The Art of Business Development: Winning Back Lost Customers


The sudden surge of setting up virtual workplaces has given the virtual assistant industry a further boost. It is estimated that by 2018, online working will be about $5 billion( approximately ) as the demand for online virtual working continues to increase. No wonder a company providing virtual assistant services faces tough competition from other companies providing similar services to the customers. In the face of such tough competition, a virtual assistant company needs to retain every potential customer who come in contact with them.

This includes the customers who have unsubscribed from their services. What happens is, sometimes customers unsubscribe either because they avail similar services from the competitors at lower rates or they are dissatisfied with the services of your company. Sometimes, the virtual assistants are so busy contacting new customers that they neglect the ones who are already subscribed to the company. This often results in the loss of old customers who unsubscribe to avail similar services of the competitor.

Now, how to win back these customers? Well, you just need to devise finer marketing strategies to win your customers back. Read on the article to know the means of winning back your unsubscribed clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is one aspect of the whole operations that requires special attention because here you come into direct contact with the customer. A customer has to be handled proficiently and without any hesitation. The overall experience has to be pleasant and comforting to convey a positive impression of the company. Make sure that the customer is always in contact with a human and not a machine.

Assistance outside of your purview

assistance outside of your purview

A virtual personal assistant needs to provide a solution to the client even if it is recommending services that do not include their own expertise. In dealing with customers from various fields, you can come across problems that cannot be resolved solely by your team. In that case you can provide a solution that is beyond your ambit. This does not mean you will be losing business, but will be reassuring your customers that they can trust your services always. In the future, your customers will still hold on to you even if they feel you do not have the required skill set because you have established your trustworthiness.

Keep Reminding the customers

The unsubscribed customers need to be kept reminding of the value of the services that you sell. Many companies create special promotions and advertise it extensively online or through email. Keeping the lost customers in the loop is the best way to get them back. Also, keep them updated about the changes that you have made in your company policy. Make changes if there are none and get the customers to notice these changes. Start a referral program and include the unsubscribed customers as well in all the promotional emails.

Rebranding your services

If you think that you are losing too many customers, you need to rebrand and put forth a new image of the company. The former customers need to be contacted and made aware of this rebranding so that they can resubscribe to your services. Implement the changes immediately and let the customers enjoy the new services so that they can spread the word and increase your business. Remember customers are the best platform for showcasing your services and you shouldn’t let go of this opportunity easily.

rebranding your services

The business can suffer due to various reasons, but getting back your former customers can boost your confidence levels. Not just this, but the whole company image could go places by following the basics of winning back former customers.

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