How To Create And Optimize Your YouTube Channel


YouTube is the second widest-reaching internet platform in the world. It is viewed by billions of people per second. A successful YouTube channel that garners decent views is a sure-shot path to success, and you will become rich soon!

How To Create A YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube channel or YouTube account creation is a cakewalk.  You just need a Google account to get started. A Google account will be your stepping stone to creating a YouTube channel, and then you will be guided to a page of terms and conditions. You have to accept them, fill out a quick form then follow the process given below:

Sign in to YouTube, and tap on the icon that says “CREATE CHANNEL.” Create a username and password, select your channel’s name, Upload a glamorous Profile Photo and backdrop image, and you are ready to go.

In order to start a YouTube channel, you need to decide on a particular channel genre adhering to which you will be creating, editing, shooting, and uploading videos

Steps To Make Your Individual YouTube Channel

  • Go to and log in with your Gmail account.
  • After clicking your profile photo, choose "Create a channel."
  • YouTube will provide the subsequent instructions to create a channel.
  • While in your Google Account, review the information and make sure you want to create your channel.

Tips To Start A YouTube Business Channel 

This is the procedure for setting up a YouTube channel with several owners or contributors.

If you already have a Brand Account, link the newly created channel to it.

  • Register on
  • Activate your channel list.
  • Use your current Brand Account or create a new one.
  • By selecting Create a new channel, you can create a channel.
  • Select Create after giving the channel you just created a name.
  • To switch the channel's owners and managers, adhere to these guidelines.
  • Google recommends contacting the community if you need more assistance establishing your YouTube channel.

A List Of Popular YouTube Channel Genres

  • Travel
  • Makeup, beauty, and Lifestyle
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Tutorials
  • Comedy Channel
  • Film Review Channel
  • Product Review Channel
  • Challenges and adventure channels
  • DIY channels
  • Animals doing funny stuff
  • Shopping Hauls
  • Prank Channels
  • Unboxing Video Channels
  • Collecting limited editions
  • Prize distribution channel
  • Gaming channel
  • Kid-friendly channel
  • Miscellaneous 

Although the world of YouTube has become pretty saturated and almost everybody has a YouTube channel these days, it is still a perfect time to start your own channel, become successful, and carve your own niche in the world of YouTube. There are plenty of viable options you can look into while starting a channel and it is okay for you to venture into either of these to become the next YouTube sensation. 

When it comes to YouTube, creating a channel and selecting a genre is not enough to begin your YouTube journey. You need to keep many other things in mind to streamline and optimize your channel to garner the most views and endless fan following or appreciation from your audience.

Incredible YouTube Channel Optimization Tips & Tricks

Complete The About Us Form

The section titled "About Us" is frequently a neglected website area. Many marketers are still confused about how to handle their "About Us" page. Is there a business history? Is that the company's motto? Does it involve branding? Is it even necessary?

The initial 48 characters of an About Us page on YouTube appear in the search results, thus, it is essential to fill up this area for site visitors to comprehend who you are and for YouTube to become equipped to deliver the best fragment of information.

Post Lengthy Videos

The duration of a video is the most significant ranking element. Watch time, also known as "audience retention," indicates that viewers regarded your videos as valuable enough to stay on the page.

Producing lengthy videos with strategic information distribution across the entire video is the most excellent method to keep viewers engaged. Videos longer than 10 minutes frequently have much greater watch times than those that are too brief or do not cover a subject in depth enough to hold viewers' attention.

Boost User Interaction Signals

Search engines use user engagement as a ranking criterion to determine how active and authoritative your YouTube audience is.

If you approach it correctly, optimizing for increased user engagement signals enhances your organic search presence. You must ask viewers to participate with you in particular ways, both orally and aesthetically, in addition to producing excellent YouTube videos, specifically through:

  • sharing video content on social media.
  • commenting on videos and giving them good reviews.
  • like or giving videos a thumbs up.
  • joining the channel to watch more videos.
  • on their own websites or channels and links to your videos.

Accept YouTube Live Video

Never be hesitant to experiment with new media that can resonate with your intended demographic and expand the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel. For instance, live videos are now widespread on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use live video on YouTube to do the following ????

  • Create webinars.
  • Display fresh items.
  • Hold Q&A sessions with internal specialists and influential people in the business.
  • Host YouTube competitions.

Including Correct Closed Captions

Your films will rank higher if you provide accurate captions so search engines can access the caption content. Sending your films to a specialized video transcription provider or uploading your own file is the quickest way to receive closed-caption text.

Adding closed captioning to your movies has further advantages.

  • Improved user involvement. According to a YouTube study, videos with captions receive 4% more views.
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers are able to view your video content thanks to video accessibility.
  • Increased credibility reduces your chance of being flagged as spam and having your entire YouTube channel's search ranking drop.

Use Enticing Words In The Description And Title

Using innovative language in your video title will increase click-through rates since compelling language maximizes conversion rates. The same applies to the description of your video. Be succinct and leave room for others when you only have a limited amount of characters to deal with. Each word should further the video's primary objective. Work with professional digital or website content writing services to create engaging content for your YouTube videos.

Create Your Own Video Thumbnails

Creative video thumbnails are a relatively recent distinction appearing more frequently on YouTube SERPs. When cursors linger over video thumbnails, which were static images just a couple of years ago, they now instantly animate. Custom thumbnails present a preview of your material to your target audience, increasing click-through rates and exposing it to a larger audience.

SEO Ranking Variables For YouTube

Starting with the fact that Google owns YouTube, you may wager your last dollar that the platform values high-quality video and organizes its content using powerful machine-learning algorithms. Since YouTube has a distinct native search bar, several ranking factors fundamentally differ from those used by Google. Try to go through some YouTube SEO tips for beginners or use some free YouTube SEO tools.

The top-ranking search engine signals for YouTube are:

  1. The amount of time a user spends watching your video content (also known as how long they remain on the website while the video is playing).
  2. Video length: Longer videos tend to be of higher quality. Longer videos typically rank better since they satisfy user intent and are more relevant to the topic.
  3. Subscriptions received: Search engines place more weight on authority signals from YouTube channels with more subscribers.
  4. User involvement: Share, comment, like, subscribe, and link.

These ranking elements should be the main focus of YouTube optimization as they will likely improve your internet search engine presence and grant the degree of SERP dominance you desire.

Wrapping Up…

You may immediately start using these straightforward optimization and promotion approaches for your videos on YouTube. You will definitely acquire a lot more traffic and eventually gain more YouTube subscribers if you follow these methods and ideas. You can continue on to other tasks and increase the return you get on the video advertising expenditure by carrying out quite a bit of this preliminary work upfront.

It does not, however, imply that you can "set it and forget it." You need to make sure you're maintaining a regular publishing schedule and optimizing your videos when you upload them (not just your channel).

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