12 PPC Features To Achieve Ad Campaign Excellence


You can enhance the performance and efficiently manage PPC ads by utilizing the valuable features of  PPC ad platforms. Certain features are placed as opt-outs to optimize your PPC Ad campaigns.  

As these platforms receive new updates almost every day, it is difficult for an average user to keep track of all these changes and use the Google ad features to produce the best outcomes. 

In this article, we have curated 12 lesser-known features in Microsoft Ads and Google Ads so you can make the most out of PPC ads. 

Video Addition for Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads are not video ad campaigns but only a minor feature in an ad format. 

Beyond the usual components found in an advertisement, such as headers, titles, descriptions, and images, you have the option to integrate a brief video into your ad content. This will help you engage your audience better. 

Google avoids automatic video content addition if you create and select a video from your archive to represent your business accurately. Also, you can opt out of it by unchecking the options box. 

Keep Track of Your Call Recordings and Reports 

You have the liberty to record calls and get reports from the Google Ads platform after you incorporate the call extensions or call-only ads functionality. 

You will have to opt for the call recording and reporting feature in the Google Ads account setting. You can go ahead and take the following steps to opt-in for the feature:

  • Check-in for the reporting
  • Select and check the recording option
  • You can input data for the call analytics function, and if you utilize a third-party tool, you can activate the corresponding setting 

You can view the caller's number, timings, and call duration in this report if the information is preset in the system. You can also improve phone engagement by incorporating several other metrics that will help you optimize your phone engagement strategies. 

Did you know? Google Ads allow you to listen to call recordings and download the same. You can keep them saved for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will expire.

Valid Linked Profile Targeting

Microsoft Ad offers you this amazing feature. However, it is not very easy to find. Microsoft Ads is the only platform aside from LinkedIn offering accurate profile targeting. You can streamline your targeting for different industries, job functions, or companies you wish to target. 

To set it up for your PPC ad campaigns, you can do the following:

  • Click on Setting in your ad campaign
  • Scroll to search campaign targets
  • Select the "Edit Target" section
  • Choose a job function, company, or industry 
  • Scroll down again to identify the targeting criteria that appear. You can get an option to connect edit targets 

Set up your Assets for Automation

Incorporating automatically created assets into your ad campaign can help you reduce management effort and effectively save time.  

Due to its automatic feature, you will need help to control the settings. Usually, it comprises a multi-step procedure, and certain features are well hidden. 

These Google Ads elements are readily available for both account and campaign settings. 

Turning off the automatic asset creation in Google Ads is a lengthy 9-step process. However, if any of these assets do not contribute directly to your business, It is essential to turn them off. 

Google and Microsoft have automated assets. These elements help to create and incorporate headlines and descriptions matching the responsive display ad content. 

You can find this setting within an opt-in feature. You will find this option in the settings present on both platforms, and you can turn it on at your discretion. 

Serve Your Ads on Search Partners

Enhancing the visibility of your ads on search sites powered by Microsoft and Google contributes to improving your ad performance.

Check out the factors to tick the areas of efficiency for your search partners:

Reporting: You can asses the performance on group view, campaign view, or keyword on both Google and Microsoft ads. Furthermore, you can locate the report in the report tab on both platforms.
Setting: Opt for the Opt-Out choice in the campaign settings section under the Network area to test the performance of the campaign.  

CTV Targeting

Consumer streaming video is the default way to consume our favorite shows and entertainment. Therefore, it is always important to generate an ad on the platform. It makes it easy for our audiences to come across the advertisement.

For example, Microsoft ads frequently appear on Netflix's supporter plan and other 860 Connected TV (CTV) publishers. Advertisers can choose to target based on demographics, audiences, location, and various content topics.

You have the option to initiate the web interface and create a new campaign. All you have to do is follow the given steps: 

  • Add brand awareness to the campaign goal
  • Opt for a Smart Connection TV
  • Follow the other steps to begin your targeted campaign

Outrank and Overlap Information

You can use the keyword-level auction on Google ads by using a hidden reporting attribute that can help you collect automated reports and curated insights. This will help you optimize your bidding strategy. You may do so by following the three steps given below:

  • Open the Reports tab
  • Select the Reports menu
  • Build a custom report

You can choose to receive the output as a table and section your report based on keywords, quality, domain, and score.

Following this process, you can choose to view the search overlap rate that can be filtered from highest to lowest. You can also check the outranking share and impression rate.

You can receive these results both weekly or daily. This will allow you to have an edge over your competitors and adjust your bidding strategy appropriately. 

Display Your Ads on Brand-Safe Content Theme

When creating display and video campaigns, marketers are often apprehensive about the content type alongside which the social media ad campaigns will appear. 

You have the option to choose an inventory type to ensure that your brand message is rightfully essayed to only those content themes and types that are appropriate for your target audience. 

Google allowed users to select bundles of content types reflected as “Expanded inventory,” “Limited Inventory,” or “Standard inventory.” These inventories address different aspects, such as violence, profanity, and sexual content.

Currently, you can go to the campaign settings, where you will look at content exclusions to select the appropriate types of inventory. 

Once you have chosen an inventory type, you can select the “Estimated impact.” This reflects the potential impact on the reach of the advertisement. 

After that step, find the Advanced setting to locate the other exclusions. In this section, you can exclude particular types of content sensitivity and placement ranging from political content to chosen YouTube channels. 

Choose Gaming Placements Effectively

You can build brand awareness and send your message to the right audience. However, confident marketers believe that gaming placements could be better. 

Also, this strategy could work wonders if your business is about a gaming app. 

Placing your ads on games may not work in your favor due to two significant reasons:

Users engaged in a game are already focused on the game. Once they see the advertisement, it will be challenging for them to shift their focus to it.

Game developers usually place the action button where it is easier to click.

Optimized Targeting from Google Ads

Expand the audience range of PPC ad campaigns with manual audience selection for similar interests. This will help you appeal to new audience segments so you can win more conversions. 

You can opt out of it so you can stick to the original audience segment you have selected primarily.

Notes Panel

This feature on Google Ads lets you document changes, observe budget changes, and discover performance opportunities. Using this feature, you can add notes to your account. The changes you make will appear in the change history section. However, the history seems more technical, while the notes appear in a decent non-technical writing area.

Also, it comes in handy with a feature to minimize the operation quickly as a user works on a platform. You can write notes at both the campaign and account levels. 

Bottom Line

You will get results from Google Ads and Microsoft Ads in a card format. Get access to vital data on networks, performance metrics, demographics, and critical information. Each platform offers additional useful features, including adding or removing cards and modifying metrics. Particularly, you can download the card report data in an image format from Google Ads directly.  It is an excellent feature for swiftly sharing information via email. PPC ad platforms will help you create a wonderful experience with the PPC ads and ensure its success. 

Want to make your PPC ads a success? Check out the MyTasker website to make informed decisions. We will help you perfect your PPC strategy and adopt all the new and extraordinary features so you can level up your PPC game. 

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