Time Is Precious”- How Is This Adage Relevant To Virtual Assistants


Are you running behind time or proudly striving ahead of it? A tricky question indeed that may require you to put your thinking cap on and come up with a relevant answer. But the point is, in the 21st century, when every hour is the rush hour, do you really need to think? Well, in today’s world every individual is running behind time. Huffing and panting, they are trying to catch up with Time, but of no avail.

Effective time management is fundamental in today’s world. But, how? When you’re bogged down with excessive work pressure, how can you manage time effectively? How can you achieve a balance in your personal and professional life? One of the easiest ways would be to hire a virtual assistant from one of the leading virtual assistant companies and share your responsibilities with him. It is a tough job indeed, but it is the need of the day. Time is precious for all of us. So, let’s depend on expert virtual assistants (VAs) to find out how they can keep up with our growing workload.

time is precious how is this adage relevant to virtual assistants

A virtual assistant can work from any part of the world, usually from a country that isn’t in your time zone. But that doesn’t affect your work.  You can save time and do what your heart desires in those leisurely hours if your virtual assistant can manage your calendar, create itineraries, make flight and hotel reservations, schedule appointments, manage your inbox, manage your social media accounts and provide administrative services, i.e. work like your full-time office assistant. A professional virtual assistant can help you with writing and documentation work, perform every bit of research activity online, transcribe different audio and video files, create, maintain and manage your websites, offer SEO services, and prepare presentations.

Applying effective time management techniques is not everyone’s cup of tea. But one who is able to apply these techniques emerge as a successful VA. Organised and conscientious, the VA can handle the client’s work and always eager provide the best results on time. One of the effective methods that a virtual personal assistant applies to manage time is by prioritizing tasks. In this way, before the end of business hours, the important tasks are done for the day.

In order to save time, most virtual assistants use online collaboration tools to communicate with the clients and manage clients’ account. For instance, both the client and the VA can use Skype to do real time instant messaging, voice calls, conference calls, video chatting, file sharing and screen sharing. Time Doctor is another time tracking software that virtual assistants use to maintain an automated daily time sheet report to monitor their own productivity. When a team of virtual assistants is working on a project they often use a tool known as Asana to ensure effective time management and completion of the work on time. Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that help virtual assistants plan, organize and collaborate projects with the team. Team members can stay in sync. on Asana and in this way each one knows what the other person is doing. Work is finished on time and the client can delegate the other important, time-consuming tasks to the virtual assistants.

The best thing about professional virtual assistants is they never put off their work till tomorrow because they know time never runs backward. It runs ahead and it is up to the virtual assistants to manage it, save it and value it for you.

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