Why Us

We put ourselves in your shoes and look at things from your lens

We offer a wide range of pricing models (monthly, non-monthly and quarterly plans, etc.), as our sole objective is to assist busy, creative and amazing people in accordance with their needs and conveniences.

Various Experts at Your Service

We have a team of experts – Content Writers, Web Designers & Developers, Accountants, IT Personnel and Digital Marketing Experts. So, no more settling with “Jack of all trades”! Your business needs passionate and responsible experts to run it smoothly and make it successful. And that’s exactly what we’re here to provide you.

Round-the-Clock Service

Be it dusk or dawn, Sunday or Monday, Christmas or Easter, we work 24/7 with optimum manpower. We’re your pair of hands that work while you're asleep. If you do business overseas or deal with international clients, we’re the perfect fit for you.

Confidentiality of Information

We conduct thorough background inspections of all our employees, and it’s mandatory for every employee to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us. Besides, MyTasker is always ready to sign an NDA with any client or business as we understand its importance and benefits.

Special Support

Listen and remain transparent

We love to listen to our clients and their needs. Getting clients is necessary for the survival of any business. Having said that, we always suggest our clients the best-suited options. If we realise that we're not proficient enough to live up to any of your requirements, we would let you know it upfront, and help you find the perfect match.

Work under one roof

We are a team of almost 100 employees who work under the same roof. We see each other daily and work together as a team. When your VA works with experts, such as Web Designers & Developers, Content Writers, SEO and Digital Marketing Strategists, it not only broadens his/her diaspora of knowledge, but also adds more values and skillsets to your business.

Additionally, it helps us provide speedy and high-quality work output with strong data protection and security.


We help our clients grow and manage their own as well as their clients' businesses. If you provide Business Consultation, Accounting Support or Marketing Assistance, you can hire our VAs for your business. They would work as your team and as per your business protocol(s). MyTasker will be accountable for their work quality, data security and the back-up support.

The New Exclusive Trial

Previously, we were offering Free Trial with some free hours with a limited validity. But now, we have an “Exclusive Trial” on the table, which enables our client to use our resources to set up their work process, share their instructions, and make a proper evaluation before going ahead with any of our hourly plans. We offer this facility to our clients because we understand that any relationship needs time to establish, and we value long-term ties with our clients.

Overseas Advantage

Last but not least, we are based in India. Does that sound like a USP? Of course! We are blessed to have a business-friendly economy and environment. It helps us assist our clients in a cost-effective manner, hire highly-skilled VAs, and pay them well. We capitalize on this socioeconomic boon to foster our work quality and team-building.

There are clients who love and appreciate our services. If you want to listen to them, feel free to visit our “Testimonial” page.

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