managing all upcoming payments. You can also provide them with access to take care of the invoices from suppliers or creditors. They can keep track of the balance in your business account and give you regular updates, which will help in gaining a better understanding of how business operations are in place. upcoming payments
  3. Pay as Per Workload: This is one of the best parts. You can hire virtual bookkeeping assistants in proportion to your workload and the attention it requires. The option to pay them only when you need them and not on a regular basis is a double whammy. It keeps unnecessary spending in check. pay as per workload
  4. Well-Managed Income Sources: It is necessary to maintain each client’s account separately in order to measure the individual performance. This way, it becomes easy to figure out the whole picture in detail. However, as a business owner you may often be pressed for time and could find it difficult to maintain each account efficiently, especially when your business is growing. An efficient virtual bookkeeper can help you out in such circumstances as they are well-versed with advanced accounting software that can track all your transaction trails.
  5. Updated Flow of Money: Outsourcing a virtual assistant for accounting can help in keeping track of the flow of money. They are responsible for taking notes on accounts payable and outstanding, tracking receipts and other related work. The result is a clear picture of where the money is coming from and where it’s going.
  6. Payroll Management: Payroll management is a hectic task. If you want to concentrate more on your business other than the additional matters, you should consider hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant for managing such account-related things.payroll management
  7. Prepare Taxes: If you are worried about the deadlines of the Internal Revenue Service, hiring a virtual bookkeeper is a great solution. They will take care of your taxable accounts and make sure that all report submissions are made well within the deadline. That’s one weight off your chest! Indeed, managing tax filings and ensuring that you file your returns on time are integral parts of a virtual bookkeeper’s job.prepare taxes
  8. Create Financial Statements: While running a business, you can feel the need of creating financial statements for a variety of reasons. In such cases, if you have a virtual bookkeeper, you can easily get profit, loss and balance sheet statements devoid of any hassle.create financial statements
  9. Manage Year-End Accounts: Virtual bookkeeping assistants also help you with year-end accounting. They can reconcile numbers to match your bank statement and make sure that it matches with the financial software display, thus ensuring that there are no erroneous or duplicate entries.
  10. Help to Gain Self-Time and Concentration to the Business: Your virtual bookkeeper helps you by taking care of the crucial business of accounts and thus, allows you to leverage your time for other core business functions. Hiring them can also free up your time for spending with your near and dear ones. 
  11. Handle Legal Concerns: As a business owner, it can be tough to keep track of the changing tax laws and handle legal and regulatory concerns. This comes in addition to strategic planning and other business-related concerns. This is where a virtual bookkeeper can be of great help as it is part of their job to be up-to-date with the latest tax laws and legal bindings in the market.
  12. Monitor Key Performance Indicator: Hiring a virtual assistant for accounting allows you to monitor the finances of your business in a better way. Virtual bookkeepers also keep track of your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs so that you know your company’s financial standing out and out.


Running a business is not easy. There are multiple factors that need equal attention and managing all these can be a tad difficult, especially if the business owner has limited manpower. 

Accounts are one of the most vital parts of a business. Indeed, if your business does not have efficient bookkeeping processes in place, you will be at the risk of compromising all the endeavors put in towards growing your company. Seeking assistance from a virtual bookkeeper can help in making sure that your books are being attended to timely and accurately. In this way, you can carry out your work much more efficiently. So, why wait? Hire a virtual assistant bookkeeper adept at managing numbers and let your profits rise.

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