Best Tips To Use Google Keyword Planner


Writing your story is not enough to create epic content. Even the most personalized and engaging pieces of content fail to generate the appropriate results when it comes to online marketing. So, what is going missing? Even if your content is informative and educational, perhaps your marketing techniques are outdated. What will you do now? You need to employ a strategy that helps you to successfully market your content online. Your work should be easily discoverable and accessible to your target audience. Google Keyword Planner can help you get there. 

The key to creating successful and relevant content is through SEO and the right keywords. You can expect magic if you choose the right keyword planner to strategize your content. 

Refine your marketing practices and boost your ad campaigns with the help of this tool. 

Complete Overview of Google Keyword Planner 

This is a free tool to research and suggest accurate business-related or audience-friendly keywords. You can integrate the tool with Google Ads and Google Analytics for performance insights. Also, you can utilize this tool as an advertising agent for your paid and non-paid ad campaigns. The tool helps you to determine the trending and exact user search queries on the Internet. You can conduct seamless keyword research with the tool and find out its competitiveness. Apply the appropriate keywords given by this multi-functional tool to prepare enticing content that resolves customer queries. 

Did you know? This tool refreshes the search forecasts every week to provide the latest search results and the most-used keywords. 

The importance of the right keywords is indispensable as they connect your customers with your products online. For this, it is imperative to integrate the right keywords into your promotional and displayable content. It allows the search engine to identify the purpose of your online presence. 

What are the Advantages of the Keyword Planner Tool? 

Here is a list of benefits of using the tool - 

  • Free Subscription - You do not need to buy a plan to access the keyword planner tool. Create a Google account followed by an account on Google Ads to start your venture. 

  • New Keyword Discovery from Google - Get data and keywords directly from Google. These keywords are not only related to your website and services but also reflect keyword volumes and search competitors. 

  • Categorize the Keywords - Separate the keywords based on different company or campaign objectives. For example, your company provides three different types of services - content writing, digital marketing, and website development. You can create separate lists to match the keywords based on your industry or niche. 

  • Easy Google Ads Integration - You can get the best keywords for your Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other paid or unpaid ads with this tool. This allows automatic data update and exchange enabling you to seamlessly apply the researched keywords to necessary active ads. 

  • Identify Ad Costs - Conduct a better budget analysis for your Pay-per-click ads based on keyword categories, volume, and search results. 

  • Dynamic Keywords - You can access both quantitative and qualitative keywords that are useful for your brand and related ad campaigns. Choose from a wide range and apply what best fits your purpose. 

  • Create Meaningful Campaigns - With the right set of keywords, you are empowered to create confident new ad campaigns based on deep keyword research. 

Step-By-Step Application Tips

Check out the following steps to create a clear and compelling ad strategy with the help of the tool - 

  1. Clear Your Tool Understanding

Google Ads account activation is the first step of the process. You can visit the Google homepage to start the sign-up process. Before you begin researching for keywords, it is pivotal to understand the fundamentals of the tool to utilize it to its complete potential. Learn about how to search for a keyword, how to search a page for keywords, identify how frequently people search a keyword, get a competitor analysis of the keywords, and view past keyword performance to get average cost-per-click insights. 

  1. Set Up the Keyword Planner for Activities

Visit the keyword planner tool and select the "tools and settings" option. Here, you will get the choice to access the keyword planner in the planning section of the website. You can select between two options. Either you can select the 'discover new keywords' or the 'get search volume forecasts' choices. 

  1. Identify and Confirm New Keywords

You will be surprised by the wide range of keyword suggestions provided by this tool. The right keywords help you promote your content and attract the targeted traffic. To start your keyword research plan, select a few seed keywords or broad terms that represent your business or industry. Check out the suggestions provided by the tool and add the keywords to a refined list. These keywords are based on business relevancy and search volume. Think like your audience to find out what they search when looking for products and services. Apply a variation of keywords and filter them into different categories like location, search volume, and language. 

  1. Evaluate Keyword Competition and Search Volume 

Check out the keyword competition and search volume results to make better marketing plans. Make informed decisions based on the analyzed data. Find out the overall search volume for each keyword separately every month. Keep an eye out for seasonal fluctuations in this search volume and the related impacts to the campaigns. Keyword competition is separated into three categories - low, medium, and high. Always give extra effort to find out keywords with less competition that improve your ranking. 

  1. Utilizing CPC Estimates

You can create your advertising budget with a cost-per-click or CPC forecast. Utilize the tool to get accurate estimates for your ads and grant your budget accordingly. Google Keyword Planner gives you useful insights into the average CPC for each keyword. This empowers you to create compelling bid strategies. Always try to select keywords that balance out your CPC and search volume. Adjust your CPC and scale the ad budget sustainably. 

  1. Creating and Refining Your Keyword List

You can save keywords for later with Google Keyword Planner. It is essential to strengthen your online marketing strategies. To build a list of keywords, you need to consider your marketing goals. The tool will provide you with a huge list of keywords. Categorize them based on different credentials to match campaign objectives. The tool gives you the option to export the list of keywords for future applications. Update your keywords depending on content or campaign performance and industry trends. Remove unnecessary and underperforming keywords from the list that do not serve your purpose anymore. 

  1. Device A Google Ads Keyword Plan

Researching and selecting the keywords are not enough for your brand's promotion. Include the keyword naturally within the website content to strengthen your on-page optimization. You can do this by applying the keywords to page titles, descriptions, and headings. Additionally, keep a check if your user queries are met with the application of these keywords. Create superior-quality ad copies with Google Ads keywords generated specifically for paid advertising. Detect if these keywords improve your conversion rates and content quality scores. 

  1. Revise Your Keyword Strategies 

Evaluate your keyword performances and make necessary adjustments to ensure campaign and keyword effectiveness. Metric analysis and A/B testing are two pivotal steps to check performance. Google Analytics and Ads give you useful insights into the performance of your keywords and campaigns. Use this performance data to regulate your strategies. Mix-and-match keywords for landing pages, ad copies, and campaigns for the best solutions.  

  1. Staying Updated with Trends

Google Trends is another tool to detect the latest keywords based on industry and niche. Applying these keywords to your ads can grab you new business opportunities, promote your brand, drive organic traffic, and improve sales considerably. Get a competitive edge over market rivals with Google Keyword Planner.


The keyword planner from Google is an instant success for marketers with its wide range of benefits, free usability, and accurate results. Optimize your campaigns for better results. Get quick leads, attract target audiences, and convert easily with state-of-the-art ad campaigns powered by Google Keyword Planner. 

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