How Creative Thinking Can Lead to Success


If one has to list the cornerstones that lead to success, Creative thinking will be listed among the top three. While most consider it to be a natural boon, creative thinking can be nurtured and fostered at any stage of life, and in any and every work sphere.

Every sphere of work, when touched with creativity acquires a new dimension. Take the example of any innovation that has made our lives easier, all of them have been made possible because of the creative desire of the innovator to bring forth something new, unseen before. While every creation need not be as grand as an innovation that changes life, the pebbles of creativity can spell big success. This is especially true of business organizations. In the history of entrepreneurship, no organization has achieved success without there being a brainstorming group that has churned out creative ideas from time to time.

At MyTasker, we have applied creative thinking to every aspect of virtual task done by us. While creativity comes easy to our set of designers and developers, who are continuously trying to achieve something new with every project that they work on, our other virtual tasks such as research, cold calling and even something as straight as accounting is lent a creative touch.

So how do we do that? At MyTasker, we believe that there is no correct answer to any question, rather there are multiple correct answers, and we need to choose and amalgamate the best of those to achieve the best. When we say “answer”, it engulfs a wide meaning, embracing not just the end result, but the means to the end as well. Let me provide an example to make this clear.

When a client reaches out to us with a definite requirement, and a set of instructions to execute the task to achieve the desired end result, we do not always follow the instructions to the T. Instead, we go for a brainstorming session. At MyTasker, we have a handpicked group of supervisors who monitor every task assigned by clients, and who in turn are monitored by an exceptionally skilled set of managers – people experienced in the Professional Assistance field for 4 years and more. So, rather than robotically following the instructions of the client, a team of around 3-4 people sit for choosing the best possible way to execute the task. The focus remains on achieving the goal of the client, and ensuring that the path to achieve so is innovative and helps us learn and grow in the process of executing the task. Keeping the client’s instructions in mind, ideas are exchanged, perspectives are shared, and what comes out is a new, innovative way of how to proceed with accomplishing the goals of the client. The creative process does not end here; as we go along the procedure of research, compilation and data analysis, we keep our minds open for that spurt of innovation that may open up while the mind is actively tackling the task. When we finally submit it to the client, more often than not, our way of execution is appreciated and we are thanked for bringing about a creative touch to the otherwise ‘mundane’ task.

creative thinking

Creative thinking is undoubtedly a boon. When coupled with the effective consummation of the creative thought, a novelty is achieved in whatever work the thought is applied to. We at MyTasker have effectively embraced creative thinking and are reaping the benefits. Time for you to walk that path too if you still haven’t!

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