How To Target the Right Audience on Social Media?


Today, the term 'social media' has become synonymous with success. So, if you are running a business, make sure that you are well-invested in social media marketing. Social media platforms are no longer used to communicate simply with our loved ones anymore. It is now a mainstream method for new and established businesses to increase their engagement, acquire further reach and boost the visibility of their brand.   

The fact that so many people use social platforms is the driving force behind the effectiveness of social media marketing for business. According to statistics, there are approximately 2.7 billion social media users all across the globe and the number keeps increasing each year. It is here to stay and continues to be a resource for all brands to expand their target market and grow their user base.

To target the right audience on social media, one must have a clear understanding of the target audience. Here's taking a look at some ways in which you can target your desired audience.

  • Determining Your Target Audience with Data  determining your target audience with data

Knowing your audience is essential, and chasing John Does can make it very difficult for you to reach out to your targeted audience. A guessing game is not a wise option, and you need to have relevant data to make informed decisions about your business and know who you are catering to. The lack of data means that all your marketing efforts are simply a waste of resources, time, and money, with no success achieved at the end of it.

Use your social media and website analytics instead to define and determine your target audience. The data will give you an idea of the audience's demographics, platforms they are most active on, and the kind of content they consume most. Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to narrowing down the target market.

  • Explore Social Media Audience Tools  explore social media audience tool

The next part of the social media analysis involves tools that help gather insights like Google Analytics and other native services like Instagram or Facebook target audience insights tools.

Google Analytics will help you explore the favored social platforms of present customers and the information they are looking for in them, like benefits or demos. For the native platform tools, you can plug the required data from the initial step and develop lookalike audiences. This tactic can come in handy in reinstating the target audience for Facebook Ads.

  • Use Industry Related Hashtags  use industry related hashtags

The last decade has seen an explosion of hashtags being used across all social media platforms. They are an effective and easy way to keep up with trending topics, questions, and events in your industry. They are also great at getting the content out to a broader audience by utilizing them in their posts for social media. Anyone who searches with a particular hashtag can view all the related content, and it helps a brand gain more exposure.

It is best to narrow down all the hashtags you use to ensure they are not too general or broad. The more specific they are, the better, and it will appeal to a smaller audience that matches appropriately to your niche.

  • Research Your Competition  competition research

Keep a tab on how your competitors are faring across all social platforms. Can you categorize their target audience or persona? What are the kinds of content that they are employing, and what is working in their favor?

This method is commonly known as competitor research and is designed to offer inspiration or insight. It gives you the space and time to learn why and when your competitors are performing well. Moreover, it also inspires some additional ideas.

  • Invest Handsomely in Social Media Ads  invest handsomely in social media ads

Invest in ads for the right social platforms. Investing in platforms that do not comprise your target audience is a waste of all that money. Advertise only on social channels where your consumers are active and spend time.

Using well-performing organic content is the best way to fuel your ads. People are anyway frustrated with all that ad on social media. However, if you present them with relevant content they are already investing time in, you have a better chance at getting click-throughs.

Targeting the right audience is fundamental to kicking off a successful and sustainable social media marketing campaign. This blog has given you an insight into ways you can best reach out to your target audience. However, if you are still struggling to reach the required mark, please do not hesitate to reach out to our proficient Digital Marketing team at MyTasker, and watch your business soar.

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