Imbibing Values: Passing on Organizational Culture to the New Hires


Entrepreneurs cannot expand their businesses single-handedly. Some may try, but it is nearly an impossible task. After all, with business expansion comes new sets of challenges, responsibilities and more. According to James Cash Penney “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” That’s true. You cannot expand your business unless you hire the best talents. The inflow of talent works both ways: for the organization, it is a positive gain; for the new employee, a crucial career turning point. When individuals are hired by an organization, it is mandatory for them to participate in a company orientation programme. The orientation programme is organized to provide the new employees with the essential information that would help them to culturally acclimatise and professionally succeed within the organization.

imbibing values passing on organizational values to the new hires

Also, the new employees want to feel at ease while working in the organization and this is only possible if you can help a new employee understand the culture of your organization. As a recruiter, you seek candidates who are talented and are well-suited for your organization. What you need to check is that the new employees not only understand the culture of your organization, but also embrace it wholeheartedly while performing their duties. It is imperative to pass your organizational culture to the new recruits and you can do it through:

Company Orientation

If you want a new employee to embrace your company culture, you need to give them a warm welcome. A warm welcome doesn’t mean you need to decorate their desks and blow a bugle when they enter the office! You can organize orientation programmes for the new hires and make them aware of your company’s cultural values. Audio visual presentations, distribution of reading materials and face-to-face conversations form the part of the orientation programme.


One of the basic and convenient ways to pass along your organizational culture is through training. The trainer should be able to effectively and accurately pass on the company values to the new hires.

One on One Sessions

Organize one on one sessions with the new hires. Ask them if they are comfortable in the new environment. Talk to them about your company’s history, about the founders and about the company values. Emphasize on their roles in the company and how they should all work together for business growth.


Employ long-term employees as mentors for the new hires. Their role would be to acquaint the new employees with the company cultures, its people and process. The mentor can also become the person on whom the new employees can fall back on when they have queries or face problems.

Team Meeting

Make sure the new hires get to know the whole team. Team work is only possible if the new hires establish immediate connections with their team members. And it is not possible to establish connections unless they interact with the existing team members. Remember, having weak and uncordial relation with the rest of the team members can breed alienation and result in long-term office conflicts down the line. Organizing regular team meetings can break the ice, helping to establish cordial relationships among team members.

An organization’s culture is made up of beliefs, values and experiences shared by each employee of that organization. Help the new hires understand this culture because, as the American internet entrepreneur, Brian Chesky puts in, “A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur’s job is to build the foundation.”

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