Significance Of Landing Page


When it comes to running a business or website, every little thing is important.

People usually assume that if they have a solid website built with different web pages, they do not need a landing page.

But this is a wrong assumption.

First of all, imagine that your website and the landing page are the same. Here’s where the problem arises as both are unique.

A website contains multiple web pages and are focused more on brand awareness and messages of a similar kind. It has numerous links and access points. Generally, when a user is on a website, he is prompted to explore and his focus is often diluted. 

On the other hand, a landing page is a standalone web page. A landing page's content and its design are mainly targeted towards achieving a specific marketing goal. So when a user is on your landing page, his focus is more-streamlined depending on the target you have set for your landing page.

Landing pages are beneficial as a marketing tool because they are better at convincing visitors to take the desired action.

Visitors generally end up on the landing pages from external sources. They either find it organically through the search engine ranking page listing or find the links to the landing pages through a paid ad or email that funnels the user to complete an action.

Based on your need and purpose, landing pages can be designed to serve different uses.

Lead Generation Landing Page

lead generation landing page

These landing pages are used to generate marketing qualified leads that show interest in you by getting data from the users through an online form by providing gated content in the form of a reward in exchange. However, the catch here is that your offer, also known as the lead magnet, must be worthy of what the users are looking for, so that they give their details in exchange.

Click through Landing Page

click through landing page

A Click-through landing page is more of a link between your advertisement and the destination where you want to direct the users to complete an action. These landing pages lead you to try a free trial of a product or a service or take you directly to the shopping cart.

Squeeze Page

squeeze landing page

These landing pages are short, direct with a clear-cut call to action to their intention that is to collect the email addresses from the potential customers. Squeeze pages are a great way to get contact information. 

Sales Page

sales landing page

People use a sales landing page to convert your website's visitors into customers. These landing pages are typically used at the bottom of the sales funnel, where the buyers are very close to making the purchase, thereby giving them the last nudge.

Splash Page

splash landing page

Splash page is similar to a squeeze page, but the goal is not lead capture like the latter. This type of landing page is used to share announcements or new features that welcome visitors to try out their product or service.

Unsubscribe Landing Pages

unsubscribe landing page

When a subscriber wants to unsubscribe from you, unsubscribe landing pages are used as a last resort to keep them on the list. These landing pages give them a preference to choose a frequency of emails sent or ask them through a survey what could be done better. 

Now that you understand the different landing pages and their uses, you can strategically place them in various points of your customer's buying journey to give them the little push from time to time and make them reach the bottom of the sales funnel from the top.


  1. Landing pages help you position your offer better to close that sales deal you were aiming for.
  2. They stimulate the essential parts of a buyer's journey to fulfill a specific goal using targeted copy to connect.
  3. According to a Hubspot blog, the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7%.
  4. It helps drive traffic and generate leads, thus also improving your SEO in the process.
  5. Landing pages help you to focus on specific goals and enable you to achieve them with high results.

Thus, one should never overlook or underestimate the importance of landing pages as a part of their online marketing strategy. 

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