Grow Your Real Estate Business With These Virtual Assistant Services


If you are a real estate agent or an entrepreneur, multitasking is in your blood. Even on a ‘not so busy day,’ you are listing properties, meeting new clients, doing a good amount of paperwork, and managing important data. Don’t you agree that sometimes even undertaking routine tasks overwhelms you? If yes, then you need some real estate virtual assistance. 

Real estate is a tricky business. The prices of properties are constantly changing. New rules and regulations come up regularly. On top of that, like every other business, there is substantial cutthroat competition. 

Well! You cannot change any of these, but you can share some of your workloads with your virtual assistants. VAs are trained professionals who not just help you with your day-to-day business activities but can also help you grow your business for just a few bucks. You can hire them directly or take assistance from virtual assistance firms like MyTasker. 

So, keep reading as in this blog, you will learn who a real estate virtual assistant is, some of the tasks you can delegate to them, and how they can drive business growth. Not just that, later in the blog, we will also bust some myths related to virtual assistants. So, keep reading. 


Who Are Real Estate Virtual Assistants? 

As the name suggests, they are your virtual employees. Or let us say that they are not your employees. They are professionals who get your work done without showing up daily to your office. 

They are remote working professionals who can undertake tasks ranging from lead generation to following up with existing customers. You can also ask your real estate virtual assistants to schedule appointments for you and maintain a database of customers and properties. Some firms even ask virtual assistants to undertake digital and social media marketing. 

Let us look at numerous tasks you can ask your virtual assistants to do. 

Tasks That Can Be Delegated to Virtual Assistants

Your real estate virtual assistants can be a one-stop solution for all the problems you regularly face while conducting your business. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a solution if you are looking for someone to manage and serve clients but do not want to spend too much. 

Similarly, you do not need to hire a social media executive separately to spread the word about your business. The same virtual assistant can do it for you. 

But that is not it. Below are some of the tasks that are imperative for the growth of your business and that you can easily outsource from your real estate virtual assistants. 

Managing Existing Clients

Real estate virtual assistants are good at maintaining relationships with existing clients. You can ask your virtual assistants to handle client queries by involving all the stakeholders. They can reply to the client's query emails in a pre-designed format. They can design the format of such emails themselves.

Not just that, from time to time, your real estate VAs can follow up with the old customers and tell them about your new property listings.

Isn’t it a good idea?

Happy customers are likely to come back. Your virtual assistants can ensure that you have a database of happy customers.

New Leads

Real estate virtual assistants spend a lot of time on the internet, not to entertain themselves but to crack new leads. In today’s era, people keep on posting their requirements on social media platforms. Your VAs can track those and generate new leads.

They can prepare a database and share it with the respective internal teams.

To generate leads, they can also call prospective customers and share the information they are looking for.

Maintain A Portfolio

As a realtor, you must have the latest photographs of all the properties that you are handling to show them to your clients. Your real estate virtual assistant can build and maintain the portfolio for you.

Apart from the physical portfolio, they can also maintain your website and upload photos of all newly acquired properties. Photos of sold properties do not need to be on your website anymore.

Maintaining a portfolio of clients, including testimonials, is something your virtual assistant can do for you.

Maintain a Database of Clients

As a realtor and businessman, you must keep track of all your clients. You can ask your virtual assistant to do the same for you.

Now, people might move to different places or change their phone numbers. In that case, your real estate virtual assistant can also update such information to avoid discrepancies.

It will also be their responsibility to keep all the confidential as well as personal data of your clients safe. 

Scheduling Appointments & Calendar Management

Scheduling appointments might seem trivial, but it is an essential function of running a business smoothly. Your virtual assistants can help you perform better by scheduling appointments with all critical stakeholders on your behalf.

They can schedule appointments with your clients, business partners, and other agents. Your virtual assistants will send out emails to all of them to reach a comfortable time slot.

Also, they will manage your calendar and update you if there is any change in the schedule.

Help With Paperwork

A real estate business includes the maximum amount of paperwork and documentation. Since so many stakeholders are involved in just one transaction, the documentation keeps piling up.

You cannot do it all by yourself. So, it is advised to get help from real estate virtual assistants. 

They can assist you in preparing property documents, client information, and legal documents, which is a core area.

Help With Accounting

Real estate involves real money. There are a lot of monetary transactions involved. And the amounts are generally massive since properties are costly. So, you need to keep track of all your transactions.

This is where your real estate virtual assistant can prove to be a great help. They can help you account for all the internal and external transactions.

They can also help you with daily bookkeeping and track revenue, profit, and loss. 

Market Research 

Real estate markets change over time. New rules and regulations are introduced. Moreover, as trends change, the taste of your customers also changes.

Your real estate virtual assistant can help keep you updated on all the latest market trends. They will also track news and government policies related to the real estate sector. 

Prepare Presentations

A meeting with clients cannot be fruitful without an excellent, attentive, grabbing, and catchy eye presentation. Your virtual assistants can prepare such presentations based on your brief and their research work.

Yes! Real estate virtual assistants are multitaskers and can do a lot of tasks simultaneously.

Apart from presentations, they can also create advertisements, graphics, and other promotional materials.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Online visibility is extremely important for any business to grow these days. It would help if you made sure that enough people knew about you. In that, your virtual assistants can help.

You can ask your virtual assistant to manage your social media handles and update them regularly to keep your prospective customers informed and curious. They can also help you with email marketing.

With these services, your virtual assistants can help you free up some time for yourself, and you can focus on ideating new strategies to grow your business. Yes! Outsourcing to real estate virtual assistants can drive growth.


Keep reading.

How Do Real Estate Virtual Assistants Drive Business Growth?

Did you know companies worldwide are experimenting with the work culture and hiring full-time remote employees?

They are doing it because it is a tried and tested way of cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Real estate virtual assistants are:

-        Cost & time efficient: You must keep in mind that you are not hiring employees but outsourcing to freelancers. So, you do not need to pay any salary or employee benefits. You can pay for the work which is done. Also, they use their electricity, office space, network, and transportation. So, you do not need to provide that. Real estate virtual assistants are time efficient as well. They try to finish the work in the stipulated time and can work whenever required.

-        Bring experience & expertise: You are not their first client. These virtual assistants have worked with various firms before. So they know how to deal with specific situations. And you know what? You do not need to train them. Also, they are subject matter experts, and their expertise can help grow your business.

-        Know market trends: Since their whole work model is based on how efficient they are, the quality output is what you can expect from them. They are updated with the latest market trends. They can do some competitor analysis for you and suggest ways to stay ahead.

-        Business expansion: If you want to expand your business to other countries, will you open an office there and hire employees? No. You can hire virtual employees there first and capture some market share. So, hiring virtual assistants in other countries is an excellent idea.

That said, it is time to bust a few myths about virtual assistants' working styles.

Myths Related to Real Estate Virtual Assistants

If you are planning to hire virtual assistants for the first time, you might come across certain myths or preconceptions related to the working style of real estate virtual assistants. But do not worry, these are not true. Let us bust them one by one.

-        Not trustworthy: It is not valid. Just like your regular employees, your virtual assistants are also trustworthy. They are highly professional and maintain a professional relationship with you and your clients. However, it is advised to run a background check and try to hire from reputed firms like MyTasker.

-        Cannot work with someone not present physically: It used to be a preconception in pre-covid times, but now times have changed. Companies are intentionally hiring remote employees to save time and money. Also, technology has enabled people to be available anytime.

-        VAs are expensive: Nope. Not true. They are cost-efficient. They do not demand office space or other amenities. They also charge for the work they do for you.

-        Not productive: It is no more than a myth that virtual assistants are unproductive. They are highly professional, and with them, you can be assured of getting the work done in the stipulated time. They charge per task and will only ask for their payment after the work is done.

Summary: Grow Your Real Estate Business With These Virtual Assistant Services

Hiring a virtual real estate assistant can help if you plan to grow your real estate business. You can share your workload while benefiting from their expertise. Also, do not let any preconceptions hamper your plan of hiring a virtual assistant.

Want to hire a virtual assistant? Visit MyTasker to learn more and benefit from the services customized for you.

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