Powerful AI and Marketing Automation Tools in 2023


The use of AI marketing bots is very rampantly on the rise. With the advancement of AI technology, marketing automation tools are becoming increasingly powerful and reliable for use in business, especially for marketing.

In 2023, many organizations and businesses have shifted to using more AI-powered marketing automation tools.

According to a report, almost 28% of top companies use AI bots and marketing automation tools to improve efficiency and customer outreach.

Even small companies alike are now slowly adapting to use these tools to grow their business.

What is AI in marketing?

AI technology-powered software and application enforce automated decision-making. This is based on the collected, analyzed, and interpreted data. AI in marketing is all about making informed decisions with the help of accurate data.

These AI marketing bots and tools help marketers to automate their marketing processes, increase their reach and customer engagement, and generate more leads.

AI-powered tools can also help marketers identify customer preferences, send personalized emails, analyze customer data to create better strategies and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

Best AI Marketing Tools in 2023:

As of 2023, the development of AI is on the rise with so many AI marketing bots and marketing automation tools.

There are both paid and free AI tools for marketing available in the market.

Out of all these powerful marketing tools and impressive options, we have chosen the best AI marketing tools of 2023 that you can use to grow your business with.

AI Marketing Tools for Sales Automation


Optimove helps you map CRM journeys with the help of artificial intelligence. It provides all the customer insight from different channels at various levels of the journey. You can get a unified view of all the data on the dashboard. 

The AI bot collects and analyzes the data to generate insights. It helps to make informed decisions that suggest appropriate marketing strategies best suited for sales conversions.


Outreach is an AI-powered sales execution platform that helps to create efficient pipelines and close more deals.

It helps you automate your company’s workflow to help unlock productivity, improve conversion rates and increase attainment.


If you want to shorten your sales cycle and streamline your sales activities, Gong is your lookout tool.

It also helps turn customer interactions and conversations into helpful deal-closing insights for the sales team powered by AI technology.

AI Tools for SEO and Link Building


SurferSEO is an online intuitive AI online tool created to enhance your blog posts, articles, and other website copy by keeping search engines optimized.

It is user-friendly and helps you audit your content by evaluating keywords and other ranking metrics for in-depth content analysis.


The artificial intelligence of Fraise lets you create faster and better SEO content.

It helps map an SEO-friendly outline by comparing and pulling insights about similar keywords from the top sites of your competitors.

Evaluate SEO content better with real insights.


Follow Google's guidelines to conduct ethical link-building in a fast and effective manner using the LinkAffinity tool.

This tool helps you save time, multiply your productivity, and build your website’s authority.

LinkAffinity is a very simple to use yet very powerful tool that serves you AI insights in link building.


Postaga provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to build links for outreach and SEO.

It helps you streamline your outreach campaigns, enhance email marketing, build valuable relationships with other website owners in your niche or related to your niche, and most importantly, drive traffic to your website.


  • Personalized Outreach
  • Email Automation
  • Content Promotion
  • Contact Finding
  • Performance Analytics

AI Tools for Social Media Management Automation


Flick is a powerful marketing tool. Streamline the social media planning process with this iconic social media assistant.

It helps you brainstorm content ideas, craft captions, repurpose content, and organize ideas – all in just one place.


  • AI Social Assistant
  • Hashtag Tools
  • Post Scheduler
  • Analytics and Reporting


This is one of the best all-around social media management tools powered by AI technology.

It helps you manage all of your social media profiles in one place and helps you track your marketing campaigns and their performance from one dashboard itself.

The best feature of Emplifi is its influencer marketing. You can get helpful insights based on the influencers in your niche and monitor their performance before coming to a decision.

Marketing Automation Tools for Content Writing and Management


Jasper is one of the best AI-powered content writing assistants available in the market.

It can create high-quality ad copy, long-format content, emails, chat responses, landing pages, and social media post copy.

You provide it with prompts on the subject matter for Jasper to analyze and it can produce content based on the key features of your brand’s tone.


  • Create SEO-optimized content
  • 50+ AI content generation templates
  • 25+ language translations
  • Tone Of Voice


Growthbar is one of the top-rated AI writing tools that can write SEO-optimized content favoured by Google.

It can suggest keywords, links, images, and more through artificial intelligence. It can also provide extensive backlinking for creating blog post content outlines.


Phrasee delivers AI-generated content and copies optimized by brand language usage.

It amplifies your brand’s unique tone and voice to deliver consistent experiences to your customer across their journey.


  • Brand language optimization
  • Generates and predicts best-performing content based on data
  • Optimizes and understands the sentiments of your messages

AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools


SeventhSense is just the right tool for you if you’re looking for email marketing optimization and automation.

It allows you to personalize your email marketing ensuring your emails reach every customer at the right time depending on the CTR (click-through rates) and optimal times.


  • Email send time optimization
  • AI insight-based email open predictions
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Automation and personalization
  • Data integration


Brandwatch offers comprehensive social media listening and analytics solutions.

It is designed to help you monitor and analyze social media conversations, understand customer insights, and make informed decisions based on actual data from AI and not just rough estimations.


  • Social listening
  • Consumer research
  • AI-powered analytics and insights
  • Influencer identification
  • Crisis management
  • Competitive intelligence


Smartly offers automation, optimization, and data-driven solutions for businesses looking to enhance their social media advertising efforts.

By leveraging their platform, businesses can streamline campaign management, improve ad performance, and achieve better results from their social media advertising campaigns.


  • Ad creative automation
  • Campaign management
  • Data-driven optimization
  • Cross-channel advertising

Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

  1. You get data-driven insights from vast amounts of analyzed real-time data
  2. It also provides you with enhanced personalization by leveraging customer data
  3. It improves your efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks and processes.
  4. You can make a predictive analysis based on historical data and AI algorithms to study behavioral patterns. 
  5. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide quick customer support by providing personalized
  6. recommendations and answering frequently asked questions.
  7. You can cut down costs by automating processes and reducing human errors for analysis.


AI-powered marketing tools are the game changer in the industry right now.

It has opened up a new door of possibilities for businesses that seek to innovate and automate with the change of time.

By harnessing the power of AI and marketing automation tools; gain deeper insights, create tailored and engaging experiences for the customers, and drive more impactful marketing strategy campaigns.

Overall, AI-powered tools have become indispensable in today’s competitive landscape with businesses big or small, adapting it actively. Nevertheless, adding human elements is always vital. Thus, consider hiring a virtual assistant with expertise in AI-powered marketing to create impactful campaigns.

AI cannot fully replace human creativity, critical thinking, and empathy which are necessary for interpreting AI-generated insights and content.

At MyTasker, our 24/7 virtual assistants will provide you with the human expertise in support of AI to craft the best marketing strategy for your business and experience for your customers.

Contact us with any of your marketing and content creation-related queries.

We are always happy to help!

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