Which Is Best For You? An In-depth Comparison Between Meta Ads Vs Google Ads


To all the social media users out there, we're all aware of the tussle between Meta Ads and Google Ads. Multiple media outlets have highlighted the continuous competition between these two platforms. This has made it even more complex for business owners to make the decision between the two choices. 

However, when it comes to advertisements, people often get misled due to the variety of available options.

But the core principle is simple - if you are a business owner and want to make the most out of your ads, you should know which is the most suitable for your specific industry and mode of operations. 

Should you stick to Google to connect with ready-to-go customers or go for Facebook because of the popularity and trend? In both these cases, you must make the audience aware of your brand and the products that you are trying to showcase. 

So before we get to know more about which one is better, let us first have a look at the pros and cons of each of these platforms.

The Pros and Cons: Meta Ads Vs. Google Ads

The Advertising Platform of Meta

When it comes to Meta, it is undoubtedly one of the best platforms where you can build your brand awareness and meet potential buyers.

Moreover, you can target a specific set of audiences and cap the budget and the cost by either choosing a daily parameter, or for a particular time frame, or by conducting different campaigns. 

In addition to this, we all know that Facebook is used by almost everyone now. Starting from 18 to 80 years, you have a Facebook account if you have a smartphone.

Now, among the myriad of pros, there are also a few cons.

For aged persons and people who are not acquainted with the use of social networking, learning how Meta works can be difficult. Additionally, creating a profile requires unique and interesting pictures and videos. 

On top of this, you might waste ads by targeting the wrong set of people or by poorly targeting your audience. Then, there is no certainty that the results will be positive. 

Looking at the pros and cons of Meta, let us now take a closer look at the upsides and the downsides of the Google platform.

Google Ads Optimization

When it comes to pros, Google is pretty fast in generating sales. The biggest advantage of using Google is that you can meet the buyers at the exact decision point. Moreover, you can also display the ads in your desired geographical location and control the budget through advanced methods. 

The signup procedure of Google is comparatively easier than Meta and can be done by people belonging to all age groups without much hassle. 

Moreover, in the case of Google, you can track the performance, tweak your strategies, and improve the campaign with time. 

When it comes to the cons, strictly speaking, the list is pretty short.

For instance, you can easily rack up the cost in Google without noticing the conversions. It is comparatively complicated when it comes to optimization, and it requires a lot more time to manage Google ads than Facebook

Let Us See How Google Ads Work…

In Google, most advertisements that come to your notice primarily run on the basis of Google Ads keywords. Now, these keywords are obtained by advertisers by paying a certain amount of money.

There are also a few notable ad formats in Google. For instance, Google display ads are image banner ads that one can see in the Google display network. Another format is the Google shopping ads, which help to portray a particular product in Google search results.

When it comes to Google ads, the main target audience is the ones who are searching for a product or a service using a certain keyword or phrase. Other factors include geographical location and information such as age, family status, gender, and income.

So, suppose you are searching for a particular product like a birthday cake. So when you search for birthday cakes, Google will show you a couple of ads and a list of all the bakeries that may provide you with exceptional and lip-smacking birthday cakes.

Another important aspect of Google Ads is the extensive reach of them. 

Irrespective of the sheer size of your target audience, you have the ability to reach them directly via Google advertisements. 

Now, how does this happen?

The answer lies in the humongous number of search queries in Google every second, which is approximately 40,000. When you add that Google makes up for 90 percent of all search network activities happening, there is every chance your ad will be viewed at least once daily by your target audience. 

Now, Let Us See How Meta Ads Work...

Meta's platform and functionalities are more conducive to boosting brand awareness by targeting specific markets. 

Here, you can meet prospective customers who help to create a competitive advantage that helps to generate leads quickly. They also have the ability to promote sales within a short period. Similarly, it can be said that on Meta, not all audiences are looking forward to buying your particular product or service. Therefore, the conversion might take some more time.

Another advantage of using Meta ads is that the platform helps you target a large audience base.

However, the downside of this targeting capability is the variety of options that are available to you. Hence, you will need more time to learn how to set up a particular target for your desired ad campaign that you would like to present to your audience.

Additionally, you can pause any particular campaign if you feel that you are spending more time without gaining any conversion.

Meta Ads Best Practices

The Facebook ad manager platform helps you create ads and target an audience entirely defined by Facebook user demographics. This incorporates the interest as well as the behavioral pattern of the targeted customer.

The ad creation process is unique and helps you to advertise, allocate the design placement, and also the time to schedule your ad campaign.

Since Facebook users are not actively looking for a particular product or service on social media platforms, these ads help individuals achieve conversions by giving the advertisement a comprehensive target option. This incorporates several factors, like age, income, interest, and gender (these factors are closely related to the ad content). 

The actual advertisement creation process on Facebook is comparatively easier and more user-friendly. With the help of Facebook ad managers, you can create a unique advertisement on Facebook. You have to click on the “Create” button, choose the ad format, and select the particular set of audiences.

When you're trying to target a set of customers, you can edit the ad settings by crafting unique content for your ad and attaching either an image or a video to the same. When you create an interesting and unique Facebook ad, you can attract the customers' interest and generate brand awareness.

However, it is important to understand that conversion on Facebook might take some time for products that are either expensive or unavailable on other social media platforms.

Google Ads Best Practices

Like Meta, Google Ads also helps you to generate sales and conversions. Now, Google Ads was formerly termed Google Adword. Here is what you need to understand to get the most out of your Google Ads campaign -

Google Ads are solely dependent on using the right set of keywords. Therefore, ensure that your ads contain one responsive search like “excellent” or “good” per ad group. This increases the chances of your ad being showcased and will also reach the potential audiences.

The second most important factor is incorporating a well-crafted meta-description. When you add specific keywords to your meta description, you use combinations and keywords that can match the customer's search objectives. 

Therefore, adding quite a few unique headlines will improve the overall performance of your ad campaign. 

Once you have successfully written down the headlines, it is time to pin those headlines in your descriptions. However, pinning too many headlines can make your ad ineffective and affect the overall ad. So, always choose those headlines that contain the most important keywords.

The final step involves saving the pinned headlines so that it is shown in the original ad. 

Following these few best Google Ad practices will help you generate more clicks and CTRs than text ads.

Meta Ads vs. Google Ads: The Learning Curve


Meta Ads

Google Ads

Average CPC



Average CPM

$22.1 (Facebook + Instagram)


Average CPL

$23.72 (Facebook + Instagram)


Average CTR



Conversion Rate



When you are trying to advertise on Facebook or Google, first of all, you need to view the price that depends on the conversion rate. In the case of Google ads, they have a higher CPC and a comparatively lower conversion rate than Facebook ads.

Google ads are efficient when it comes to attracting leads who are ready to make a purchase. Hence, it produces an immediate return and is fast-paced compared to the leads that are generated from Meta platforms.

However, it is important to know that in the beginning, both Google ads and Facebook ads might take some time to get the desired results.

Both platforms, be it Google ads or Metaads, can be a bit intimidating at first because of the number of options and the variety of features that are there. If the user-friendly quotient is higher for Facebook, the focus for Google remains on the data interface. 

Most people find it easy to access the basic Facebook features, but when it comes to learning the more advanced functionality, it can be a bit difficult to understand.

On the other hand, Google can be a bit complex to start with, but when you make the journey from being a beginner to becoming a pro, the platform will become extremely easy to navigate.  

Wrapping Up!

The advertising model of Meta platforms and Google depends solely on the functionality of Pay-Per-Click or PPC. This means that the advertiser will need to pay for each click generated. 

The experts at MyTasker can help you understand online advertisement's intricacies. From crafting the right content to delivering the correct layout and graphics for your ad, our professionals know the importance of a well-crafted ad and the impact it can create among customers.

Therefore, if you have a business organization and want to promote your business through ads, have a look at the website. 

Take care, guys, and stay safe!

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