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The web does phenomenal things for a business. But, not without a well-developed marketing plan. At MyTasker, we are immensely blessed to have some of the industry’s best working with us who knows what exactly needs to be done in order to boost your virtual presence. Ours is a combined approach where we throw in the very best measures to increase conversion ratios for one and all clients.

How we can help

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Your full proof way to climb to the top of search engine rankings with ease
  • Our SEO experts perform internal audit for your site and confirm the competition level, following which, we devise your success plan.
  • Maximum focus to boost rankings through effective on page optimization and organic SEO.
  • Risk analysis and performance building initiatives that one can track and monitor.

Email Marketing – Generating maximum ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Email marketing is an effective tool that helps one gain advantage in a fast paced scenario. At MyTasker, we structure your emails that triggers maximum clicks and boost traffic for your site.
  • Time and frequency are important factors to be taken into consideration while sending out emails to your subscribed list. We employ statistical approach like open and click through rate to track emails in order to determine the success rate.

Social Media Marketing – Influence niche markets and widen your reach
  • Problem analysis paving way for key findings.
  • Development of an engagement strategy that works its way to engage maximum users forming a part in any client’s social community.
  • Tailoring the right kind of content to be included in the profile.
  • Effective community management by engaging users and tracking positive feeds.

Affiliate Marketing – Boost your ad sales
  • Often referred to as the purest mode of advertising available online, our affiliate marketing techniques are focused to earn maximum revenue for your online business.
  • Creation of affiliate pages, link management and generation of weekly reports.

Content Marketing – Maximize influence to impact buying decisions

On an average, more than seventy five percent consumers react to articles that carry information compared to advertisements. There is no denying how the right kind of wordings affects buying decisions at large; content marketing is one of the most talked about concepts to have gained mainstream access.

  • At MyTasker, our content strategists play an important role in weaving the right kind of content for driving potential buyers reach their final decision.
  • We create buyer persona and proceed to develop a compelling call-for-action design that widely influences your target customer base.

Adwords – Dominate your competitors with ease

If there’s one secret formula to rule the web against all others, it resides nowhere else other than Pay per Click Advertising (PPC). At MyTasker, we have domain experts who can help you identify problems and boost ROI metrics.

  • Our PPC experts begin with an in depth analysis of competitors followed by creative ad copies that exhibit perfect blending of essential keywords that sets the foundation of your PPC right.
  • We track and monitor your PPC campaign by incorporating behavioral traits from your target customer base.

Video Marketing– Embrace the choice of future

Videos impact people much faster than any other form of media. What’s more important is that they affect and improve engage metrics like nothing else. With YouTube being looked upon as the second most popular search engine, video marketing has gained widespread popularity as an efficient tool that boosts website conversions.

  • At MyTasker, every optimized video is meant to generate maximum revenue for your business and expand your reach.
  • Syndication of videos across leading video sharing websites with an aim to boost your online presence.

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