Tips and Tricks For Video SEO Optimization in 2024


The most effective way to entice prospective customers and lead them down the conversion funnel is probably via videos.

SEO Video marketing must meet two essential requirements to be considered a practical asset for your web strategy: 

  • It must be simple to find

  • It should be indexing-friendly.

Relevance of Technical SEO in Video Content

Engaging viewers with videos is important, but knowing the fundamentals of video SEO optimization also helps search engines properly index your pages. It is especially crucial in present times as the SERPs encompass more than just text.

In 2023, it was observed that videos from social media sites like Facebook and TikTok, as well as carousels, have begun to appear on the SERPs. Videos embedded on social media platforms frequently rank higher in several SERPs. They reduce the percentage of the search market companies formerly held for their self-hosted proprietary videos. 

Benefits of Introducing Technical SEO in Video Content

In the current landscape, you must optimize your videos for search engines to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased engagement leads to an increase in audience reach.

  • Gaining a position in Google's Knowledge Graph to support enhanced brand recognition.

  • Dominance on particular search engine results pages by coordinating your content strategy with different multimedia forms.

  • Simplified decision-making process for search prospects to reduce bounce rate. 

Key Tips and Tricks to Improve Video Indexing

The first thing that you must ensure is that the pages that contain videos are crawlable. Ensure that you are giving a helping hand to Google to find your videos before you start indexing. You should do the following tasks to ensure that your videos are properly indexed and your SEO video content is properly optimized:


Format of the Video

Search engines may be discouraged from indexing video files with special characters and underscores in their names. Incorrectly designed pages that contain videos may also prevent indexing altogether or cause-specific components, such as SWF, to be entirely ignored.

Aim to adhere to these video SEO guidelines:

Add file names with descriptions: Make sure your filenames appropriately describe the content of the video. Accepted file formats: Upload movies in any format that is supported, including MP4, MOV, QVT, MPEG, OGV, RAM, M2V, M3U8, M3U, M4V, MKV, 3GP, 3G2, XAP, WebM, RM, VOB, DivX, AVI, and ASF.

Structured Data

Structured data facilitates search engines' indexing by helping them comprehend your information more fully. When you give your audience clear directions or pertinent information, Google learns more about your video content. This is crucial in the e-learning space as the structured data for instructional videos, as well as ideas and abilities significantly improves understanding and comprehension. Try entering your URL into the validator to troubleshoot your video structured data. Make sure that the validator provides a complete @VideoObject schema markup. Validating your schema markup should go beyond its syntax and grammar, as it is a crucial step in achieving search engine optimization. After your @VideoObject markup has been validated by, you can use the Rich Results Testing tool to see if the page is eligible for a video-rich snippet.

To improve your video schema markup, consider these three extra pointers:


  • Choose whether to incorporate content from YouTube or host it yourself before implementing it so that you can utilize the right attribute to nest inside the @VideoObject structure. A thorough guide covering these possibilities can be found on Google. This will help you with YouTube Video SEO. 

  • Do not go overboard with schema markup. Use only the ones you require.

  • Align the time zone with the schema field uploadDate. Make sure that the timezone listed in the upload date attribute corresponds to the location of the website. Google recently underlined this to prevent Googlebot from automatically adjusting to the US timezone.

Video Sitemaps

If the majority of the content on your website is in the form of videos, structured data may not be sufficient to convey to search engines the significance of your videos. To assist Google in finding your videos, you may need to establish a specific XML video sitemap, particularly if you are a publisher.

Why Should You Add Videos In the Primary Content? 

According to a Google announcement, video thumbnails on the main search results page will only show up when a page's primary content is a video. Videos must be the main content on pages, including them for them to receive rich results on the SERP. If not, the video is extraneous and won't show up in search results.

In simple words, your videos might be indexed but not necessarily rank for the videos on the page.

To deal with this issue effectively, you must be mindful of the following aspects of SEO for YouTube Videos: 

  • Place the video above the fold or where it can be rendered the best.

  • Self-host the video and use the previously specified HTML formatting.


Ensure that Your Videos Are Easy to Locate and Index

Your readers will find your pages more engaging if you include videos on them. Google favors websites that have a decent balance of text, photos, and videos.

However, you must execute it well; if not, you may pass up opportunities to win more customers and make more sales.  All these steps are relevant in helping people find and appreciate your video material more easily. 

Bottom Line

Utilizing the power of videos is a game-changer for engaging prospective customers and guiding them toward conversions. While captivating content is essential, understanding the nuances of video SEO strategy is paramount in present times as well. 

Learn the power of integrating videos into your web strategy and improve your reach and audience engagement to a great extent.  Mastering these aspects ensures that your videos get indexed and rank prominently in search results. It reflects a holistic approach to uplifting your digital presence.

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