The Finer Intricacies of Content Tweaking


Tweaking is the final step in publishing successful content. You may have a great material at hand, full of all the business intricacies and your content may answer all questions, but tweaking is a bona-fide requirement before you publish. These minute modifications are tried, tested and important for generating lead for your content.

Now, tweaking is a sensitive process as too much can take away any meaning from what you wish to convey to the audience. Remove too much and your article becomes bland and lifeless, add too much and it becomes crowded. A balance needs to be struck when modifying your article so that it contains everything to the point and no additional clutter.

Here are what you should keep in mind while modifying:


  • Specific business goals for your content is a necessity to understand which direction your content is taking. Lead increase and brand awareness are the usual drivers of content writing. With that in mind, you can cut and add to your content and make it publish worthy.      
  • Understand buyer mentality and what exactly do customers wish to see in a content to positively react to it. Customers are human beings like us and therefore the key to understanding them is put ourselves in their shoes. After that, molding the content to their expectation should be possible.   IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE 
  • Identify your ideal customer/target audience and modify your content accordingly. Every type of customer has a specific set of expectations and therefore to target those is very important. When your customer reads your content, edited specifically for him, he or she is likely to be impressed as opposed to a general and unfocused article.
  • The final content should be composed in a way that it represents your company as the best possible option. Your article should take a ‘stance of reliability’ when it comes to the problems of potential customers. Once trust is built, business will boom!   ARTICLE WRITING 
  • Try and begin your article with a story or an appealing introduction. Everyone can click on a link to open your article or company page but to have them go through that article is an entirely different matter. Create a background to your article like a related experience or business incident. An interesting premise to your article ensures that the audience is hooked before you start the main subject matter.  ARTICLE WITH RELEVANT PICTURE
  • Final tweaking could also involve addition of some relevant pictures which would further clarify the message of your article. Colourful edits and important photos at the right places complete an article, making it noteworthy and meaningful to a customer.
  • The mentality while writing or modifying an article shouldn’t be what message you’re sending because that’s being communicated anyhow. No, the viewpoint should be, what benefits are the customer getting? With that in mind, articles are written with a consumer-friendly attitude which in turn puts the consumer in a comfort zone.
  • The last thing to remember is that your published content should have statistics on it. Let the numbers tell the story as they are the best measure to showcase your company’s competency. A first-rate company will always be well trusted.

Modification can be an art in skilled hands. With the right knowledge of what people want and expect, an average content can be transformed into a great content with just the right amount of tweaking. But as is evident, it’s important not to go overboard with the changes or else, the content might look and sound mechanical.

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