5 Hacks to Overcome Writer's Block


Have endless hours of penning down your thoughts and creating relevant content gotten the best of you? Well, for starters, you need to know that even the most established and celebrated authors undergo stretches of writer's block. You might get stuck in the middle of developing a creative piece. You might keep staring at the computer screen for a long time and still fail to conjure the right words to complete your work. 

There are days when I cannot think of a synonym for a word as simple as 'surprised'! I feel I have been drained of every bit of creativity that I possess. It is a feeling of absolute frustration that keeps building with every passing minute. Over time, I have tried and adapted some effective techniques that help me break free of this phase. After all, when writing is your profession, you really cannot afford to make such excuses.

However, before we move on to the solutions, we must first spare a few minutes for the predicament.

What Causes Writer's Block?

There can be multiple reasons for you experiencing writer's block. Moreover, my bottlenecks can be very different from yours. However, if we think from a generic perspective, time, fear, and perfectionism are the most common variants.

While most people believe that writers can pen down a piece at any point in time, it is not true. Yes, you might have some basic ideas in your mind, but to transform them into words and create a fascinating piece might take time.

Secondly, writers are often afraid to put across their ideas for everyone to critique. As a matter of fact, I am, too, at times. Sometimes I am afraid of being criticized for my opposing ideas and opinions. Fear can be a primary reason behind writer's block.

Lastly, some writers crave perfectionism to a level of obsession. They want their ideas to be perfected in their minds and try to find the most exquisite ways of writing them down. So, eventually, they end up feeling stuck and do not begin their piece at all.

On that note, here's sharing some tips that I implement to overcome this hurdle.

5 Ways to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

Take a Break


A writer's block can often stem from monotony. Sitting for long hours in front of your computer screen can massively exhaust your brain of all creativity. Take a quick break. Go for a walk, call up a friend for a few minutes (make sure that you don't end up chatting for hours), or even catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. 

Breaking loose of the monotonous cycle of thoughts is extremely important to refresh your mind and get it up and working again. Do anything that takes your mind off your work for some time. When you come back, your brain is all set to pick up from where you left.

Indulge in Some Freewriting


Get into the habit of writing something every day, even if it is just for 15 minutes. Write random stuff. Change subjects as many times as you want. I, for a fact, find freewriting to be a great way to vent my frustrations and write things that I would not have otherwise incorporated into my professional piece. This eventually trains your mind to tap into ideas and words that you know but fail to remember while writing. 

Now, you need to know that writing, like all other aspects of life, requires practice. Moreover, freewriting can more than often give spring up some amazing ideas to include in your write-ups.

Try a New Writing Location


Do you have a fixed spot where you sit and write every day? In that case, you might try shifting places once in a while. A change in your surroundings can immensely affect your creativity or chain of thoughts. 

Choose a private spot, away from the hustle, but one that brightens up your mood. That said, there can be no place better to get your creative juices flowing than a spot that keeps you closely connected to nature.

Cater to Your Body's Needs 

Okay, I have noticed over time that exhaustion can be a significant reason for writer's block. Though liberating, writing can become taxing at times, with a lot of mental work being involved. So, a poor diet, little or no exercise, and lack of proper sleep can keep your mind exhausted.

Moreover, an inactive lifestyle is not an excellent option for writers. So, even if your deadline is a few hours away, make sure you walk and stretch your legs every half an hour. Like your body, your mind, too, requires adequate rest. Allow it to relax after a stretch of intense concentration.

Start Fast


Now, this trick is my personal favorite. Trust me, I follow this every day, and it works! Sit at your writing corner and turn on your laptop. Look at the topic assigned or scheduled for the day and start typing your piece immediately. 

Try fooling your mind that you are in a bit of a hurry. This indeed stimulates your mind and enhances the flow of words and ideas required for your piece.

Okay, but that does not, in any way, mean rushing through your write-up and compromising its quality. Give your brain a little nudge, but make sure you develop some relevant and engaging content.

So, these are some everyday hacks that I use to overcome writer's block on a workday or otherwise. Try implementing them the next time your creative spirit is obstructed. Also, which of these tips do you think is the most effective hack? Let me know.

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