16 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Search Traffic in 2018


Content Marketing offers a huge opportunity to the businesses that are trying to establish their base on the digital platform. But, to attain the same, your business website needs to be competitive enough to beat the online game of attracting consumers. Thus, being an online entrepreneur, you must learn about some of the best content marketing strategies, which can take your website to new heights and enhance profit accordingly. This article will focus on different tactics that you can introduce into your content marketing campaign to connect with your target audience and boost your website’s traffic.

However, before we jump into the topic, let’s find out the importance of content marketing in making your website rise above the competition.

  • Content Marketing is crucial for modern day businesses as it helps you to grow your audience and establish your credibility.
  • Develop high-quality content to enhance your website’s ranking in search engine pages organically.
  • Marketing an authoritative, credible and verified content helps you to enhance your brand image and build trust.
  • Building a good relationship with your audiences is vital to driving traffic to your website. Content marketing assists you to connect with your followers effectively by allowing you to educate them about the product or the service.
  • Lastly, content marketing eases the process of conversion. With high-quality, relatable content, you can influence your followers to purchase your products or services.

The demand for good content is immense in this competitive market. Digital customers find content to be a reliable source for product research. Thus, whether you are looking forward to driving huge traffic or willing to monetize your website, an efficacious content marketing plan can truly bring you a long-term success.

So, let’s outline 16 content marketing strategies that can help you to promote your website to your target audience.



  1. Know Your Audience: For every business, identifying target audiences is critical. So, who actually are these target audiences? They are the group of people who are interested in products or services offered by you. It is obvious that to create good and engaging content, you have to know your audiences closely. Understanding them lets you get appropriate keywords for a strong content and frame it appropriately. Thus, meticulous analysis allows you to generate targeted content that builds a strong relationships. This also helps you to beat the competition by targeting a specific market niche. Remember, contents that are not aligned to your readers’ needs, fail to attract traffic to the website. It is said that the more you understand your audiences, the more precisely you can frame content for them and the stronger your content marketing strategy will be.


  1. Do a Thorough Research: After you have targeted your audiences, it’s time to know their pain points that are problems that your audiences are facing. Being an entrepreneur, you must grab this opportunity and create solutions to those problems. So, while scripting a content, always make sure to acknowledge your readers’ problem and try to come up with the solution to it. Research is one of the cores of online content marketing campaign that lets you understand all the aspects of your market clearly and understand what your target audiences want. Studies say that an effective content must not contain everything about you and your business, but about your readers’ needs. A proper research ends up into a relevant content that shows your readers that you care about them and hence builds trust in them.


  1. Design a User-friendly Website: Though many articles will overstate the importance of a user-friendly website, it is one of the factors that decides your user engagement. Your website can have marvelous content, but if a user can’t navigate around your website easily, he will be annoyed and won’t come back again to check the valuable information you provide on your site. So, what makes your website a convenient one? There are many ways to improve a site’s usability and here are a few of them you must concentrate upon.


  • Website Responsiveness: The website you design, must render well on different devices including mobile devices. Today, most users access internet from their mobile devices rather than their desktop. Thus, it is important to have one that is compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Loading Speed: Your readers are assets for your business and hence, you must never test their patience. Internet users prefer websites that are fast. When you fail to meet this expectation, they lose interest and look for a faster alternative.
  • Readability: When a user visits your site, he must be able to easily scan the keyword he is looking for. Thus, to drive traffic to your website, you must enhance your website’s readability. Work on the fonts of the texts you are using for the content of your site. Make sure the texts contrast well with the background theme, making your website easily readable.


  1. Use Proper Keywords: For a successful content marketing campaign, you must focus on optimizing your content around the topic your target audiences are searching for. Grabbing attention on an online platform is not an easy job to perform. To beat the competition, keywords are of utmost importance. Optimizing your content with appropriate keywords lets your website rank well in search engine pages. Thus, to succeed in digital marketing campaigns, you must pay good attention to keyword research, and for this, one must study two key factors – competition and traffic. To rank high and stand out of the crowd, use less competitive yet highly relevant keywords for your website.


  1. Build Targeted Landing Pages: For online businesses, the landing page is the most crucial factor of the whole digital marketing process. A well targeted landing page has the potential to convert your website traffic into leads and you must ensure that your landing page is well optimized for conversion. Remember, content marketing and landing pages are inseparable as these pages are the platforms to communicate with your audiences. A landing page also enables you to understand your prospects by analyzing the standards of the page, thus helping you to improve your content marketing strategy.


  1. Create Unique and High-quality Content: This is very impactful for any sort of content marketing campaign. A relevant and engaging content is one of the strongest content marketing tools that majorly influences your readers’ decision making. Indulge yourself in generating great content for your website as it is an effective way to connect with your audiences and build goodwill. Try to present your readers with unique content that helps you to make your own distinctive brand image. The more you publish informative, valuable and engaging content, the easier it will be for you to build faith within your audiences. Another thing that you should consider in content marketing is consistency, as it helps to create authority within your target market. While you are framing a content with a marketing perspective, make sure to optimize it with appropriate keywords and enhance its visibility.

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  1. Frame a Strong Headline: In a content, headline is the most important part as it grabs your target audiences’ attention first. When you are using content as a tool to boost your website traffic, make sure to incorporate an irresistible headline to it. Just like the content of your website, headline too must be properly optimized as it has a major role to play in your SEO ranking. Remember, a compelling headline ensures the visitors interest in your content, otherwise they won’t mind keeping the content unread. The headline must be relevant to the context of the story and must provide a glimpse of the whole content. To make your headline magnetic, incorporate keywords that are relevant to your target audiences’ needs. Thus, we can also state that an effective headline helps your business to bring in revenue.


  1. Create Various Content Formats: Now that we already know how a content can help you to build authority and trust in your audiences, it’s time to learn about different sorts of content that can make your website more appealing.
    • Blogs: The blog post is an informational content, where you are open to share your views on an individual topic. They are the most common and easy to produce content that get more citation than others. Usually, blogs are not too long and lead to better SEO ranking.
    • Long Articles: This is another common type of content that can stand alone and benefit your content promotion strategy and involves a long format, containing an in-depth study of your industry niche.
    • Video Content: Studies say that video content grab better attention than text content. It is considered to be the most versatile modern-day communication medium that can be used as a powerful marketing tool. With platforms like YouTube, entrepreneurs can use this content format to leverage their target audience.
    • Visual Content: In this competitive era, you can set your brand apart from others by knowing the right elements that can stimulate audience engagement. Visual content plays a pivotal role in this effort. There are various kinds of visual contents that you can incorporate in your online content marketing to boost online traffic to your website. Images, infographics, memes, presentations etc., are a few basic visual content types that can take your digital marketing campaign to the next level.
    • Podcasts: Just like video content, audio content too are gaining popularity day by day and a Podcast is a very good example of this content format. Podcasts let your audiences access your content at their own convenience.
    • Other Content Formats: Apart from the above-mentioned content formats, there are other types too, that you can take into consideration. E-books, webinars, quizzes, checklists, emails, etc., are some of the most engaging content types, which can be used to improve leads and sales.


  1. Use An Effective Call-to-Action (CTA): Placing an effective call-to-action or CTA in the content is the next step to follow in your content marketing campaign. Today, when the consumers are bombarded with promotional messages every day, a properly placed CTA can help you to turn your website traffic into leads. CTAs are content efforts, designed strategically to get an immediate response from the audiences. This is considered as one of the best content marketing strategies because apart from helping your website to gain popularity, it also helps your business in its marketing and sales process. Thus, you must be very careful about placing your call-to-action phrases in your content. The action you want your readers to take must be direct and appealing. Be clear about the value proposition as it helps your audiences to understand the product or the service you are offering them.


  1. Analyze Your Competitor: It is obvious that to grow your business, understanding your competitors plays a pivotal role. Researching the competition allows you to understand your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This helps you to come up with unique marketing strategies that can enhance your brand image efficiently. Remember, both yours and your competitors’ target audiences are same and hence, you must go for an in-depth study of their digital content marketing strategy. To rise above the competition, always try to attack competitors’ weaknesses and beat their strengths. This strategy can help you to be a market leader in the industry.


  1. Advertise & Get Social: In Content marketing, producing a great content is not enough to monetize your business. Be proactive and promote it to your target audiences through different social media channels. It is one of the cores of content strategy that has the potential to drive traffic to your website. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are a few of the social platforms, where the presence of your brand ensures your outreach. If you are looking to improve engagement with your readers, share your content in these platforms and build loyal followers. No other channel can influence your readers better than social media channels and boost your traffic to soar.


  1. Pay Attention to SEO: On the digital platform, the content you publish is of no value if your target audience does not see it. Here comes the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization that involves various activities that can earn your website a huge traffic from search engines. Let’s study a few ways by which SEO helps your content marketing campaign:


  • SEO, when done appropriately, improves user experience and makes your users happy.
  • It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that can bring more customers to your business eventually. If said precisely, SEO helps to bring targeted traffic to your website.
  • SEO optimized websites are faster than a non-optimized one.
  • Helps to get higher rankings in search engine result pages due to keyword optimization.
  • Helps with better brand awareness.
  • SEO helps your website to fight the competition and stand apart from the crowd.


  1. Focus on Long-tail Keywords: Now, when you are already aware of keywords and SEO, it’s time to focus on a typical kind of keyword that account for most web searches. Digital marketers find long-tail keywords an effective way to connect with target audiences. These are much longer and specific phrases that internet users are more likely to search for. Placing such keywords in your content establishes better engagement between you and your readers. Unlike shorter keywords, long-tail keywords not only rank you higher in search engines but also ensure higher return on investment. It means, with such keywords you can drive exact audiences to your website. If you are planning to run a paid online ad campaign for your website, long-tail keywords relevant to your content can make the campaign a success.


  1. Welcome Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is another important content promotion strategy that you can incorporate in your marketing campaign to strengthen your credibility and brand awareness. Look for websites with strong readership and low spam to post your article, and backlink them to your website to enhance its traffic. You can also approach industry leaders to your guest blog to enhance your brand image.


  1. Host Webinars: Want to make your website more interactive? Host webinars to fast track this and spread awareness about your business to your target audiences. Webinar is an online seminar that an entrepreneur arranges to enhance brand engagement. With such brainstorming sessions, you can gather innovative ideas from your target audiences to improvise your business. Like blogs, webinars too can be viewed for years and can continue to drive traffic to your site.


  1. Work on Link Building: Another important tool in your content marketing plan can be backlinks. Big marketers believe that if you are not employing link building in your digital marketing campaign, you are definitely missing out on potential business. So, what is backlinking all about? It is a method through which a website gets links from another website. Backlinks you place in the content must look natural and create a huge impact in search engine results. Search engines acknowledge your site’s authority according to its popularity. Thus, when you incorporate links in the content properly, Google and other search engines rank your site higher in search results.


Building trust and authority amongst your target audience doesn’t happen overnight. To sustain the competition and boost traffic flow to your website, you must learn all the tactics to better your content marketing campaign. The points mentioned over here are highly effective when practiced appropriately. Thus, to drive traffic, frame your content marketing plan strategically and be the market leader of your own industry.

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