Coronavirus and Digital Marketing


Given the current pandemic that has gripped the world with many countries including India declaring lockdown, the market dynamics have shifted drastically. With in-person transactions having reduced to a bare minimum, people have become dependent, now more than ever, on the digital world. This has provided Digital Marketers like me the scope to conduct in-depth analyses and explore new strategies to help our customers make the most of the world wide web. So, though I am quarantined at home, it is my privilege to be still able to help others run their businesses as much as possible, via implementing virtual tips and tricks.                                                                       

Here are some tasks which I am performing amidst this pandemic:

Developing New Social Media Marketing Strategies

develop new social media marketing strategy

With an increasing number of people spending time indoors due to the Coronavirus crisis, social media has witnessed a surge in visitors. This is a great opportunity for businesses and digital marketers to plan new content strategies to promote products/services on such platforms. In today’s times, people are more likely to view a post or video which they may have otherwise overlooked. If the current trends on social media are observed closely, brands and businesses are found to promote new kinds of engaging content to retain their audience’s attention and promote the company. 

Helping Businesses Go Online


The COVID-19 scare has also driven home an important lesson – the offline market is not a standalone one. Businesses cannot rely on the offline world entirely in order to survive. With digitization currently booming, it is the best time to take your business online (or at least part of it) while still reaching out to your audience. I am helping many customers in this regard, many of whom have altered their operations, timings, and so on in the current scenario. I have enabled them to go online and find ways to grow their brand virtually. Harnessing the large user base of social media platforms and popular search engines like Google is the need of the hour and I am helping people make the most of it. 

Facilitating PPC Marketing


As more and more people are spending their time browsing through the net and scrolling through social media feeds, it is an ideal time to capitalize on PPC campaigns. Visitors are more likely to click on ads. Though PPC Marketing may seem expensive, it is one of the many strategies that can help companies during these tough times. It can help publicize the brand and I am facilitating this process for many. 

Launching New Products & Offers

This is also a great time to introduce new products in the market, in line with the current scenario. Some examples are COVID-19 test kits, indoor games for kids, and so on. Also, offers and discounts showing people how their favorite brands and businesses care for them is a wise idea. I am assisting many companies to explore these facets and connect with their customers emotionally during this pandemic. 

In-Depth Competitor Analysis


With business activity facing a slowdown, I am using this time to conduct an in-depth analysis of my customers’ competitors. This will later help us plan a sharper digital marketing strategy once the lockdown ends and life returns to normal.

Personal Takeaway


On a personal level, I have realized the extent to which technology can benefit us if used in the right way. For example, advanced tools and software can be employed to keep us connected to customers and the outer world. They can help businesses to run successfully even amid lockdown and quarantine. Moreover, virtual technology such as FaceTime and Zoom can help conduct classes as well as keep in touch with dear ones, instead of just being used to while away time. Also, I have learned that FOMO (fear of missing out) is more of a myth than a fact. With the pace of the world slowed down and each of us taking each day as it comes, the rush of activity all this while was only a facade. Whatever harm it may have done, the Coronavirus has taught me not just as a Digital Marketer but as a human being to value the essence of life. 

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