How Virtual Assistants can Help You Navigate AI Tools


A virtual assistant is a professional and dedicated employee who supports you and your business's administrative needs, accounting tasks, calling assignments, appointment scheduling, email management, and other operational duties, on a regular basis. 

They work as independent contractors the majority of the time, while some are employed as remote full-time employees. In today’s day and age, virtual assistants are employed by businesses of various sizes and in numerous sectors.

The specific tasks that a virtual assistant performs depend on the demands of the customer and the contract's requirements. Some best VA services perform clerical and bookkeeping duties, while others could manage social media accounts or even compose blog posts. A versatile virtual assistant is also highly proficient in using various AI technologies that could streamline your business processes and simplify your life.

When we combine AI and virtual assistance, it creates a formidable amalgamation that makes our lives a hundred times easier. 

In this blog, let's delve into the ways a virtual assistant helps Singapore, Canada, the UK, and US-based clients with AI technology.

Let us quickly delve into the workings of AI: 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to a number of techniques and technology that enable machines to match or even surpass human intelligence. These days there are a number of AI tools in the market that can help you streamline your workflow and make your job easier. 

Just like how a human being conceives a thought from observation, understanding, and their surrounding, an AI tool takes in information from its environment, processes the information, makes a decision, and then execute a piece of the action. These humane characteristics are currently being replicated by artificially intelligent machines and to some degree, these machines are taking the execution to some other levels.

Voice translation and wireless channel communication are just two examples of problems that AI is effective at solving since they are hard to model or solve using conventional techniques. AI enables improved experiences, individualized support, and task automation for the end customers in an effortless way. AI can also improve the energy efficiency of gadgets and facilitate more easy interactions with them, using the voice-activation user interface.

Let’s have a look at the AI tools your virtual assistant can work on and make your life easier: 


ChatGPT is a web-based AI-powered chatting bot that was developed by San Francisco-based enterprise OpenAI and made available to the general public via the website ChatGPT is run by LLM or the Large Language Model. This demonstrates that chatGPT can understand responses that seem to be coming from humans.

It's simple and convenient to use Chat GPT. You should remember to input statement questions when utilizing it, among other things. The first thing you must do in order to utilize chat GPT is to register for an OpenAI account. Detailed instructions for utilizing chat GPT to its full potential can be found here.

Virtual assistant agencies can make use of this Artificial Intelligence tool by framing the statement questions on behalf of their employers and save them even more time and hassle in the process.


COPY.AI is an interesting tool that can help businesses and organizations in eliminating the hassle of churning out fresh content on a day-to-day basis. 

With this tool, you can:

  1. Create blog introductions using the combination of pain-agitate-solution
  2. Better bullet points and wording for digital ads
  3. Make enticing subject lines for emails
  4. Quickly create product descriptions for Amazon
  5. Make ad copy for Google and Facebook

Additionally, it provides "Growth Ideas" and "Brainstorming and Startup Tools," among other features. When you're experiencing a creative block, these features are highly useful. Experienced Virtual Assistants at website content writing services can take care of the above-mentioned points 1 to 5 on behalf of the company, individual, or organization they are working for.


This is a photo-generating AI tool that can help you out in creating appealing images without investing a lot of time. However, the only requirement for using this tool is that you need to have a Discord account.

If you haven't got already, you can sign up for Discord for free. Then selecting the ‘Joining the Beta’ option, you will be directed to an invitation. After acceptance, locate the Newcomer rooms by selecting the ship-like Midjourney icon on the left menu. When ready, enter "/imagine" to open a prompt window where you may provide the image description in the Discord chat for your beginner's room. This will facilitate accurate results from the AI.

When generating photos for Midjourney, be specific and mention a particular aesthetic. Before downloading, select Upscale to the max and U to upscale the image, and V to produce a brand-new image. A fresh set of alternatives will appear if you select U to upgrade a photograph that you like. Use any bot channels in Midjourney's Discord and enter "/subscribe" if you intend to utilize the service frequently. For more instructions and suggestions, refer to the handbook if you intend to use Midjourney for a long time.
An efficient virtual assistant will take care of the whole sign-up process, start generating photos, upscale the resolution, and work on the aesthetics. 

Tome. app

Tome. app is revolutionizing the presentation industry. With its AI-powered capabilities and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, this tool makes it simple to use storytelling to turn any form of speech into an engrossing story. With Tome, which is accessible on the web and iOS, users can easily and quickly create content by adding texts or images with just a single click.

Tome makes it simpler to discuss topics that are typically challenging to communicate using text or visuals alone. Narration can be used to emphasize points, or interactive embeds with real-time data and information from the web, 3D representations, and prototypes can be added.


Simply decide on the length, genre, and mood and you will receive lovely music created by this AI.

It enables all producers to freely alter the duration, structure, and musical instruments of original, royalty-free music. If you are in the music industry then a virtual assistant who can make use of this app and generate music for you will be very beneficial. 


An AI voice companion named Fireflies assists with transcription, note-taking, and task completion during meetings. All of the top online conferencing platforms, including Webex and many others, are compatible with this software.  

Fireflies record both audio and video, and it produces transcripts quickly.
It integrates with platforms and applications like  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, RingCentral, and Aircall.

This AI tool can be more helpful for the virtual assistant than the employers because this would make the VA’s work of note-taking and transcription easier. 
With Fireflies, you can record meetings using various dialers, video conferencing programs, and audio files.

In your calendar, you may quickly add Notetaker to meetings.


You can turn blog posts into videos with Fliki.

Start by providing the URL of the blog post, and Fliki, powered by AI, will summarise your content, identify the ideal images, and produce a video with your chosen voiceover and branded subtitles.

Instead of utilizing robotic sounds in your videos, use the greatest neural voices to sound human. With more than 900 accents in 75 different languages, Fliki ensures that everyone finds a voice that they like.


Runway represents your next-generation content production toolkit, with real-time video editing, networking, collaborations, partnerships, and more than 30 AI magic tools from within your browser. 

For video and picture synthesis, deep neural networks are getting more accurate, realistic, and programmable. In just a few years, low-resolution, hazy visuals have given way to extremely realistic and aesthetically pleasing graphics, enabling the emergence of synthetic media. These days, new methods of engaging with software and synthesizing media are also made possible by bilingual models and models with common text-image latent spaces, like CLIP. 

One of the best examples of the effectiveness of such methods is diffusion models. Runway Research is at the vanguard of these changes, and they make sure that consumers will have access, control, and empowerment over the creation of content in the future.

Virtual Assistants can use Runway to help their employers by incorporating deep learning methods into audiovisual content while fundamentally altering how people create art and use design tools in the future.

LeiaPix Converter

A free picture editing program called LeiaPix Converter enables the simple editing of 2D images into stunning 3D Lightfield images. The features of LeiaPixConverter include Leia Picture Format, Side-by-Side 3D, Depth Maps, or Lightfield Animations export conversions. 

However, LeiaPix Converter may only be used with a LeiaLogin account. Virtual Assistants can set up accounts, sign up, log in, and start converting images for their employers. 

The first 3D AI social networking platform in the world is called LeiaPix. With LeiaPix your virtual assistant can connect with a vibrant community of creators to exchange content. On all LitByLeia devices, anything you submit in LeiaPix will pop off the screen.


Jasper.Ai  is also another tool similar to

You will be prompted by Jasper to enter a certain type of information, such as the "Blog Post Title", "Product Name" or "Benefits of the Product." You'll control the voice tone (optional) and you can choose the number of distinct outputs you desire through the "Create AI content" button.

Virtual assistance services can draft emails, send out fliers, compose paragraphs, and essays, and design pamphlets by generating content through

Your desired images can now come to life thanks to anime AI. 

Using this modern tool, you can create any idea in the shape of appealing art that you are thinking about. You can also create your avatar in two dimensions, and submit a selfie. Simply click the appropriate style after a brief delay. 

Virtual Assistants can assist their employers by figuring out how the app works and generating realistic images.

Wrapping up…

The rising operational and management costs make virtual support essential for all organizations. Virtual assistant services are sure to prosper when businessmen and entrepreneurs are looking to achieve more in a fast-paced world.

The newest trend is to use chatbot services and AI tools to help you manage your business. To stay ahead of the curve and be at the top of the market demands, you can contact MyTasker, the best and most affordable virtual assistance firm.

We provide you with a variety of services that are tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to secure your business for tomorrow.

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