Team Work: Collaborating your Organization.


Whether in business or sports, the concept of teamwork is often regarded as the fundamental principle. When we work as a team, the chances of achieving our goals exceed manifold than when we are working alone.  As Phil Jackson has said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” When you are confused, when you fall back, when you are on the verge of giving up, your team is always there to boost your moral strength. In this blog, we will discuss how teamwork plays a pivotal role in a virtual assistant services company and determines its success.

Team Work- A crucial factor for the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry

Strong teamwork is one of the important aspects of the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry. However, strong teams are not formed with the touch of a magic wand. Nor it happens by accident. It requires constant effort on the part of the leader to form a strong team and to apply specific leadership techniques to improve teamwork.  It is for the leader to ensure that team members shed their apathetic approach and strive together towards a common goal.

In a VA company the manager and the supervisors make a constant effort to increase the efficiency of the teams. They apply specific techniques to make each team member realize the importance of teamwork and become proactive about having all the members work together to achieve better results.

When you hire a virtual assistant, the idea is to get some workload off your shoulders. This not only shifts your workload but also allows you to administer your business smartly and in the meantime, you will take care of the other major activities. However, when it comes to handling multiple tasks in a single time people often require assistance from a trusted source whereby they can entrust some of their tasks. This is where Virtual assistants become so important. When you are working with a VA Company you can get in touch with a group of virtual assistants who possess various skills. Thus, whatever work you delegate to them, it will be performed by the best person within a specified time frame.

Team Work at MyTasker

At MyTasker your work is always performed by experts. The company is proud of its team of skilled virtual assistants who can perform any task within the given time frame. Actually, it’s our organizational structure that helps in generating better results. The manager and the supervisors check every task before delegating it to a suitable VA. In this way, the person who is most capable or possesses a specific skill set gets to perform the work. Thus, there is no doubt that the output will be of the highest quality and that the work will be completed within a specific time limit.

Success is just a few paces away when we work as a team. The manager and the supervisors ensure:

  • Each team member understands the goal and strives together to achieve it.
  • Open and honest communication among the team members. Communication leads to resolving issues much more easily.
  • Makes sure that team meetings are held every week and each team member gets an opportunity to share his/her viewpoint in these meetings. This ensures creativity and innovation because, with every viewpoint, there comes a new idea.
  • Direct interaction helps in the improvement of the overall quality of work. We tend to have restricted ideas when we work alone. But when we share our ideas with others we get to see different viewpoints and know what’s best for the client.

When people work together as a group, they can resolve issues in a jiffy. Each new problem that crops up while working together is understood, analyzed and resolved by the team as a whole. No member feels alienated and neglected because the manager and the supervisors make sure that decisions are made together and each member supports the decision that is taken for the betterment of the company. Most important of all teamwork keeps confusion at bay.

Group discussions and regular team meetings improve the work processes and practices, bridging the gap between understanding the work and giving your best to ensure the best possible outcome. The goal of each member is one and the same- to make the client happy. And to achieve this goal, we follow what Michael Schumacher once said, “When you start out in a team, you have to get the teamwork going and then you get something back.”

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