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Virtual Assistance

Having a Virtual Personal Assistant is like having a Second Brain that never sleeps

Paying bills, booking hotels, scheduling meetings, essential to-do lists – now that’s some heavy clutter everyone wants to be done with. Let your Virtual Personal Assistant handle it all. MyTasker makes life easy.

The significance of virtual assistance lies in its essence to deliver each task minus the hassle, encountered real-time. Like a worthy companion who never leaves your side, our full time virtual assistant services line is designed to meet all your needs. Operating in a 24/7 environment, MyTasker comprises a host of like-minded professionals who never stop performing. We ensure that your requirements are looked after at the earliest and in the finest manner possible.

Why choose us

At MyTasker, we stand out from the other virtual assistant companies by placing our client goals at the top of our list, and meeting every single task (individual or business) with similar efficiency.

Simple and flexible, our virtual assistance service is focused to deliver quality resolutions, driving value for one and all. MyTasker is essentially your virtual PA who works beyond the normal scheduled hours and still doesn’t complain.

Range of our expertise

virtual administrative assistant
Email Management

Effective management and prioritization of inbox, with fast response time at any hour of the day.

virtual assistant companies
Writing & Documentation

Documentation forms an integral part of every business. Delegate your tasks to your virtual administrative assistant to ease the load with a smile.

Virtual PA
Online Research

From running comparisons to finding facts, your virtual assistant can perform every bit of research activity and help you save big on time.

virtual personal assistant
Travel Assistance

Calculating travel costs, booking hotels, creating itineraries – Ours is a comprehensive offering to make your journey safe and hassle free.

virtual assistant services
Administrative Assistance

Admin tasks tend to eat up most of your time. Your virtual administrative assistant can help you organize meetings, manage contacts, or respond on your behalf.

virtual assistant
3rd Party Customer Service

Fixing appointments, calling offices, booking tickets and more, your virtual personal assistant make sure that you never miss on anything important.

Calender Management

Managing your calendar entries and keeping you updated about your upcoming meetings and pre-scheduled events.

ecommerce web design

We offer professional transcription services for video/audio files. Additionally, we transcribe content for whitepapers & eBooks.

back office outsourcing

Creating a professional presentation demands impact. Ours is the right kind of blending between creativity & professionalism.

web services
Data Management

Data management requires a holistic approach to get desired results. As VAs, we are trained professionals capable of delivering solutions for one and all.

data entry services
Social Media Tasks

Modern day marketing banks heavily on social media. Our Virtual assistant team has experts who employ finest measures to help your business gauge leverage.

Sometimes, you need more than just routine virtual assistance. At MyTasker, we refer such specialized tasks as “ Projects”.


Subscription plans range from 10-hour / 30 days to a Full-time Dedicated Assistant. Ours is one of the few virtual assistant companies who have introduced Pay As You Go plan with unlimited validity which enables members to use the service on-demand without a monthly subscription.


Want to try virtual assistant services 3 hours for 3 days?
10 Hours
USD 120 / 30 days
20 Hours
USD 220 / 30 days
40 Hours
USD 400 / 30 days
60 Hours
USD 540 / 30 days
100 Hours
USD 800 / 30 days
Full-Time Virtual Employee
USD 1200 per month, 5 days a week for any business hours
Pay As You Go
USD 15 per hour for unlimited validity.
(Free Trial Not Applicable)
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Business needs often put forward tasks that demand special attention. At MyTasker, we nurture efficiency and independent capabilities to deliver effective solutions for full-proof business solutions.

Projects form an integral line of service, comprising of tasks that are met with the finest expertise to deliver satisfactory results. We strive to adopt a singular approach for each project as one varies greatly from another. Accordingly, we hit upon the best formula to fetch the desired results.

Our project based tasks include:
  • Outbound Cold Calling
  • Telemarketing
  • Extensive Web Research
  • Transcribing notes from audio, video, pdf, emails, etc.
  • Website Designing and Development Read More
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Read More
  • Article or Content writing and submission
  • Classifieds Postings
  • Logo Design, Flyer Design

Once we start working on your project, our associates will be in touch with you via Phone, Email, or Skype wherein, you can drop by to check the progress of your work. You can reach us with your enquiry at info@mytasker.com


A. You can be rest assured that we will not share your confidential information with anyone under any circumstances and will do everything in our ability to protect the information. We have a highly secure data center keeping all of your data safe and protected. All our personal assistants have signed an NDA with the company, and we maintain strict privacy rules.

A. We will send you a confirmation email within fifteen minutes.

A. No, your unused hours are expired at the end of your billing cycle. On renewal, fresh/new hours will be credited to your account.

A. MyTasker allows you to send tasks only from the email address which is resgistered with MyTasker.com. So, whoever has access to that email address can use the service.

A. Yes. MyTasker does currently serve members worldwide, but your tasks must be narrated in English.

A. If you do not wish to continue with our monthly subscription then please cancel recurring account by notifying us before your next billing date. You get 85% of the subscription amount refunded in case you claim for it before 48 hours of the transaction. It is a transaction charge.

After 48 hours: You do not get refund and can use your purchased hours within 30 days from the time you got charged.

A. Our agents can only handle tasks that are submitted in English language.

A.Yes, you are assigned a dedicated business assistant who will be the only person that you communicate with, and hand all your tasks over. MyTasker virtual business assistants work in teams and each team has all the skill sets needed for various business requirements. Once your primary business assistant has received a task from you, he or she will either carry it out themselves or delegate it to another member of the team.

A. You can be in contact with your virtual business assistant via e-mail, telephone, fax, or online services such as Skype and instant messenger.

A. Yes, whether you need your virtual business assistant to work as per your work timings or for after hour support, our service is available 24/7 and your virtual business assistant will work according to your required time slot, no matter where in the world you may be located.

A. No. There is no long-term commitment or contract. Plans are on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at anytime.

A. Virtual Assistance For recurring needs, Various plans based on number of hours, Full time virtual employee

Projects For one-time requirement. No fixed rate, we tender quotation depending upon the project requirements.

A. MyTasker is unable to call premium or pay-per-minute numbers (e.g., 1-900 in the US and 0844, 0870, 0871, 09 in the UK).

A. You can easily keep a track on the hours charged by logging in to your account with MyTasker.

A. No, absolutely not. Your monthly fee covers the employee′s salary, benefits, vacation time, bonuses, office space and equipment. It includes scanning, emailing, data input, etc., and unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada.

A. Once we receive your task, we start working on your task at once and would come up with positive resolution as early as possible. However, if the task is too long to be completed on the same day, we will send an interim reply to you at the end of the day. In case of multiple tasks, you need to prioritise your task according to its urgency and mention the task as urgent.

A. You can cancel your membership at any time by informing us via email, call or 24/7 chat support before the commencement of your next billing cycle.


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