8 Smart Ways of Using Google Maps Marketing for Your Business


Google Maps is integral to our daily lives. Whether we need to go to some new location or explore local businesses around, Google maps are our all-weather companion. 

Businesses use Google Maps to mark their physical existence on the map, making it easier for people to find local businesses near them. It also helps local businesses (tiny shops or stores) present themselves as reliable. Otherwise, people feel hesitant to contact small businesses. 

Apart from this, many other business marketing features come with Google Maps. That can help you grow your local business. 

Let's get familiarized with Google Maps Marketing first. 

Marketing your business using Google Maps is not a financially draining activity. The focus here is to optimize your business profile in such a way that your business appears more often during local business searches on Google Maps.

Ranking in the local Google Map Result is pivotal in obtaining potential customers for small local businesses.

Here Is How You Can Start Your Google Maps Marketing Journey for Your Small Local Business

  • Set up and optimize your Google My Business
  • Getting your Business Reviewed
  • Local Search Ads
  • Track your Performance via Analytics
  • Connect to your Customers
  • Publish On the community Feed
  • List Out the Accessible Points
  • Utilizing Question and Answers in Google Maps

Set Up and Optimize Your Google My Business

mytasker google my business listing optimized

  • To get started with Google My Business, sign in to Google and go to https://www.google.com/business/
  • Then create a listing for your business for free by giving in all the relevant information about your business.
  • Make sure to add high-quality pictures, select the right categories, and then get your business verified.

The geographic distance between your business and the person searching can influence the rank results. So make sure the information you give is accurate.

Getting Your Business Reviewed

getting business review

While your Google reviews do not directly impact your ranking in the local searches, they help the customers make essential purchasing decisions regarding your products or services after finding you online.

Local Search Ads

local search ad

With local search ad tools, you can target your focus on the local areas to potentially create more sales. You can pay for appearing on Google Map app searches when someone searches for businesses or services like yours. You can complement this with your SEO plans to make it work more effectively.

Track Your Performance via Analytics

google analytics to track business performance

One of the best things about working with Google-related tools is the analytics and reports that you can use to track your performance. It gives you helpful insight as to which type of search triggered your business profile, the search terms for which your business appeared, how many times it appeared, which area you get the most traffic from, and so on. All this data will help you plan your campaigns better to gain more potential customers.

Connect to Your Customers

connect to your customer

Google Maps app allows businesses with verified accounts to exchange messages with their customers to facilitate better communication. With Google Maps, you can even connect to your customers and talk to them. Customers can even start a conversation from a post updated by your business and reach you.

Publish on the Community Feed

publish on the community feed

Posting frequently on the community feed with the latest updates and offers will reflect a positive image of your business to customers. The more active you are, the more chances you have of showing up on the community feed of the people, which will automatically make them take an interest in your business.

  • On your business profile, go to Promote to create posts.
  • Choose from the various options, including photos, videos, text, events, offers, or buttons.
  • Tap Preview to see what the post will look like to other users.
  • When you are satisfied with your post, tap Publish.

List Out the Accessible Points

accessible points for better business navigation

Even with your business location marked on the map, people have difficulty figuring out the route to access your business. A great way to make your place even more accessible is by adding a list of routes through which people with mobility issues can easily visit your location from different parts of the city. Add the bus numbers to reach the nearest subway station or any other wheelchair-accessible points.

Utilizing Question and Answers in Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can even answer questions from your customers by just visiting your business profile. You can use a different account to submit the queries and then answer them yourselves. The names of question submitters don't show on Google Maps, and it will appear as if the questions are organic and from the customers of your business.

Things to frequently check for and optimize in your profile:

  • Your business addresses
  • Working days and hours
  • Website URL
  • Keywords related to your business
  • Update latest images and offers
  • Keep following up with the reviews
  • Talk about your business in the community
  • Track the source of traffic generation and which queries and keywords are bringing in customers

Taking care of every little aspect of marketing may sometimes be a hassle. You can unwittingly end up missing something that could be vital from the business point of view. This is why we recommend you offload your work to our marketing experts and virtual assistants.

MyTasker has a professional team of digital marketers who will help you work and monitor all the critical aspects of marketing your business digitally.

You can always connect to us with any of your queries, and we will be happy to assist you.

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