Why Businesses Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the UK?


Virtual Assistants (VAs) offer a cost-effective way to optimize your resources. You can delegate administrative tasks such as emails and scheduling, freeing up your time to focus on strategic growth and building client relationships. You can tap into a pool of skilled professionals worldwide, including graphic designers and industry experts who may be available elsewhere.

In this whirlwind of the business world we're living in, getting yourself a virtual assistant is like having a secret weapon up your sleeve – a game-changer for sure! 

In the UK, a substantial number of B2B companies, 34% to be precise, choose to outsource their IT support, establishing it as the most commonly delegated service. Additionally, payroll, printing, and accounting are widely outsourced, with percentages at 28%, 24%, and 24%, respectively. (Source: Exploding Topics)

At MyTasker, we have a dedicated shift to handle tasks for our UK clients, with increasing demand.

So, let me break it down for you with five rock-solid reasons why hiring a virtual assistant (VA) in the UK is the way to go (let’s dive into it deeper):

1. Cost-effectiveness: Making Your Pounds Work Harder

Say goodbye to hefty recruitment fees, office space costs, and those annoying employment taxes. VAs are the money-savers you've been dreaming of. You only pay for the hours they're putting in, making sure every pound you spend is a pound well spent. 

At MyTasker, if a client doesn't find our work hitting the mark, we're all about giving it another go – and here's the kicker – we do it for free, no questions asked. That's our commitment to delivering satisfaction. Though we always strive, the work should be satisfactory on the first go. 

2. Boosting Efficiency and Getting Stuff Done

Imagine a life where all those mind-numbing tasks – like sorting out emails, managing schedules, and dealing with data – are off your plate. That's what a VA does for you, leaving you free to boss it up with strategic plans, chatting with clients, and raking in the cash. 

That’s called a productivity boost!

3. Access to Super Skills: Beyond Your Local Talent Pool

Forget local limitations; you can tap into a global talent pool with a VA. Need a graphic design whizz, a writing genius, or someone who knows the ins and outs of your industry? VAs have skills that can be harder to find than a decent cuppa on a rainy day.

4. Flexibility and Scalability: Because Life Isn't Predictable

VAs are like the chameleons of the working world. They're flexible, adapting to your needs, and can scale up or down depending on what's cooking in your business. Perfect for those unpredictable days when you're not quite sure what's coming next.

5. Improved Work-Life Balance: Taking a Breather

Let's talk about life outside of work, shall we? Delegating those pesky admin tasks to a VA can make a difference. Less stress, more personal time – it's like finding the perfect playlist for your work-life harmony.

A Few Extra Perks:

a. Time Zone Advantage: Working Around the Clock

If you fancy having someone working while you catch some Zs, hire a VA in a different time zone. It's like having your own 24/7 productivity machine. 

We wish our clients good morning after our dinner or evening snacks! 

b. Reduced Office Distractions: Focus, Focus, Focus

No more office distractions – a remote assistant means pure, undivided attention to your tasks. That's code for getting things done with laser-like precision.

Hold On, There's Some Important Stuff to Know:

Getting a suitable VA requires some savvy searching. Look for legit platforms, clearly outline your needs, and don't skimp on the interviews. Building a solid relationship is the key – think regular check-ins, explicit chats, and a bit of teamwork spirit. You can try us too! We offer an “Exclusive Trial” that allows you to evaluate your VA's competence, turnaround time, and overall work quality. The sweetest part about the trial is that there is no time limit; evaluate at ease and your pace. 

Go virtual! And watch your business and personal life reach new heights. Your stress levels will thank you, trust me! Cheers to the virtual revolution!

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