Web Services

Web Services

The web is a world of infinite possibilities. Hence, creating your online space is an increasingly important concern for businesses, large and small. At MyTasker, we are committed to quality and perfection. Our web development services exhibit a perfect blend of creativity and functionality in equal measures.

Web Design

Add value to your website right from the start with MyTasker’s web design services. Your website primarily targets your customers who come seeking for some kind of information. Therefore, the design and look must be unique enough to convince the visitor to explore deeper into your domain. It must be structured in a manner that the target customers can find the required information easily.

The fundamentals of creating a website is not in combining magnificent graphics and awesome colours, but to make it well-balanced by conveying your business message to your customers without a glitch. We consider all these aspects while designing a website.

We are committed to quality and perfection by incorporating the finest measures of modern design while designing a website. Our services include:

  • Logos Design: We create icons and symbols, wordmarks, letterform marks, combination marks etc.
  • Banner design: We create static web banners, animated web banners, flash banners etc.
  • Business card design: We create customized business cards that are unique and visually appealing.
  • Flyer/Brochure design: We create and design your corporate brochures, flyers, newsletters, letterheads and more.
  • Landing and Squeeze page design: We design unique squeeze pages that help in capturing opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers.
  • Book cover illustrations: We create the most unique illustrations and designs for the best book covers.
  • Template design: We offer free customised templates, including layouts, artwork and photos.
  • Infographics and flash design: We create eye-catching infographics and visual illustrations using signs, symbols, icons, diagrams and maps.

Web Development

The activity undertaken for developing a website for the World Wide Web is prodigious. Web Development incorporates website designing, ecommerce web development services, social network services and web server configuration. We, at MyTasker, a professional web design and development company offer a myriad of web developing services including, web-based database programming, ecommerce website development, content management and mobile app development.

Using encoding language such as HTML, XML, ASP and PHP in conjunction with programs, and scripts like CGI, Flash and JavaScript, our developers enhance and develop your website. We work upon various platforms while developing the websites such as:


One of the most popular blogging tools available, WordPress emerges as a unique and powerful Content Management System (CMS) which can be put to multiple use.


An effective e-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress and allows our developers to develop, design and modify unique ecommerce websites.


One of the leading e-commerce platforms that powers more than 55,000 online stores. Our developers use this platform to create your securely hosted site that includes shopping cart, product catalogue and more.


It is a functional SaaS-based content management system (CMS) which comprises of a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. Our developers use SquareSpace to create and maintain websites and blogs.


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