How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Promote Your Amazon Seller Account?


The E-commerce landscape is changing rapidly to provide seamless customer experience. Amazon is one of the leading platforms to offer sellers and buyers an ocean of buying and selling options. 

Did you know? 

Amazon is the lone seller of 12 million products which is only 10% of its total inventory. It is the most dominant marketplace and selling is very taxing on this platform. 

Who is An Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant? 

FBA stands for fulfilment by Amazon. An FBA Amazon agent enhances your experience on the platform. 

Amazon business owners need to get some help from Amazon seller virtual assistants. They are the workforce appropriately suited for inventory management, storefront management, product research and sourcing, order processing and fulfilment, and many other regular operational tasks. 

Amazon virtual assistants are remote workers who ensure the owner's account is fruitful. Moreover, these VAs can interact with your customers regarding important concerns and updates. 

What are the Signs to Determine if You Need An Amazon VA? 

Check out this list of sample questions you can consider to realize the need for an Amazon VA for your online business - 

  • Are you spending more time listing products than operating the Amazon Seller Central account? 

  • Do you get frustrated working on minor operational tasks instead of focusing on growing your brand? 

  • Do you get frequent customer complaints with no proper response strategy? 

  • Do you feel stuck and unable to take the business forward? 

If yes is your answer to any of the above questions, then it is clear that you need to hire an Amazon VA. 

What Tasks Can Virtual Assistant for Amazon Perform? 

Display Window Listing Management 

VAs can optimize your Amazon Seller Center account with appropriate products that will be highlighted on your storefront. It helps to attract potential buyers, maximizes lead conversion changes, and enhances search visibility. 

Catalog Management 

Managing your Amazon inventory regularly is time-consuming if you want to focus on selling. VAs have effective solutions like Economic Order Quantity to determine stockouts and keep a check on your products. You can easily restock missing items if you have a proper forecast. 

Process Orders 

Your efficient VA can accept and track orders from confirmation to delivery. They can coordinate with suppliers and logistics to ensure smooth and timely delivery of products and ensure optimal customer satisfaction. 

Customer Support 

Amazon VAs can work as remarkable customer service agents. They can manage customer inquiries over different platforms and resolve issues to cultivate a strong brand reputation and foster healthy relationships to enhance the chances of repeat business. 

Monitor Performance 

VAs understand the importance of data-oriented decisions for Amazon. They can select appropriate key performance metrics and prepare resonating reports to identify user behaviour, trends, and shortcomings to ensure a profitable business in the long run. 

What Skills Should You Look For In Your Amazon Assistant? 

A successful Amazon virtual assistant should know how to navigate Amazon's complexities swiftly. For this, some of the essential skills are - 

  1. Platform Familiarity - The VA should be acquainted with the diverse range of Amazon functions, applications, best practices, policies, and operational processes. Fulfillment options, Seller Central, and Amazon advertising are some key areas of required familiarity.

  2. E-Commerce Expertise - Knowledge of market research, inventory management tricks, pricing plans, and competitor analysis for the E-commerce landscape is mandatory to keep up with the trends.

  3. Assessment Abilities - A skilled VA should be adept with data analysis and implementation of actionable steps to justify the data. It helps to boost performance and drive sales. Moreover, there are several new and old challenges in the E-commerce landscape. A skilful VA will find elaborate solutions to resolve critical problems.

  4. Technical Mastery - Expert VAs need to stay updated with appropriate tools to operate the Amazon platform. This could include CRM systems, MS Excel, and project management tools like Asana or Zoho.

  5. Flexibility and Agility - Due to the ever-evolving E-commerce landscape, it is essential for the VAs to stay updated as well. Whether they are new trends, technology, tools, functions, or Amazon features, stay agile to stay competitive. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Seller VA? 

Amazon seller VAs can have a positive impact on your online presence and improve customer experiences. Some of the vital benefits of hiring these VAs include -

  1. Lucrative - Due to their remote working nature, business owners do not have to provide office space, equipment, and related overhead costs. It helps to save a lot of money and invest this amount to properly promote your Amazon account. 

  2. Expandability - Get flexible solutions when you employ an Amazon seller VA to promote your business and improve customer offerings. They help to scale up or down fluctuation demands, determine the frequency of tasks, and calibrate the scope and time of services based on requirements. 

  3. Save Time - Assigning a VA to look after your Amazon seller account frees up your time considerably. It enables you to look into high-priority tasks, establish strategic plans, and focus on sales while your VA can take care of regular operational tasks like customer engagement, inventory listing, etc. 

  4. Improve Productivity - VAs will streamline your Amazon processes to enhance revenue-driving activities and establish development strategies for a competitive edge. It significantly boosts productivity with foreseeable results. 

Cutting-Edge Services Offered By Amazon VAs 

  1. Pay-Per-Click Ad Management on Amazon - PPC ad campaigns enhance traffic influx, boost sales, and strengthen storefront management. Amazon Seller Central VAs are adept at keyword research, campaign management, performance tracking, and customer assistance to ensure optimal campaign success. 

  2. Market, Data, and Competitor Analysis - VAs are acquainted with employing the best practices for your Amazon account based on market, competitor, and data analysis reports. They can make a list of competitive pricing strategies, identify customer behaviour, track key performance metrics, detect improvement possibilities, chalk out the best trends, and ensure maximum profitability. 

  3. Amazon Seller Account Management - VAs are experts at setting up Amazon accounts, following compliance policies, monitoring account health, and ensuring maximum selling abilities for the platform. It helps to free up a lot of time for business owners to look into essential business objectives simultaneously. Also, VAs are highly responsive and attentive towards customer inquiries, refunds, return management, and fortify brand recognition across Amazon and other social media platforms. 

How Can You Hire an Amazon-Oriented Virtual Assistant? 

Clarify the Requirements 

Clearly define the requirements for the assistance. For example, you may need your VA to promote PPC ad campaigns or manage inventories. Specifying the needs enhances the chances of finding a relevant and skilled VA to meet your objectives. 

Check for Certified VAs 

Explore different platforms and websites to find VAs who are certified to handle your Amazon seller account. Remember to cross-check and verify different platforms for individual VAs or companies to ensure their accuracy is consistent in different spaces. 

Examine Expertise of VAs 

Hold interviews and skill assessment tests to examine the proficiency of your shortlisted candidate. Ask direct and specific questions to determine their pool of knowledge and the skills they possess to ensure success for brand objectives on Amazon. 

Review Terms and Pricing 

Explain payment terms, pricing structures, incentives, and company protocols elaborately before you hire an Amazon support VA. Talk to them to get an understanding of their requirements as well. For example, your Amazon VA may want to charge hourly for the work. Or, they may want to work on project-based conditions. Whatever the discussion, remember to keep it transparent to reduce future friction. 

What are the Best Places to Find Your Amazon Seller VA? 

Some of the popular choices to find your VA for Amazon include - 

  1. Networking via Social Media - There are specific groups and communities on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, and LinkedIn where you can find Amazon support VAs of your choice suited for your brand.   

  2. Websites for Freelancers - There are notable freelancing channels like Fiverr and Upwork to help you navigate choices for Amazon seller central VAs. You get the option to scroll through profiles, review profiles, and hire the right candidate based on experience and reviews.

  3. Professional Amazon Service Providers - Some companies only focus on supplying manpower to manage Amazon accounts for individuals and businesses. Utilize their offers to hire the right virtual assistant to improve your Amazon seller account presence and boost sales. 


Amazon VAs are experts in the E-commerce landscape and are aware of the ever-changing trends and policies to ensure maximum efficacy for your Amazon profiles. 

MyTasker offers a pool of Amazon experts who can exponentially undertake all types of task responsibilities and optimize your Amazon seller account. Whether it is product listing, account setup, maintenance, optimization, or customer support, get peace of mind and focus on boosting your online brand presence with our exclusive solutions designed only for you. 


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