9 Timeless Benefits of Using A Human Personal Assistant Over An AI


The virtual assistance world is a vast terra that offers personalized solutions to customers globally. Seventy-one percent of consumers in the US confirmed that they will not choose a brand that does not offer human customer services. Meanwhile, eighty-six percent of customers want to interact with human agents regardless of AI chatbots and other innovative technologies. So, why are users choosing humans over AI even though artificial intelligence is achieving sky-high success in all fields? 

There are dynamic benefits of AI and more than seventy percent of organizations have integrated applications to streamline businesses. Moreover, AI can significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs as well. 

However, human virtual assistants remain a popular choice with online users and businesses because there are several activities that AI cannot do to perfection. Human interaction and intervention remain unparalleled for several reasons. 

What is Human Virtual Assistance? 

A human VA is a person who assists with a wide range of regular or specialized tasks. They possess real-time skills, knowledge, and experience to look into diverse tasks with dedication. This could include making your travel plan or creating an E-commerce website. The possibilities are endless when you employ a remote personal assistant who can flexibly and accurately help you with administrative, digital marketing, content marketing, web design, or other range of tasks. 

They bid their services on online platforms or work full time for virtual assistance companies to make your life easier while they take care of the heavy duty. 

Sneak Peek Into AI-Powered VA

AI-based virtual assistants are chatbots, voice assistants, and software that run on machine learning and NLP algorithms. They replicate human solutions offered to customers for services and grievances. These solutions are presented in different formats like text, videos, voice, etc. Copilot and Siri are some common examples of AI personal assistants. The objective is the same as human assistance where technology will automate and regulate regular tasks and resolve inquiries to make our way of living and working easier. 

Benefits of Human Personal Assistant Over AI

Without further delay, let us quickly run through some essential benefits that human VAs bring to your lives but AI cannot. The role and contribution of both AI and humans stand intangible in its own league. However, humans help make crucial business or personal decisions and also determine the pros and cons of AI vs. human personal assistance. So, what are the benefits - 

1. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy - Human beings can understand complex emotions and empathize in a particular situation with a personal touch. It helps to build genuine connections and conveys understanding. Contrarily, AI cannot experience personal connections. These sensitive factors make it more appealing to the audiences while looking for emotional support or raising complaints. Stronger relationships and customer connections help you both on personal and professional levels with long-lasting effects. Moreover, humans are naturally wired to understand complex requests in emergencies that AI cannot process or resolve. For example, a user received a defective order and wants to replace it. An AI assistant may limit the damage options for the replacement order while a human can thoroughly hear you understand the specific damage of the product and make necessary adjustments. 

2. Topical Attention - Humans consider the different factors and interpret the situational or requirement intensity better than AI. It helps them to automate and modify their responses swiftly compared to limited AI resolutions that are designed for common problems. For example, you run an online business and a user wants to know specific information about a product that they are unable to find in your description or FAQ section. A human support person can adjust their response based on your query while AI limitations may frustrate the customer. 

3. Innovative Problem-Solving Abilities - There is a reason why human beings are the superior species on Earth. They are adaptable and think out of the box in difficult scenarios to come up with creative solutions to unforeseen challenges that AI takes time to resolve. Experience gives humans a nuanced understanding of different types of ambiguities that AI cannot detect with its limited abilities. Human creativity and innovation are unparalleled and that is one of the main reasons why AI is not used to write movie scripts in Hollywood. 

4. Flexibility - Human assistants are the fastest learners and can fuse into any type of working environment, model, or system with little training. They can understand and perform complex tasks that may be difficult for AI to automate. The very fact that humans will make modifications to AI programs for better adaptability in the future is the proof that human brain is far superior compared to artificial intelligence and can mold any situation to come up with effective and long-term solutions to problems. There is a sense of agility and perfection in human judgment that AI cannot replace because humans do not function on algorithms.

5. Trustworthiness - Empathy, personalized communication, and out-of-the-box nurture customer trust for human support. Human VAs understand the importance of sensitive data and confidentiality. They have to sign non-disclosure agreements themselves if they work for any virtual assistance companies. On the flip side, AI has limited data security policies that could put data handling at risk without human supervision. Most Internet users do not feel comfortable sharing personal details with AI applications. They prefer human intelligence for error management and security issues. Also, humans will put additional effort into detecting extra errors and fix them. AI may only look into and fix an issue that is requested without attending to other factors unless prompted. Additionally, human work is more intuitive compared to AI because humans understand the importance of customer satisfaction or work satisfaction better than AI. Consistent communication and interaction with customers help human assistants identify customer requirements and problems and create meaningful connections. These key abilities make humans more trustworthy than AI. 

6. Personalization - Human virtual assistants can personalize communication with your clients, prospects, etc. They assess the communication preferences such as the tone, language, style, and platform to build a custom connectivity strategy and stay in touch with your client base or social media followers at their places of interest and communicate information related to their likings. Also, real-time virtual assistants have language fluency that robotic AI voice assistants can never compare with. This is a great technique for long-term rapport building. Humans can effectively communicate and personalize conversations based on the complexity, topic, or persuasion levels. They can employ accurate negotiation skills to assist customers during onboarding, problem-solving, or retention activities that AI cannot personalize. 

7. Industry-Based Skilled Experts - Domain expertise is as profound in human virtual assistants as it is in AI tools. For example, Grammarly is purely used for writing purposes. The tool helps to check for grammar, syntax, accuracy, format, and other factors to give you a score for your writing. It is the same for humans. Imagine a school teacher marking an answer script for the first language subject. Similarly, there are content writers who can prepare original content and run exclusive AI commands to create compelling content. Additionally, industry is not a factor when it comes to choosing the right type of virtual assistance because there are human VAs in respective fields like healthcare, banking, real estate, etc, where AI has limited accessibility. They help you explore dynamic AI tools required for specific industries or work. Choose wisely.

8. Decisiveness - Evaluative judgment and ethical reasoning are some of the greater powers of human cognition. A broad range of complexity assessment and moral conditionings empower humans to take decisive actions in times of crisis. For example, you can use AI to compare the benefits of human vs artificial virtual assistance. However, at the end of the table, a human will decide which strategy works best for their personal or professional requirements. While AI solely relies on data to make important decisions and create strategies, humans have an additional element called intuition or 'gut feeling' that enables them to make quick decisions in the face of adversity. AI will fail to find a solution to a new problem due to a lack of programming fixes that will require human intervention. 

9. Cultural Awareness - Cultural awareness and language proficiency are some other exclusive reasons for human VA preferences. The importance of global cultures, the dynamic environment, and businesses from different continents, industries, and sizes require holistic and customer-centric assistance. AI contributes significantly but cannot touch specific areas. For example, a human virtual assistant has a better understanding of a festival in Rio De Janeiro even though they live in Canada. A human will greet you on different occasions to remind you are truly valued in a personalized manner while AI will send generic greetings. It helps to build better interactions and valuable customer relationships that dominantly promote your brand. 


The importance of personalized services is highlighted through the benefits of virtual assistance. Whether you want a human or a bot, MyTasker brings skill-oriented virtual executive assistant services for your business or personal needs. We serve across time and oceans to ensure customer satisfaction. Your work and goals are our top priority. 

Our expert assistants are not only profound with creative solutions but are professionals at using helpful AI tools. Remember to read this guide before you choose human or AI personal assistants for your work and lifestyle requirements. Talk to us and we will help. 

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