How Long Does SEO Take to Show The Desired Results?


One of the questions related to SEO is, "How long SEO takes to show results?"

There is no doubt that this is a highly discussed issue.

Businesses obviously want to know when they will see a return on their investment, but SEO doesn't operate the same way as paid advertising. In paid advertising, returns can sometimes be seen almost immediately after the ads are triggered. 

However, Fast SEO results are simply a myth!

This article will not just provide an answer to how long SEO takes to show guaranteed results but will also break down the variables that affect how quickly an SEO strategy produces results. 

What are the Different Components of SEO?

The most successful SEO strategies are a combination of the best practices and a wide range of elements that interact to affect the outcomes. These elements consist of: 

Reliability of Pages

The authority, relevancy, and trustworthiness of a website are evaluated by its page reliability. 

The effectiveness with which a website's content reacts to a user's search query is known as relevance, whereas perceived knowledge or influence in a certain industry or field is known as authority. 

On the other side, reliability relates to how secure and safe a website is to use. These elements help search engines gauge the value and caliber of a website's content and assign it a ranking.

Content Excellence

The value, accuracy, and utility of the text, photos, and other material on a web page are all examples of content quality. 

The quality of the material is assessed by search engines using algorithms based on aspects including grammar, readability, originality, and relevancy to the user's search query. A website's SEO rating can be enhanced by high-quality content that offers insightful information and is simple to read and comprehend. For quality content writing services in Canada, the UK, or the US, connect with professionals at MyTasker.

Page Speed

The time it takes for a web page to fully load in a user's browser is known as page speed. 

Since consumers frequently leave websites that take a long time to load, search engines view page speed as a crucial ranking criterion. A website that loads quickly has a better chance of appearing higher in search engine results than a slower page.

Safe Surfing for Users

When a website takes precautions to shield its visitors from harmful material, phishing schemes, and other online dangers, it is referred to as a website under safe browsing.

If a website has a history of security lapses or includes objectionable material, search engines are likely to punish it and reduce its SEO rating.

Active Components

A website's interactive components are functions that let visitors interact more deeply with the information. Calculators, quizzes, and clickable material are a few examples. 

Interactive features can boost user engagement, which in turn can result in more page views, longer user sessions, and eventually higher SEO effectiveness and rankings.

Quality Pictures

Images can significantly impact the SEO ranking of a website. It's crucial to include informative and pertinent alt text for images since search engines utilize it to comprehend what the picture is about. 

A website's load time can be accelerated by using high-quality photos that are optimized for the web. This strategy helps in enhancing the website’s SEO performance.

Why Is SEO So Time-Consuming?

Let's first examine why SEO takes longer to show results before examining precisely how long it takes for SEO to have an influence on your organization. 

Google is continuously enhancing the search engine's functionality as well as the algorithm that crawls and indexes pages. 

When SEO first began to be used in digital marketing techniques, there were many ways to manipulate the system, such as by cramming keywords, to achieve better results. 

This is why Google has made an effort to help consumers get accurate results instead of just finding websites with cheat codes. To prevent being misled, the algorithm has been adjusted accordingly. You can also hire a digital marketing consulting firm to make SEO easy, relevant and effective.

Old Vs. New Websites

Older websites often contain more pages and more content. This is why they rank higher with more keywords since they have been online for a longer period of time and have accumulated more backlinks. 

On the other side, it takes more time and money to launch newer websites. Some SEOs even hold the opinion that Google has a "sandbox" that keeps new websites from ranking. 

As a result, it could take longer for SEO to provide benefits if you're developing a new website.


You cannot disregard the competition in your sector or field of work when optimizing your website for search engines.

You will require more time to get your website to the top of SERPs if there is huge competition in your industry.

You must assess the level of competition for web page rankings, focus your SEO efforts accordingly, and come up with more creative solutions if you want to outperform your rivals.

Utilization of Resources

Fast SEO results are possible if you give more effort to develop a solid SEO strategy.

You may, for instance, employ more content writers to produce excellent material for you. Or you may spend money on SEO tools to make your task simpler, quicker, and more productive. 

You might even be able to assemble a crew to work on link-building for you. 

Define and Refine Your Approach

You'll have a better chance of seeing results more quickly if you have a clear plan for how you'll approach your target keywords. 

For instance, if you want to rank for a number of significant keywords, which are all fiercely competitive, it might take months or even years before you start seeing any returns. This is only if you're putting all of your resources into attempting to rank for all those keywords. 

As an alternative, you can gradually work your way up to your most critical keywords by first focusing on low-competition themes with practical applications. In this manner, you can continue to drive some organic traffic to your website while building links, website authority, and more.

How Soon Does SEO Strategy Start to Work?

Strictly speaking, it depends! Annoying, isn't it? But it is the reality. 

What factors determine it? It relies on a variety of SEO parameters, like the age of your website, how much SEO work has been done on it in the past, how much content is on it, its link profile, and many more.

Even though they are in the same sector and vying for the same clients, no two websites start from the same spot. Here is a realistic example of how your SEO methods and efforts can proceed in the first few months and the outcomes you might anticipate.

First Month

This phase involves diligent planning, keyword strategy, website assessment, research, and discovery. 

If research and discovery can be completed swiftly, the website's technological upgrades might begin within the first month. In other situations, a comprehensive study and discovery phase might go on for more than a month.

Second Month

Start working on technical SEO in month two, which entails changing the website in accordance with the findings of a site audit. Sometimes a website needs to be completely redone, which might take months.

While the makeover is going on, other SEO tasks like developing content and improving the link profile can be completed. If you find yourself in this makeover scenario, you'll be performing "SEO" but you still won't be seeing any effects at all. This is because the adjustments won't begin to have an effect until they're done.

Third Month

Start concentrating on content generation. 

This includes Frequently Asked Questions, whitepapers, articles, more detailed product and business information, etc. However, funding constraints frequently limit how much can be done at once, so a technical revamp must happen first.

Ideally, you should begin on this directly after the strategy and planning stage. If this is the case, rankings may begin to improve by the end of this month. Although you wouldn't necessarily anticipate them just yet. It would be ideal if those rankings are turning into leads or sales.

Fourth Month

This phase involves developing a healthy link profile, keeping up with content generation, and technical website optimization (which may involve removing low-quality connections).

Rankings, traffic, and lead production should all significantly improve by this month. It won't come close to the ratings you should see a year after beginning your SEO campaigns, but it should be noticeable enough for you to know the SEO methods are working.

Fifth Month

You may have begun implementing social media management into your strategy to promote your content and boost direct traffic to your website by this month or possibly earlier in the process.

This can result in a high volume of organic traffic generation and can also help you to generate leads on your own. Your leads ought to be increasing as a result of the SEO traffic that you should be experiencing at this time.

Sixth Month

By the time your traffic reaches 5,000 visits per month or more, you may want to consider adding conversion rate optimization to your efforts. This will enhance the conversion rate from traffic to leads and/or sales.

Moving forward, your efforts can be continuously directed at producing new content and being more creative. Depending on the nature of your business and the nature of your website, the precise operations might vary substantially.

Most of the time, it takes 4 to 6 months to start getting the benefits, according to the top SEO agencies. Your findings at 6 months should be significantly different from your results at 12 months. 

The 3 Fundamentals of SEO Success

Let's examine the three pillars of SEO success and how they affect the turnaround time for results.

Each of the three essential components for SEO performance might affect how long it takes to see results. 

Let’s have a look at the three -

Technical SEO

Before you can see the progress you desire, any technical SEO issues that may be present on a site must be fixed.

Technical SEO issues are like:

  • Site speed
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Canonicalization
  • XML sitemaps
  • Duplicate content
  • Hreflang
  • Structured data and more

Although some of these difficulties will be more significantly impacted by resolving them than others, it is still important to solve any technological concerns. 


Content continues to be one of Google's top three ranking criteria.

Why would subpar material fare well in the SERPs when Google's objective is to offer the best results for a particular search query? 

It's critical to prioritize developing excellent content that satisfies a searcher's purpose. 

The difference between faster results and longer benefits could solely hinge on the quality of content present on your website. 


In addition to content, backlinks are among Google's top three ranking criteria. The rankings of a website can be greatly boosted by these trust and popularity factors.

After all, connections between two websites are practically endorsements of one another. However, you must realize that obtaining high-quality backlinks is rarely accomplished quickly.

It is time-consuming and often entails producing excellent content that attracts links from other websites. Additionally, it may take some time to close a significant link deficit with competitors.

But not all links are created equal, and better connections eventually have the power to advance ranks more quickly than inferior links. 

Wrapping Up

SEO takes time, but you cannot know for sure how long unless you start working on it.

However, depending on a few other factors, you can make a very accurate prediction. Then, as time passes, you'll have a better understanding of how long it could take to outperform your rivals in your specific industry.

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