Importance of Enhanced Conversions For Google Ads: A Brief Overview


The rising security and privacy concerns have compelled law enforcement agencies to come forward and formulate rules to protect users' data and information. The rate at which the technology is advancing is bringing significant changes in marketing planning and execution. Google Ads enhancements can be a worthy step towards achieving enhanced advertisements. 

Hacking and fraudulent activities are increasing rapidly with the advancement of technology. Copious amounts of personal information and data are generated by consumers each day. And the data vulnerabilities are at a spike. 

In a bid to ethically comply with the complex Government regulations, marketers are trying to come up with interesting, innovative, and ethical practices. 

Therefore, we are experiencing a sharp shift in the way the marketing industry performs. Marketers are basing their marketing strategies on consent-based decisions. They are adopting measures to implement transparent data collection. 

When consumers know that their data and personal information are safe and secure with a company, they are more comfortable disclosing their details with you. A company respecting the privacy of its customers will bring a more trustworthy image of itself. 

Our future is advancing to a cookie-free digital environment and we are getting increasingly reliant on first-party data. 

Earlier, third-party cookies were used widely and frequently to track consumer behavior and yield targeted advertisements. Now, the functionality is dwindling swiftly. We are heading forward to a brand new time when consumers are in full control of their data. Now, data privacy is the most important aspect of marketing. 

Companies are now spending huge sums of money to facilitate transparent data collection. The AI tools and technology support the use of first-party data. 

First-party information and data that is directly sourced from customer interactions with the company. Additionally, forms submitted by customers give companies a better understanding of their audience base

One positive of having transparent and first-party data collection is that it promotes personalization and relevance. 

Enhanced Conversions - Definition

Google introduced Enhanced Conversions in May 2021. Enhanced Conversions can improve the measurement of conversion accuracy. It also enables marketers to have a well-informed bidding strategy for Google Ads. 

The enhanced Conversions tool allows a website to send anonymous and encrypted conversion information and data to Google. This does provide an answer to the most pressing question of data security and privacy

The hashed and transformed data gives marketers a peek into customer behavior which enables them to optimize their campaigns and increase the rate of targeting accuracy. 

Enhanced conversions are synonymous with improved accuracy. 

Besides providing an efficient bid strategy, marketers reap other benefits that involve improved accuracy. 

Improved Accuracy

With the help of enhanced conversion tracking, marketers can collect perfectly accurate data regarding user interactions and ultimately conversions.  

The heightened level of accuracy is reached by mitigating discrepancies and ensuring that all the stages of conversion events are adequately traced. Additionally, the accuracy is attributed to the correct advertisement interactions. 

Impact On Google Advertisements’ Bidding

Accurate data plays an important role in creating a wonderful bidding strategy for Google Ads conversions. 

Having accurate conversion measurements can invariably support the AI algorithm in making better decisions about ad placements and even setting a budget.

Using this tool, you can bid for the exact keywords that drive better returns. 

Thus, a combination of enhanced conversion features and an effective bidding strategy can bring better ROI and lead to the campaign’s success.

How Do Enhanced Conversions Work?

There are typically two types of enhanced conversions:

  • Enhanced conversions for the web
  • Enhanced conversions for leads

Enhanced Conversions For Web

Let us examine the flow chart of the Enhanced Conversions for the Web:

A user with a signed-in Google account watches your ad > They further land on your website from a separate channel > The user gets converted into a customer > The conversion tag collects all this information > The hashed data is transferred to Google > This information is verified with Google’s vast data > Further a conversion is tagged to your advertisement. 

Enhanced Conversions For Leads

Now we will see the flow for the enhanced conversions for Leads: 
A user clicks on your advertisement and lands on your website > The user navigates through your website > They make up their mind to fill out your form > The details entered by your customer are stored in your website’s CRM database >  All this gathered information can be submitted to Google > Google will scan it’s hashed data and verify with your information > in the final step, the hashed data will be attributed to your ad. 

How can you Set Up Enhanced Conversions For Google Ads?

Setting up enhanced conversions is a simplified and straightforward process. There are many ways to do it based on the type of enhanced conversions you want to implement. Setting up enhanced conversions is a pretty straightforward process and can be done in multiple ways, depending on which type you are implementing. 

Web-enhanced conversions can be done by either of three methods - Tag Manager,  Google Ads API, and Google Tag. 

Leads-enhanced conversion can be done in two ways Google Tag Manager and Google Tags. 

For more information on Google Ads setup, Look into Google’s Support Page for detailed steps.

How Enhanced Conversions Can Help Optimize Your Bid Strategies

Enhanced conversions have a vital role in optimizing your bidding strategies in the Google Ads Domain. 

Just by enhancing the conversion measuring tactics, you can increase the all-around performance of your advertisements. 

In the absence of proper technology, many ads were not attributed properly which ultimately led to the ads being undervalued. 

Enhanced conversions have brought about this revolutionary transition where the ads are receiving their dues. They can aid in a better assessment of their actual value. 

Now, you might have had ads that you created before. The ads were overlooked and their potential was disregarded due to poor attribution. You can take a more informed and refined approach to your Google Ads strategy.  

When you reintroduce the abandoned and undervalued ads in your bidding strategy, it can be an extraordinary step in the right direction. This can lead to better bidding practices. 

When you include a broad set of ads with enhanced conversions, your ads strategy gets access to a sea of crucial data and information. Consequently, your bids match the wavelength of each ad. This will thus maximize the impact of the budget for advertisement. 

Enhanced conversions offer such an elevated sense of precision that the bid strategy smartly adjusts to changing market trends, campaign performance, and user behavior. 

The adaptability ensures that the advertisement flourishes before the relevant audience and the correct message is displayed to them.

Bottom Line

When you focus on marketing and advertising little things matter. Even the minutest changes have a great effect on the brand image. They are in constant strife to find out the smallest areas to make necessary modifications.  We have to make slow and steady progress that finally leads to unthinkable results. 

To conclude, we can say that adopting enhanced conversions can majorly contribute to Google Ads Optimization. Ultimately, you can improve your bidding strategies. 

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