Extend Your Business Availability Time with the Help of Dedicated Virtual Assistants


Any new start-up generally combines various business initiatives and, as an entrepreneur, your job is to ensure that it reaches its targeted goals and achieves the desired growth. The nature of business has become varied nowadays with growing competition among the companies that belong to the same industry. You might be toiling hard to make new connections and spending your resources considerably to reach to new customers every day during the business hours. But this is not sufficient for the expansion of your business in the current market scenario. For global customers, there are no business hours and they might be calling you at any time. While your appointed receptionist is only capable of providing these customers with a time-bound service, a virtual assistant would make sure that your customer queries are responded to 24*7!

Providing virtual reception services is one of the crucial job responsibilities of any virtual assistant. Apart from offering aid in administrative as well as personal tasks, they would also assume the responsibility of your business calls if they are provided with the access and appropriate credentials. True and dedicated to their job profiles, VAs would cater to your growing business needs by managing your customers and solving their queries by answering their calls in your absence.

How Would The VAs Help You Through Virtual Reception?

VAs are a group of efficient professionals who work only for tasks in which they have profound expertise and knowledge. Call answering and query management are two of the most important daily tasks carried out by the VAs. If you are wondering how the virtual management of customer calls is more beneficial than keeping a front desk employee, then just spare a few more minutes and read on this article. Learn how VAs can contribute to your business through their reception services and how it is more viable as an option than making investments on any full-time employee.

  1. Excellent Customer Service  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE

VAs understand that a client needs greetings and prefers a welcoming note for each call which makes the communication easy and hassle-free. A VA would greet your clients with a friendly and lively tone which would cheer up your clients in an instant. The difference mainly lies in the use of language which is more receptive in case of VAs. For example, a VA would use “I am happy to be at your service” than a normal “how may I help you.” This greatly boosts up the morale of the clients and they feel valued. Moreover, VAs would listen to your customer queries with more attention and would opt for providing the best services possible. This would certainly help in a building positive image of your brand and company and help you fetch a loyal set of clients in the long-run.

  1. Services as Per Your Convenience  SERVICES AS PER YOUR CONVENIENCE

Many entrepreneurs with the dream of greater business expansion choose to respond to the calls personally at odd hours. With the call answering task delegated to a VA, you can relax at home or enjoy with friends and family without worrying about your business. Your VA’s constant virtual presence would actually make up for your absence. VAs would efficiently manage many of your in-bound call requirements as given below:

  • VAs are proficient in reception services such as call answering, forwarding, queuing, screening and many more.
  • When requested, they would maintain a call log book for you so that you can keep a track on the names and queries of the clients.
  • With the assistance of VAs, there would be no need to listen to each of the voicemail received. They would send the same information with specified and brief form of client queries through emails and help you save a lot of productive time.
  • VAs would also perform a transcription of your voicemails.
  • VAs would keep the clients updated about your time of availability. Such ready information would boost up your client base.
  • VAs would also make cold outbound calls to your clients on behalf of you.

With the VAs assuming the charge of your business phone number, you can always stay ahead of your competitors while ensuring the smooth management of the business.

  1. Increased Sales with Greater Management  INCREASED SALES WITH GREATER MANAGEMENT

When all your clients are attended at any hour of the day, it means that you are not missing out on any potential business opportunity. Apart from making your business hours more elastic, VAs would cater to your business growth by increasing your sales. All-time availability of your business phone number also indicates towards increasing client traffic and more chances of profitability. The difference between client management by a VA and an in-house employee depends on the multiple factors that are given below:

  • A VA, while taking the task of managing calls, would do a thorough research about what your business does and how it deals with its specific clients. VAs grow the ability of modifying their telephonic approach while dealing with the different clients with varying purposes. Therefore, they become efficient in handling the client queries in a more personalized manner than an in-house employee.
  • A VA can provide any new client with the basic information about your business. They work diligently to see that your clients are satisfied and happy.
  • Sales would soar up when clients are answered at any time by the VAs.
  • A VA would maintain an appointment calendar for you by scheduling various clients as per your availability and business requirement. This is a very time-effective way of managing the client meetings without much personal effort and participation.

Things You Need to Consider While Seeking Virtual Reception Services

The VAs are really helpful in managing your business calls but you also have some responsibilities before delegating call management tasks to the VAs. You can ensure greater productivity if you do the following:

  • Trust your VAs with your credentials and try not to change these credentials frequently while those are being used by the VAs. This would avoid both confusion and disruption during the working hours.
  • Try providing your VAs with some brief information about how to deal with your clients. Include what you think works in the telephonic conversation with your clients. This would help the VAs get a better picture of how to approach the upcoming calls.
  • Look for trained, experienced and dedicated VAs who would handle high pressure situations while dealing with clients.

With the trusted VAs attending to your important business calls, you can have your business running even when you are on a holiday trip and take only the important calls while travelling. The VAs would take care of your calls and ensure that each call makes a difference to your business. The VAs would help you enhance the credibility and reputation of your business and make sure that you enjoy a sustainable growth in the business.

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