Understanding Consumer Behavior in the VA Industry


The brain or the mind is a work of art. In order to run a successful online business, managers have to delve into the most inner sanctums of the customers’ minds. It has been seen that many web services fail in the open market because of lack of foresight on the part of the marketers. The key to the success of any virtual assistant services lies in tapping into the way consumers think and act.

Understanding Consumer Behavior in the VA Industry

The Unconscious Mind

Consumers do not always use reason while deciding to subscribe to any web-based services. There are many other criteria that come into play like emotions, prestige, happiness, etc. of the customer. Research corroborates this finding and that customers more often buy things on the basis of emotions rather than logic. 95% of the thinking takes place in the unconscious mind of the customer. The marketer tries to woo its customers by lots of messages but the import of these messages get intertwined with the customer’s personal experiences. Therefore marketing is most effective when these personal experiences can be exploited and directed towards a positivity about the product.

Listening as a marketing tool

Most marketers make the mistake of not listening to what the consumer has to say. The product might be one of the best in the market where specifications go but fall short of becoming a bestseller amongst consumers. The fault lies in understanding the consumer’s deepest yearnings and connecting to that exact need. While listening to the consumer, frustrations, and emotions get an outlet that creates inroads into the hidden reserves of the consumer’s mind. The important thing is that listening makes the marketer come closer to finding out “WHY” the customer wants to buy a product over another similar one in the open market. The unraveling of the “WHY” proves to be the most crucial factor in reading a customer’s mind and thus giving them what they want.

Stalking the customer

One psychology that you just can’t refute is being there where the customer is. You have to be able to stalk the customer successfully to be able to catch their wavelength. The mind of the customer can be understood only through discussions that they are having on online forums, social media and immediately addressing and adjusting the services to suit those needs. Therefore create a thoughtful presence on all online social platforms and interact with the customer at all necessary levels. Stalking customers at all levels of communication brings you a step closer to getting a conversion. Once you can understand the psychology of the customer, you can reason with them and incorporate a successful marketing strategy and even launch new types of virtual assistance services.

There are no shortcuts to success. Reading the mind of a customer could prove to be a walk in the park if you apply the right methods as discussed. Once you become a pro at reading minds, there is no looking back. Success will be knocking at your door soon.

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