How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant: 9 Simple Steps [Infographic]


Everyone dreams of working with a successful organization and becoming a contributor to its success in the long run.

But, the trick is to find a job role which helps you to connect with a global clientele and offer the services that all the individuals as well as business entrepreneurs need.

Thinking that getting such a job is hard?

Not at all!

Choose a profitable as well as convenient career with virtual assistance!

Among all other designations, virtual assistance has been slowly assuming considerable importance even though it is not bound within the office setting.

So, what is a virtual assistant?

In simple words, a virtual assistant is a self-employed expert with specific skills who can serve multiple clients and work on different projects each day while operating from a remote location.

Moreover, the job role is not conventional at all.

virtual assistant can execute all the tasks of any part-time or full-time personal or office assistant. They work as per the specifications provided by the client and offer a plethora of affordable services such as online market research, web development, content creation and documentation, data entry, call answering, social media marketing, email management and many more.

You need to have the right combination of managerial and communication skills to stay at the top in this industry.

Apprehensive that such a unique job profile might not just work for you?

Don’t worry!

Virtual assistance, as a career, holds great promise, if it is pursued with the right strategies because it enables you to become an independent worker with a preferred work schedule in some chosen setting.

Want to know how to become a successful virtual assistant?

Keeping your concerns in mind, we have developed a visually engaging infographic to help you find the steps of becoming a successful virtual assistant in a comprehensible manner.

Just have a quick look!

Let me share some secrets which can set off a successful career as a virtual assistant for you in the future.

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1. Set up a Suitable Environment

If you opt to be a virtual assistant, the first task in the to-do list is to inquire about the equipment that you would need while performing your job.

Remember to have all the following things ready:

  • A personal computer with a stable and secure internet connection is mandatory.
  • Ensure that the software applications used by you are all updated.
  • As there is no need of going to the office, you might get more time in preparing to start your work.

Choose a place that is comfortable, so that you can concentrate solely on your work. Peace at work would bring more clients as you are able to deliver your best all day long.

2. Know Your Abilities

There is no need to think that a good virtual assistant knows how to execute all kinds of tasks.

There is no “know-it-all” rule!

For example, one with coherent communication skills might be better at client interaction, but they might not be good with writing.

Virtual assistance is a culmination of good writing, speaking and managing abilities.

If you are confused about how to be a virtual assistant with all the necessary skills, look for areas in which you lack and develop skill set accordingly.

Some skills which you must have are as follows:

  • Good speed for typing, preferably 40 words per minute
  • A good knowledge about email construction and marketing
  • Knowledge about how various social marketing tools work
  • Good abilities of research

3. Align Your Priorities with Your Job

As a virtual assistant, you are completely free to choose your working schedule and style.

All you need to do is to ensure that your chosen time period and setting complement the requirements of the clients.

Remember that serving the interest of your clients is your topmost priority.

For example, if you think your suggestions or advice can help your clients achieve greater success, feel free to share it with them. Learn to take responsibilities in such a manner so that you can establish a mutually nourishing relationship.

4. Have a Plan ALWAYS

Communicating with the client and performing a job might seem a very easy job.

But, it can result in utter failure without effective planning!

There are a good lot of virtual assistants who do not understand that there is no place of impulsiveness in the VA industry.

You plan ahead, communicate your ideas to the client and work accordingly.

A tentative planning starts with some essential questions which you should ask yourself before choosing to become a virtual assistant:

  • Do you want to work independently or you prefer an office setup with similar job role?
  • How many hours would you work each week?
  • How would you secure your insurances?
  • What are your working policies that you are going to follow with your clients?

Once you have decided on the answers of these questions, make sure to convey them to your clients.

5. Understand Your Clients and Communicate Accordingly

One effective way to understand clients is to build proper communicative channels.

Moreover, your career as the virtual assistant would provide you with the opportunity of learning the essentials of business communication.

For example, you would observe differences in the usage of language and instructions from the clients of two different regions or countries.

Once you decode their language, it becomes easy for you to proceed with the work and complete it successfully.

Having satisfied clients suggests good client management which, in turn, ensures future work flow.

Consider the following while dealing with clients:

  • Take time to interpret what they want to say
  • Clarify doubts and queries related to tasks but avoid being repetitive
  • Enhance your communication skills, both speaking and writing
  • Ask for feedback on a daily basis
  • Take criticism positively
  • Try to show promptness in communication

6. Develop Expertise on Particular Areas

If you think that, in order to become a successful virtual assistant, you need to be the Jack of all trades, you are quite mistaken!

Virtual assistance includes a plethora of jobs and it is not possible for an individual to master all of them.

If you really need to know how to become a virtual assistant, find out the areas in which you have interest.

Once known, you can develop your expertise on them accordingly which is beneficial both for you and your clients in the long-run.

Before you assign yourself to a set of virtual assistance tasks, learn various aspects of the job role which are increasingly sought by the global clients:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Management.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Market Research
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Web Development

7. Let Your Clients Rely on You

Having good managerial and execution abilities cannot ensure your prosperity in the VA industry.

You need to have more in your personality so that your clients feel assured when you are handling their tasks.

Does it seem impossible?

You can easily achieve this with some standard communication policies.

Want to know how?

Just keep the following points in mind:

  • It is not very improbable for you to have a lot of tasks to be performed each day. But, you can sort things up quickly when you work as per priorities.
  • Have the “first things first” policy and go as per your planned schedule.
  • Keep your clients informed about the progress of the task so that they can assist you accordingly.
  • Seek clarifications before initiating to work on any task. A clear mind always provides better service.
  • Be prompt to respond to the clients or follow up with them when you miss their calls.
  • Nurture your communications skills to persuade your clients that gaining their satisfaction is your top-most priority. Such assurance is sure to help them to develop a relationship of trust with you.
  • Do not let your clients chase after you. Rather, be responsive to their needs.

8. Manage Your Time

The concept of multi-tasking is gaining a lot of importance nowadays, probably because it is now common for all the successful organizations to work on multiple projects.

So, be prepared to have 4-5 tasks on a single day and you have to manage them all.

Sounds scary, right?

Actually, you can perform more tasks within a set time frame if you know how to be a virtual assistant with a good knowledge of time management.

Remember that having multiple tasks does not mean doing them all at a time. You would only end up in a mess!

It is proven that human mind works best when it concentrates on a single thing.

All you need to do is to schedule your tasks so that you know how much time you have for each task.

You can also take the help of some very helpful software, such as Google Calendar, to have an effective schedule.

Just work with precision and management and stay ahead of your time!

9. Achieve Your Best Every Day

You might have the thoughts of excelling and becoming a reliable and proficient virtual assistant.

But, for such high appreciation, you need a walk an extra mile!

Know that good clients do not always seek productivity and efficiency from you.

They rather want to see how much value you can add to their tasks and personalize them in such a manner which brings long-term benefits to both the parties.

Even though there is no defined path of success to be a virtual assistant, below are a few tips which can get you started:

  • When you receive a work, do a thorough research before initiating to work on it. This is would enhance your skill for searching pertinent information.
  • Construct the ideas in a logical manner and approach the work with a plan. It might involve trial and error process but the final product would build good impression of clients about your work.
  • Always look for more innovative ways of doing the tasks and take the challenges in the path with a positive mindset.

This habit of stretching the abilities might reward you with a successful career in virtual assistance.

Virtual assistance is a job which demands presence of mind, dedication and perseverance until you find what you prefer to do the most. The initial period in such a career might not be easy, but the secrets mentioned above, if followed with diligence, can make your ride as an aspiring virtual assistant smooth and very fulfilling.

And, of course, do not fret about the consequences too much.

Just enjoy the ride and make a successful impact!

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