Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2023


Pinterest is a highly effective social media marketing tool. It is the 14th most popular social media platform, and its popularity exceeds that of famous platforms like Twitter and Quora. Its content is visually inspiring, educational, and highly pictorial. Most people use this app to browse relentlessly, check out creative works of budding artists, discover the latest shopping trends, experience seamless video streaming opportunities, etc. 

Pinterest has shown promising prospects in the marketing industry with its startling count of an ever-growing registered user base of more than 250 million. Pinterest seems to add a new dimension for marketers to elevate their strategizing game. Marketing via Pinterest helps businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. As per a blog post published on Pinterest's official site in 2022, it is reportedly found that Pinterest trends offer a steep monthly growth of 21 percent more than other social media platforms. Marketers can use this data to develop and research thoroughly in order to foretell future trends and devise their Pinterest marketing strategy accordingly.  Collaborating with virtual assistance services experienced in Pinterest marketing can help you develop a successful strategy to earn a profit from your Pinterest efforts.

Let us visit a few tools and features to understand the functionality of the Pinterest Application before sweeping over to Pinterest marketing tips.

What are Pins

“Pins” are a unique feature of Pinterest that allows users to bookmark an image, video, product, or other things of interest. These pins can be saved to be viewed later. It also gives users immense joy to create a gallery and occasionally revisit pins of their interest. 

Types of Pins 

There are numerous types of pins available which a brand can benefit from - 

  • Static Pins - Only one image can be added from a Pinterest business account.
  • Idea Pins - Up to 20 posts can be posted, including texts, images, or videos.
  • Video Pins - Upload 1 video, which plays automatically once it appears on the home feed.
  • Rich Pins - Post verifying your account, Pinterest will sync information from your website to the pins.
  • Collections Pins - Collection pins are similar kinds of pins grouped together. Users who click on a product get suggestions for more similar pins.
  • Try On Product Pins - These allow users to virtually try on products before making a purchase. However, this feature is not yet introduced in all countries.

Pinterest Business Accounts

Business Accounts unlock new features and options for users to gain and engage with more viewers. The benefits of having business accounts are as follows -

  1. Detailed information on what will help your account grow
  2. Access to rich pins, buyable pins, and promoted pins
  3. Pinterest Analytics to help you understand how your audience interacts with your account 

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest marketing plans for 2023 will not be efficient without rationally analyzing your audience’s engagement. Pinterest Analytics analyzes data and generates reports for you. It shows - 

  • Pins, Repins, & Clicks
  • Gender, location, and language of your viewers. It shows their content engagement behavior with your boards and pins

Let’s look at this blog post as a Pinterest marketing guide and learn practical tips to increase visibility and boost sales in 2023.

Use Vertical Images

A 2:3 aspect ratio works best when it comes to Pinterest images. Vertical and larger images are found to be more attractive to viewers. There are particular dynamics for the profile picture and cover photos. The preferred ratio for the profile picture should be 160 x 160 pixels, and that for a cover photo will do wonders at 800 x 450 pixels. 

One should always go for the 16:9 aspect ratio when it comes to dynamism, aesthetic appeal, and clarity.

Build Connections with Other Influencers, Pinners, and Bloggers 

It is always an excellent approach to establish a network with influencers and bloggers working in a similar field as you. 

Besides, Pinterest is keen on walking the same path to create an influencer-friendly environment where brands can easily spot and collaborate. This will aid the brand in bringing more business to the platform. Virtual assistants at MyTasker have expertise in building a strong network on Pinterest to bring more business according to your marketing needs.

Influencers may create community boards and use repin to use artful ways to create much more interest in the content.

Connect with Pinterest Group Boards

Multiple users and pinners join a group to contribute to a particular board. Member pinners save or add pins that are visible to all the existing members of the group. These boards have a dedicated group logo or icon as opposed to the ones we see on personal boards. 

The board belongs to one owner, while the rest of the members are followers. You may find immense potential if you join an influencer board group with a long chain of followers. You can build a community of people who are interested in your thing and might turn into buyers. You may as well start your own board and send invites to join. You can have a long list of followers who will likely see and like your product or services. For example, If you are a sculptor, you can add images and videos of your sculpting process and a link to purchase your products. You can develop brand identity, create a customer base and conduct in-depth research. Your customers can also use this opportunity to post how your product is used by them or provide insights for you to design your future products. 

Contests, Giveaways, and Discounts Can Never Go Wrong

You can announce giveaways or contests on a scheduled basis, such as a festival, a season, or a special day. Follow, pin, and repin are mechanisms to help participants win. Be genuine in your dealings with your audience. 

You can run dedicated campaigns only for your audience for Pinterest. Make the award something worth winning.

Time Your Pins 

It is often advised to schedule your posts and be active as much as possible. Posting 4 to 5 posts daily may help you remain relevant and always be present in front of your audience. 

Peak Hours Posting Practice

Pinterest's peak hours are when most users are using the app. As per statistics, Saturday 8-11 PM local time zones are the most active hours. It is observed that the traffic is concentrated on Fridays around 3 p.m., 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., and 2-4 p.m. If we consider all days, it is at and post 9.00 p.m. that massive traffic is received.

Re-Pin Other Users’ Content

The ratio in which you repin other people’s content against yours should be 80:20, respectively. 

If you choose to repin only your content, then it may appear to be overselling and spamming your audience. It is important to post with the best interest of your audience in your mind. Pinterest is a search engine, after all. 

If your audience relates to your content and finds valuable information, they will most likely follow you. Other creators whose posts you are repinning might notice you and help repin some of your posts and thus help you gain more reach.

Practice Re-Pinning your Own Posts

20 percent of your own posts should be repinned from time to time. There are chances that your posts will reach more people this time than before. You may also choose to create new pins designs with the same content as before. Pinterest will identify the new design as new content and have more opportunities. 

Use the Right Image Size 

Ideally, the width of an image uploaded on Pinterest is scaled to 236 pixels. When a user tries to zoom in, it extends up to 564 pixels. However, the minimum width one can apply is 600 pixels. The height of the image is adjusted as per the best ratio. 

As per Pinterest's best practices, the width-to-height aspect ratio should not be more or less than 2:3.

How to Design Beautiful Pictures for Pinterest 

Creating appealing and attractive images for Pinterest is no rocket science. A few tried and tested tips will help you perform well on the app.

  1. Add a logo to your brand and watermark your logo on all your posts
  2. Add texts over your real-life images to communicate your idea both with words and images
  3. Use of Infographics and actionable links
  4. Use Canva to choose from pre-designed templates
  5. Choose a preferred color scheme for your business and design your pin accordingly

Use Correct SEO Keywords

Like all search engines, Pinterest also rewards proper keyword research and planning.  It operates in a similar way as Google SEO Optimization.

Pinterest marketing tips for SEO Optimization :

  • Use Google keyword planner and other like applications and compare the results with a Pinterest keyword tool
  • Conduct extensive research on three broad areas: Pins, Boards, and Profile
  • Create at least 20+ Boards with 100+ pins

Hiring an SEO digital marketing agency to help you with Pinterest marketing, including the proper use of keywords, can be a strategic move to enhance your Pinterest presence and drive more traffic to your website. 


Pinterest marketing tips could work wonders for your business. It is ever-changing, and due to its visual nature, more GenZ is expected to turn to the app for content consumption. It is time you drive your focus to this App to succeed in 2023. 

If you wish to boost your brand's image on Pinterest, make the most of the platform in terms of marketing and upscale, contact MyTasker today. With our marketing and social media experts on board, you can be sure that your business message on Pinterest and other platforms will not just resonate but also be resounding.

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