Process Documentation Facilitates Task Organization

Whether you are a busy professional or a newbie entrepreneur, the best way to take control over your time, i.e. to manage time effectively and get some spare moments of your busy schedule would be to delegate your work to your office assistant. Your assistant can organize and manage the work effectively. The only drawback […]

Virtual Gofers who make a difference!

In retrospect, Virtual Assistance has gained phenomenal significance as it stands today. A rich and a growing standard, VA had its roots way back in forties, as primary secretarial services. A environ where productivity rules the roost, Virtual Assistance (VA) has managed to put forward a strong foot in the soil. MyTasker recently got a […]

Effective Mentoring – A Secret to Success

‘Behind every successful person is a mentor’ is how the proverb should go. The earliest known mentor was Méntōr, a Greek mythological character from whom the term is directly taken. Our earliest mentors, and probably the longest standing ones, are our parents. In…