Are VAs intelligent, or they work as a Human Machine??


When overwhelmed by mammoth tasks in your business and personal life, don’t you consider hiring an “extra pair of hands” who can help you with your work? Well, in today’s busy world what matters most is intelligent helping hands, or rather assistants who can accomplish our work in the wink of an eye! But is it really possible to hire such help who can be your assistant, secretary, financial advisor, HR consultant, web and content developer at the same time? The concept may sound naïve, but it is actually possible when you hire a VA or Virtual Assistant.


Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” VAs are efficiency and effectiveness personified. They can assist you with your personal and professional work, helping you save your time and energy to do other important work, which requires your sole attention and dedication.

Basically, a Virtual Assistant or VA is a trained professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to people who actually require “extra pair of hands” to assist them with their work. They are relieved to delegate their tasks to skilled professionals who are intelligent and share your dreams and ideas. The success of a VA lies in your success. Virtual assistants work efficiently, analyze the tasks delegated to them and see how quickly and effectively the tasks can be performed without compromising on quality. They are smart enough to find the easiest and the most effective way to perform the work so that it takes lesser time in the completion of the work than usually required. Each Virtual assistant specializes in a niche area and has the experience and expertise to work on any task.

While working on a project they devote their complete and absolute attention to it until the work is completed. Skilled VAs are available 24X7 and can work for the client at any hour of the day. But that doesn’t mean they work like human machines. In fact, the only similarity that VAs have with machines is faster productivity. As we all know that productivity inefficiencies are a huge concern for professionals these days. Professionals admit on time management problem. Some even find multi-tasking difficult. With virtual assistants, they not only pay for the time but also get precision in work. And precision in any work is only possible when it is performed by human agents.

Perhaps the most important consideration when comparing Virtual Assistants (VAs) with machines is unlike a machine, a virtual assistant has in depth understanding of your business and like a true intelligent partner is interested in achieving success. VAs understand what it takes to run a business. They lack the run-of-the-mill attitude and constantly upgrade their skills and acquire new ones to remain at the forefront of their profession. They are intelligent. By remaining in a completely different country or in same country, they are always eager to give the best performance to ensure client satisfaction.

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