Grow Sales And Traffic With These Email Hacks (2022)


Did you know that email marketing generates $36 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3500% ROI? That’s right!

This in itself shows the effectiveness of email marketing.

Email marketing serves a lot of purposes for marketers. It not only helps us find and engage with potential customers and make conversions but interestingly can also help drive a good amount of organic traffic to your website by improving your search engine rankings.

But of course, this does not all come as easily as it sounds, and like everything else, email marketing requires a considerable amount of effort and knowledge.

As much as email marketing is targeting your audience by sending emails, it is not simply done by sending out emails at large to everyone like handing out flyers to random passers-by.

Email marketing needs to be planned and done correctly for it to bring in the desired results, or else your emails will be sitting unopened in people’s inboxes or even worse, labeled as spam and directly transferred to Trash.

Effective email marketing will of course get you effective results.

So that is why we have listed 7 email marketing hacks that can not only grow your sales but also drive traffic to your website. 

1. Target the right audience

There are over 4 billion email users worldwide. This makes email marketing the perfect place to find your potential customers. But in a pool of so many people with varying demographics and interests, it is important to find and target the right audience. 

Imagine sending an email to an Apple user about Microsoft’s new updates or sending a make-up artist email about auto parts on sale for motorbikes. They will never bother to open the email or even if they did and visited your website, they will leave it in no time due to disinterest.

This will lead to higher bounce rates (percentage of visitors who immediately leave your website without browsing further), which is a bad sign for your SEO. 

Now, this is where audience targeting is helpful. By knowing about your audience and their interests, you can target your email marketing campaigns only to those who share the same interests as your business so that your content is of help and use to them.

When an interested visitor checks out your site, they will take time to browse because they will find something to their liking. This will send a positive signal to the search engines, leading to increased site authority which will help improve your website’s ranking.

2. Understand the user’s intent:

Here is a question for you to think about – 

What is your audience looking for?

Understanding the intent behind your user will help you serve and ease their pain points better. 

Generally, in marketing the user’s intent is of three types: 

-        Navigational: here the user intent is just to get a certain site

-        Informational: users with informational intent are looking for information

-        Transactional: these users are aware of what they want and are looking to make that final purchase

Based on this user intent, you can use keywords in your email message to target the audience.

Short-tail keywords work well for consumers who are at the top of the sales funnel, but as they slowly move down, long-tail keywords based on the descriptive searches users make are more effective. 

3. Sending out newsletters:

Once you know you have targeted the right audience, one of the best ways to retain them and make them actively remember your business name is by sending them exclusive newsletters regularly. 

Send them newsletters containing useful and relevant information, or you can even send out coupon codes or exclusive discounts to your loyal users to encourage them to make a purchase or simply as an incentive for being your patron.

You can also share excerpts from your helpful blogs, prompting the reader with a “read more” at the end that will directly take them to your website.

4. Integrate email and social media

Social media and emails are two of the most important components in marketing. So when you integrate these two together it will undoubtedly bring you even better results. 

You can carry this out very easily by including social media share tags in your email which will enable users to share and promote your content on other social media platforms.

Likewise, you can invite people through your social media channels to subscribe to your email list or provide them with incentives based on referrals.

5. Personalize your content

“Dear user, here’s a special code” or “Hey Harry! We have a special code just for you.” 

Which of these sound better and more personalized? 

You’re right! The second one. 

It directly connects to that user and thereby encourages them to open the email and go through its content.

You can furthermore divide your target audience into sub-groups depending on their particular interests. For example, in the case of people who like reading, you can further segment them into groups of different genres to send even more personalized content

This way, you will always be providing them with what they need ensuring that they visit the next time. 

6. Conduct A/B testing using SEO keywords

Similar to your other marketing campaigns, your email marketing campaign should be tested out before you carry it out in a full-fledged manner. 

Use the keywords that lead the customers to your brand and make sure to include them in the subject line, preview, and body of the copy. Send the emails to a small set of people and track their performance. 

The email with whichever keyword sees better click-through rates and lesser bounce rates should then finally be selected to use for your large-scale email marketing campaigns. This will ensure that the right SEO keywords are employed to get the best results from the campaign, without the need to squeeze your budget into mediocre campaigns.

7. Solicit reviews

More than any other claims, a customer will always tend to trust the words of a fellow consumer. This is why reviews from customers are very important as they largely influence the decision-making of the other prospects. 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to solicit reviews and feedback from a customer immediately after a purchase is made.

After the customer has received the product or service, send them an email with relevant questions or a link to review sites where they can share their opinion. 

This will be very helpful for local businesses as it will influence their ranking in the local search results. 

With everything being properly set in place using these hacks, you can hit two birds with a single stone as through one email marketing campaign you are not only growing your sales but also driving traffic by employing certain SEO practices while doing it.

Having a skilled digital marketing expert in your team with a keen eye for such strategies that can bring multiple benefits from just one campaign can be a great asset. 

That is what MyTasker brings to the table with its Digital Marketing Team. With trained and committed experts who have hands-on and updated knowledge in the world of digital marketing, they can help to build your brand and grow your business online.

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