“Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.”


To say that we’ve never made any mistakes in our lives would be a false and misleading statement on our part. As the saying goes, “to err is human”, but learning from our own mistakes makes us grow into wiser, cautious and better individuals.

The mistakes committed in our workplace put our abilities in a questionable light, they add to our work pressure. But by overcoming the myriad challenges and rectifying the flaws and never committing the same mistakes again make us meet our clients’ needs in a better way. It is also very important to ensure that team spirit never ebbs in the organization.


huddle a weekly session

When we started MyTasker, a virtual assistant company in 2012, we knew we had a long way to tread. We would face challenges, obstacles and hurdles at every step. Our biggest achievement would be to overcome all the hurdles and challenges to transform our dream into a reality.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was of rectifying the errors committed by our team members. Even if the error was a minor one, it had a negative impact on our clients and relegated our standard.  The errors occurred because the executives were unable to follow the instructions given by the client(s) or lack of communication among team members often lead to confusion, resulting in several errors while performing a task.  Dissatisfaction among the team members was another cause that often lead to errors in the work.

What could have been done under such circumstances?

what can be done under such circumstancs

After a lot of brain-racking and discussions, we decided to organize short, quick, energetic stand-up meetings every week where each team member would be given the opportunity to receive and share information that is vital to the performance of the team. We named these meetings Huddles.

A Huddle was organized to overcome the imminent hurdles in the company. It was not just an error sharing session. It facilitated direct communication between the manager, supervisors and the team members. Each team member got the chance to come up with innovative ideas for improving the quality of work.  The manager and the supervisors also shared customer appreciation and positive feedback with the entire team.

These weekly sessions had an overwhelming impact on the quality of work. Huddles helped in:

  •     Diminishing the rate of task errors drastically.
  •     Building camaraderie and mutual respect among the team members.
  •     Identifying obstacles/problems and team members shared ideas and committed themselves to resolve the problems.
  •     Creating a culture of open and honest communication and trust among team members.
  •      Lifting up the team spirit, encouraging each team member to work with much more fervor and determination, thus making a positive contribution in the development of the company.

Two years since our inception, we are proud to announce that we’ve been able to improve our quality of work by drastically reducing errors in the work. And it all happened because we realized the importance of team meetings and joint discussions.

By organizing Huddles we have been able to boost the team’s morale, strengthen team spirit and increase the confidence of each executive. Now, brimming with confidence, we are looking forward to new opportunities and accomplishing further business goals of our clients.

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