How To Apply AI To Create Exclusive Social Media Strategies?


All online marketers and small business owners need to keep up with the pace of AI. Additionally, they must adhere to the importance of SEO to promote their businesses online and connect with a wider audience range. Nevertheless, business promotional and operational tasks can get repetitive and time-consuming. So, what do we do? We include AI applications to improve and automate marketing strategies to save time. Unsurprisingly, more than eighty percent of SEO experts, business leaders, and specialists confirm they use AI in the workplace. Both social media and AI have transformed the way we live and work. 

What is the Importance of AI in Social Media Marketing?

AI synthesizes human processes for machine generation. Artificial intelligence offers more than flashy features to upscale social media utilities. It offers predictive analytics for audience behavior, conducts market research, boosts customer services, and creates content for different platforms with AI content generator tools. Additionally, it can create videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, etc. AI has the ability to personalize ad campaigns and offer custom recommendations from the users' favorite brands. More than ninety percent of online brands use AI to enhance their social media presence. 

How is AI Contributing to Social Media Transformation? 

Let us check out some of the contributions of AI to the social media landscape - 

  1. Personalized Applications - AI uses machine learning algorithms for predictive customer engagement to streamline user experience on social media platforms. It analyzes TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc to determine user behavior. This gives vital insights into user actions like post liking, sharing, commenting, etc. Moreover, it enables brands to make personalized recommendations to customers online. 

  2. Content Creation - This is one of the leading trends of AI applications since 2023. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, NeuronWriter, Zimmwriter, Agility Writer, Google Gemini, etc primarily focus on helping users create content within seconds. It is a power-packed combination of computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. Using the premium or subscribed versions of these tools can also unlock new levels of content personalization. You can create a wide range of content including website content, blogs, newsletters, infographics, emails, social media posts, and more. 

  3. Sentiment Predictions - You can use AI sentiment analysis for social media platforms and get a better insight into the emotions of users and brands. For example, AI can detect the emotions behind a brand, service, or topic and present the tone, style, and audience preferences based on the research. You can direct your marketing strategies better if you connect with your audiences emotionally. 

  4. Chatbots - Businesses can streamline customer services efficiently with the help of chatbots. These AI applications can work as a 24/7 assistance machine for your customers and offer detailed solutions to queries or escalate issues for human intervention. 

  5. Image and Speech Analysis - While image recognition helps to identify the type of content, speech recognition is used to determine the motive behind a piece of content. There are AI applications that use machine learning and computer vision to assist in image and speech analysis for social media or website content. Remember to optimize your visuals and speech factors. 

What are the Benefits of AI Applications?

Let us check out the competitive benefits of AI applications in social media marketing and strategies - 

  • Proficiency - Focus on strategic tasks and let AI automate repetitive operations for proactive solutions. 

  • Personal-Tailored Solutions - Enhance user engagement with personalized content or advertising to your social media audiences.  

  • Predictive Analysis - Stay ahead of competitors and make informed decisions with AI predictive analysis abilities. Trend monitoring and user behavior detection allow to suggest areas of modification and improvement. 

  • Time-Saving - Automating tasks and processes automatically creates more time for you to focus on other important business activities. Save more time and help your brand grow with AI assistance. 

  • Enhanced Creativity - Brainstorm from a dynamic and innovative range of ideas, topics, themes, etc with AI tools. You will get ample suggestions quickly that allow you to pick an appropriate strategy for your online business. Unlock the creative potential without being an artist with AI. 

  • Improved Outreach - AI's predictive analysis abilities give you insights into different styles of user conversations with brands on all social media platforms. Connect with a wider set of audiences with the right type of interactive and valuable content. 

  • Cost-Efficient - You can save a lot of overhead costs on manual labor and equipment when you apply AI tools to streamline your social media strategies. Utilize these bonus funds on important business marketing strategies that help you grow on all frontiers. 

What are the Best AI Tools? 

Check out a brief list of super AI tools - 

  1. ContentStudio - This AI tool is great for providing you with topics for social media platforms.

  2. Buffer - An amazing AI tool to automate post-scheduling on social media.

  3. Vista Social - A superlative AI tool to connect all social media accounts and maintain activities through one application.

  4. Ocoya - This tool boosts caption writing and hashtag generation to accompany your images, topics, etc.

  5. Canva - An iconic design tool to help you create social media templates and captivating visuals within a few clicks.

  6. ChatGPT - This AI tool applies machine learning and natural language processing to create human-like dialogues and content.

  7. Brandwatch - A comprehensive social media management tool powered by AI to assess sentiment, analyze data, and provide in-depth insights.

  8. Midjourney - This is an art tool to create images via text prompts.

  9. Runway - A tool to create manipulative and powerful videos with effective tools and visuals from a deep learning AI model. 

Steps to Refine SMM Strategies with AI

Define Your Purpose 

Establish a clear set of goals for your social media strategy. Find out if you want to boost sales, promote engagement, or strengthen customer services. It will help you choose the appropriate AI application to activate your goals. 

Select the Right AI Applications 

Once you have identified the social media goals, find a relevant tool to amplify actions. There are plenty of AI tools as we previously mentioned. While some help to create content, others create videos. Select the right AI application to enhance or automate the preferred action area. 

Concentrated Marketing 

There are great AI systems that can assist in strategic planning. Find out the appropriate target market for your business. AI tools can evaluate these markets to find out the trends, user behavior, and other activities to provide you with focused ideas. AI enables personalized promotions with this data. For example, McDonald's gives discounts to its customers for online orders based on their purchase history. 

Ad Personalization 

Imagine advertising car tires to users who are professional surfers. Ridiculous as it sounds, it could impact your brand negatively. AI is capable of personalizing ads based on Internet search results and algorithm analysis. This way, you can advertise surfboards to surfers and car tires to NASCAR racers. Customizing your ads improves brand impression, awareness, activities, reputation, and trustworthiness. 

Automate Content Production 

AI strategies and tools help to save time and curate the best and most relevant pieces of content for your audience group. This is based on a collective analysis of the target market from the Internet to procure a set of videos, blogs, and other personalized content that not only matches your brand values but also meets the audiences' interests. For example, if your target audience wants informational videos about your products, AI can help to create them and promote them to your audience with appropriate tools. 

Analytics for Brand Mentions and Trends 

Deploy an AI strategy to monitor who is talking about your brand and on which platform over the Internet. Also, find out what they are saying about your business. This strategy improves your response rate and quality. Moreover, AI can not only isolate the data from these activities but also suggest unique customer propositions to resolve their queries promptly. Make more informed marketing decisions based on this user data. 

Influencer Identification 

There are big brands that apply influencer marketing to their social media strategies with the help of AI. Imagine the impact of big influencers who promote small businesses. Utilize AI to search for audience and market-related influencers who can conjure relevant information and connect with the brand audience immediately. It boosts your brand awareness and promotes your business qualitatively. Users will connect better with a well-known influencer rather than a startup. 

Image and Speech Recognition 

AI tools are great for discovering locations, profiles, images, faces, stories, paragraphs, etc. Many social media platforms and search engines include the lens option to recognize different types of user files to provide valuable information. Small businesses can utilize this option to create a stronger consumer base with appropriate user data and device custom plans for them. Additionally, it allows your users to find out more about your brand from products, pictures, videos, and locations. 

24/7 Response Rate 

Chatbots are great AI tools to help you free your time and prioritize user inquiries. This AI-assisted feature enables 24x7 customer attention so that you do not miss out on a single query. Moreover, chatbots can distinguish consumers based on groups and categories. Also, these are iconic tools offering a seamless user purchase experience. You can book tickets, buy products, or subscribe to plans based on chatbot recommendations for a personalized user journey. Additionally, chatbots connect you with real humans if urgently required. It is a win-win for you and your customers. 

Drawbacks of AI Applications

Due to its innovative nature, AI brings new risks to the social media landscape. Let us examine what these are and how to avoid them - 

  1. Compliance - Marketers and business owners must learn the compliance policies and legal risks of integrating AI into their social media plans. The instability of AI applications and when and where to apply specific tools is wavering for experts. Consult with experts before you employ an AI application in your social media strategy.

  2. Misguidance - AI undoubtedly creates any type of content within seconds. However, this information can be inaccurate or misleading at times. This mostly happens when you use free versions of AI tools. These tools often ornament facts and statements that are unclear or wrong. Remember to cross-check AI-generated facts for plagiarism and other authenticity factors that could lead to copyright infringement issues for your brand in the future.

  3. Technological Dependency - Social media algorithms are aware of the AI and human input that goes into their strategies. AI tools create a sense of dependency due to their efficient and swift output. Users need to be aware of the barriers to ensure not entire processes are technology-reliant.

  4. Data Compliance and Security Obstacles - AI collects information from the World Wide Web. This is a big concern for companies in all sectors to reinstate and strengthen their data privacy protocols to ensure AI does not mistakenly violate or manipulate sensitive user data. Understanding the effects of AI applications on your social media policy will help you take preventative steps against any type of data violation. 

Best AI-Assisted Social Media Practices 

  1. AI Content Validation - If you use AI-generated content for your brand promotional purposes, please validate it before it goes live online. A single piece of misinformation can ruin your whole business. There are different tools to help you find out the authenticity of your content. Apply them to verify that your drafts are original and compelling. 

  2. Honest AI Utility Representation - Improve brand transparency and strengthen trustworthiness with honest opinions on AI applications. Share with your users about the fields you use AI in your workplace to help them get a better understanding of its benefits. Whether you create a video or hashtags using AI, include it in your legal documents to amplify your social media practices. 

  3. Abide by Data Privacy Policies - Employ a data security and privacy policy for all AI brand applications. It ensures you follow the legal protocols and data compromise could lead to criminal offenses. Also, it protects sensitive brand and user data from all types of breaches. 

End Goal 

Now that you have a clear understanding of the role of AI in building social media strategies, you can plan better. However, the complex and vast landscape will bring challenges that are not always easy for business owners to handle by themselves. 

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