What is a strategy and what is not?

The word “strategy” has become a cliché in the corporate world. It often gets misquoted or defined wrongly.  It won’t be an overstatement to say that it evokes a sense of materialization. Hence, it’s crucial to understand its purpose and preparation. A business strategy comprises plans, choices and decisions. It’s essential for any company’s growth […]

Bolster Your Business Growth With Bookkeeping

Are you boggled with keeping track of your expenditures, income, tax records and financial transactions? If so, we are here to help you with our “Bookkeeping Assistance”. There is a common and widespread notion that bookkeeping and accountancy are interrelated or equivalent. But that isn’t true. While accountancy is essential for classifying, analyzing, interpreting, reporting […]

Does MyTasker work only for an individual or do they work for a company as well?

Apoplectic or Ecstatic– no matter how one feels about working with them, Virtual Assistance has come a long way to be identified as more than just “principal secretary services”. Working remotely, a Virtual Assistant (VA) lives his life off the shelf. In the process, they make other lives easy. The core concept depends solely on […]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Refocus Your Business Efforts

According to the Pareto principle, more than 80 percent of results come from just investing 20 percent of your effort. However, in today’s fast paced world, business owners can’t help but end up doing just the reverse. The reason isn’t too obscure to scan. A larger slice of time is being wasted in doing things […]

Pay As You Go: Customised Virtual Assistance Plan

Globalization and new age technological progress have opened new avenues for busy professionals who are looking for ways to outsource their work to skilled individuals in order to save time and accomplish greater results. Consequently, the Virtual Assistant industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent years, becoming popular among those who are counting on […]