What our client says about us!

I have been a client of MyTasker for many years now and am very much pleased with their services. I am using them for designing, operational and back-office tasks. If you are still unsure about taking VA services, please try MyTasker.

I love MyTasker ! I have an amazing experience with them. They build my site from the ground up. I am extremely, exceedingly, wonderfully, happily, marvellously impressed with MyTasker Services.

I found this service to be fantastic. They support me in all aspects of my life. It is an amicable and enjoyable process. I don't know what I do without the service after using it. MyTasker is a really great company to work with.

They are absolutely wonderful. Zero issues in turn around time, quick responses. They have provided impeccable service from day one. Thank you MyTasker. Thank you for your services.

I have been using MyTasker probably more than half a year now and couldn't be more delighted with the choice. I am already a happy customer, very happy to reassure you that MyTasker is really providing an excellent service.

I’ve been using them for quite a while now, and they do a number of complicated tasks for me including creating videos, posting things to social media and organizing my radio show. I’m very pleased with them. So, thank you MyTasker.

We trully believe and value their services. They are an absolute asset to our new startup company. No task is small for them. They are available 24/7, 365 and I am absolutely confident about their work they do.

Life without MyTasker would be much more difficult.You are not just assistants but my valued partners and friends. Thanks again guys for all you do and keep up the outstanding work.

Biggest benefit is, it allows me to focus on revenue generating activity. Communication has been very good and very thorough. Plans have been very flexible enough and points system is very transparent. Overall its pretty good.

This was really my first foray into the overseas virtual assistance services. I was quite pleased actually. The MyTasker representatives were very polite, professional and very comprehensive in their work.

I highly recommend MyTasker for three main reasons. The first is productivity. The second reason is they constantly communicate. Finally, I love working with my virtual assistant.

Apart from being available 24/7, one of their key attributes, that is really outstanding, is their flexibility. The executives I work with immerse themselves in understanding my business and my business model.

Never used virtual assistance before, I was a little sceptical when I started with MyTasker. But I had to tell you that after about a month and a half of using I'll never go back... So, hope you consider using MyTasker.

I've been working with MyTasker team for nearly a year and it has been a wonderful experience. They are extremely positive, responsive and have excellent communication; they are just very helpful to work with.

MyTasker has made my life easy, my daily life, much, much easier. I had so many tasks that I did on a daily basis, basically 5- 6 days a week, that I was able to outsource to MyTasker... I highly recommend MyTasker.

I run a coaching business based in London and working with Prasen and his team has been nothing but really an extraordinary experience... I definitely will continue work with them in the future.

I have been using MyTasker now for the last three months. They have been tremendously helpful. Like most of the people, they take a lot of the busy work off my plate...

I'm just here to say a few words about MyTasker and the fantastic work that you all have done for us… Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long working relationship and a team that we continue to grow as our business grows.

I think they are amazing… I definitely recommend these guys. I have actually used a couple of different services before and they were nowhere near as good as MyTasker.

I’m not the most organized person in the world. But MyTasker keeps me right… they’re helping me organise my clinics, promote my comedy shows, and run my Jujutsu classes. Thanks MyTasker…

I hired MyTasker a year ago and I’m really really happy with them. They have a great team of hard-working individuals… they just give you peace of mind that whatever you need done, will get done in no time.

Working with Mytasker has been a really good experience for me. I will definitely recommend MyTasker as a Service Provider for any kind of Research and Website related task.

I just want to say thank you MyTasker for literally being one of the best services I ever paid for. MyTasker was able to give me the website I always wanted for my business. They work so hard day and night... You guys are amazing!

When I drive home, I call MyTasker and we go through all my emails. That way I get all my emails done by the time I get back to my house. I think they are very flexible about what time you can start and I'm really happy with it.

I want to say thank you very much for all of your work. I’m very grateful that you are there and one day I wish to meet you all personally; it would be an honour and thank you very much. I’m very touched that you are there.

I find MyTasker to be an honest and reliable service provider that works efficiently. It’s been a joyful year associating with this organization. Thank You, MyTasker for analyzing all my professional and personal issues proficiently.

This is Larry Hunt from ECOS ENVIRONMENTAL. I’ve been working with them for a while. They complete tasks in a timely manner and have a smooth operating system. I would highly recommend MyTasker.

MyTasker is totally reliable and do what they commit to do. I really appreciate that because it gives me the chance to relax. If you have some stuff to get off your plate and want to do so confidently and reliably, give MyTasker a shot.