The Art of Business Development: Winning Back Lost Customers

The sudden surge of setting up virtual workplaces has given the virtual assistant industry a further boost. It is estimated that by 2018, online working will be about $5 billion( approximately ) as the demand for online virtual working continues to increase. No wonder a company providing virtual assistant services faces tough competition from other […]

Sharing Credentials with Virtual Assistants and VA Companies – Risky or Safe?

Can we trust people whom we can’t see, but can only hear? Their messages (emails, voice mails and chat messages) only ensure us of their presence. Can we depend on these people for the completion of our professional as well as personal but time-consuming tasks? Most of us will answer in negative. How can we […]

Are VAs intelligent, or they work as a Human Machine??

When overwhelmed by mammoth tasks in your business and personal life, don’t you consider hiring an “extra pair of hands” who can help you with your work? Well, in today’s busy world what matters most is intelligent helping hands, or rather assistants who can accomplish our work in the wink of an eye! But is […]