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Telling Stories With Uncompromising Perfection

The right content will drive traffic, engage your target audience and boost conversion.

At MyTasker, we grasp this concept wholeheartedly and consider content writing services of paramount importance for business growth.

Quality content writing is a prerequisite to both a successful start-up or if you are an individual looking to make a mark in your sector. There are many content writing agency out there that claim to offer good article writing services, but as an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you hire the best of best.

The writer should be adept at thinking of engaging content, should have an unrivalled skill in language and ultimately should also be able to have a sound mind to cater to the readers/viewers. This includes SEO friendly content, responsible for catapulting you to the top results on a Google search results page.

We consider every piece of writing, be it an article, content editing or a copy, with a keen and meticulous observation.

What Our Content Writers Bring To The Table

  • Web Content Writing: Every brand has a story to tell. The web content writers at MyTasker know how to rope in customers by creating an engaging story. The principle followed here is quality over quantity with smart and crisp content throughout. Of course, as professionals, they are equally flexible to specific client needs.
  • Blog Writing: Blog writing takes a clear mind and an informative approach. Our writers have proved themselves, time and again to be really creative with their choice of words and style.
  • Article Writing: MyTasker's professional content writers are adept in developing engaging content. As such, articles, which require finesse and a very focused research, are written with a mix of enjoyment and professionalism.
  • Business Plans: Our writers follow a holistic approach when they work on a business plan. This means that they do every bit of research and calculations, complete with SWOT analysis, to make it truly comprehensive.
  • Ghostwriting: Our writers are effective ghostwriters who write blogs and articles for our clients’ websites.
  • Keyword Rich Content: Our SEO-trained writers understand the importance of keywords and their adequate placement in the content. The flow is maintained with an inclusion of well determined keywords.
  • Product Reviews: Product reviews do justice to a good product or demonstrate the drawbacks of another. We research and write accurate insights into the product.
  • Proofreading: MyTasker offers quality proofreading services. The proofreaders patiently and with extreme care produce a refined and smooth version of the original document.
  • Academic and Technical Writing: The creativity involved behind classy and comprehensive academic papers is undeniable. Our writers are responsible for bringing out the creativity on paper, resulting in high-quality content writing.
  • Copywriting: It requires a lot of brainstorming to come up with snappy and eye-catching copies. The writers at MyTasker,
    providing professional copywriting services have mastered this method.

Proud to provide some more writing & editing services

  • Ad Writing
  • Autoresponder Series Writing
  • Business Plans
  • Classified Ad Writing
  • Creating Articles from Audios
  • eBook Writing
  • Editing Books
  • Editorial Content Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Financial Content
  • Grants and Proposals
  • Journalistic Content Pieces
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Mini Report Writing
  • Newsletters
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Sports Content
  • Repurposing Content Pieces
  • Sales letter Copywriting
  • Special Reports Content
  • Speech Writing
  • User Guides
  • Email Writing
  • Whitepaper Writing
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