How to Effectively Outsource Your Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is an endearing task that requires constant monitoring and dedicated efforts. It takes an experienced team to devise every element of social media and build a strategy that resonates well with your audience. 

Outsourcing social media tasks is a great way to manage your business and benefit your brand. Their calculated efforts will help you build a loyal following that will engage with your post and bring in more conversions for you.  With the right strategies, you can impress millions of internet users and encourage them to follow your brand.

In this article, we will share a few common issues with social media management. We will share how outsourcing social media marketing will work in your favor. We will also discuss how you can start outsourcing your social media management tasks without hassles. 

Why Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

There are several reasons to rely on an expert team for handling social media platforms. It helps you save a lot of money and prevents you from being too overwhelmed with strenuous tasks.  Aside from these, there are several other reasons to avoid doing social media management yourself. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. Bring an Expert to Your Team

A social media specialist has an in-depth knowledge of the current industry trends and what would work best for your brand. They spend time and energy navigating emerging marketing trends.  They also formulate a way to showcase your brand laced with innovative and cool ideas. When you delegate this task to an affluent social media specialist you take an extra step towards reinforcing your brand image. 

Most social media specialists are well aware of the nitty-gritty of public relations and marketing. They can help you build a social media strategy that improves your business reach and generates awareness for your brand. 

If you decide to bring a social media virtual assistant or a marketing agency, you will reap the benefits of the experience they gained through years of service. The team of experts will be masters of their own skills and collate their efforts to bring the results you would hope for. 

2. Social Media Experts have Platform-Specific Knowledge

There are several social media platforms in the market today. But did you know that every brand has a specific platform that is best suited for them? For example, if you are a brand that sells female clothing items, there is no platform better than Pinterest and Instagram to showcase your items. This is because dedicated audiences flock to specific platforms. Therefore, it is in your best interest to learn which platform will yield fabulous results for your brand. 

A social media manager ensures that your social media efforts are focused on platforms that will increase your reach. They understand the audience dynamics of each platform and advertise accordingly. Also, a social media manager ensures that your social media posts are consistent and streamlined across all platforms. 

If you opt for a social media service, you will also be acquainted with the current platform algorithms and help you increase the impact of your marketing efforts. Your team of social media experts will research all these platforms and customize their content to fit the garbs of all social media platforms. 

3. Specialist Know the Right Social Media Tools 

Having an in-depth understanding of social media platforms is crucial but not enough to help you build an effective marketing strategy. Learning about different online tools is vital to set everything in motion. Before you create a dedicated post, you must envision how it will be portrayed on your page. Different tools and apps are used to assist in different stages of content creation and deliverance.  Let us look at a few ways in which tools can help you with different aspects of social media marketing: 

- Content Creation

A social media service-providing company or an expert usually has all the necessary subscriptions to marketing tools. They have the expertise to handle complex operations of the tools. Whether it is writing designing or publishing, social media specialists have tools to facilitate all these processes. They know the useful tactics that will help you optimize your content by infusing SEO elements within your blogs or website content. SEO optimization will help you boost your rankings on Google. 

If you do not have access to relevant tools, it may be pointless to invest in the tools because you might be losing a lot of money paying for subscription plans for meager work. You will have to employ someone who understands the dynamics of the tools and knows how to use them. This will additionally put a dent in your overall budget. As long as you do not wish to build an entirely internal social media team, you will be better off with an outsourced team

- Content Performance

A few dedicated social media tools adeptly monitor and promote audience engagement. These tools help you analyze the performance of your social media posts and how you can modify your content to improve audience engagement. 

While handling full-scale operations of your business, it is impossible to manually keep a tab on all that is happening on your social media platforms. Specialized tools give you access to all important insights that happen to your brand. 

- Social Media Management

Managing all existing social media channels frequently can be stressful. Social media management tools will help you maintain a social media content calendar and post promptly. Even if you forget, the tool will not forget to post and your audience will get regular updates. Social media experts will know at what time your target audience is most active and schedule the content to be posted accordingly. 

One challenge with time-specific posting is that, in the global scenario, there are people in different time zones. 

Using social media management tools you can schedule your content as per the time zone. This significantly improves your audience engagement rate. 

4. Expert at Beautifying Your Content

An attractive content and design will hook users to your social media posts. Every platform has specific posting requirements in terms of word count, tone, and language. You can use informal language on platforms like Instagram and Facebook but a little sophisticated language on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter will work the best for you. 

When you choose to describe your brand mission and merely state your goals, it is possible that your audience is not inspired to check your brand. Nobody wants to check out your self-promotional posts. Employing a social media expert who can devise a strategy to create, manage, and post content as per individual platform’s requirements. Outsourcing your social media management tasks will help achieve the following goals: 

- Build an Excellent Advertising Strategy

Being aware of the marketing know-how can help you gain a better understanding of what tactics can effectively share your message and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Acquainting yourself with the nitty gritty of advertising and marketing can be time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, it is best to hire a virtual assistant who will do the work for you. 

A social media virtual assistant can help you develop an advertising strategy customized to align with your goals. Social media marketing agents have the skills and ability to understand the competitive landscape and devise a plan that sets you apart from the crowd. 

- Obtain an Expert Opinion

When you create your campaigns with a particular goal in mind, you may not be communicating the right message to your target audience. In the short time that you have, sharing the wrong idea about your campaign can make your dollars trickle down the drain. 

Therefore, having an expert on your team can help you get a different perspective who will look at your posts from a vantage point. They will be able to tell if your social media posts are compatible with your target audience’s sensibilities. 

- 24*7 Monitoring Support

Social media is very dynamic, and impulsive and can go potentially out of control. A lot can go wrong within a short period. Therefore, it is important to have a vigilant social media executive who can leverage several tools to keep things smooth. 

A professional social media expert ensures that you do not disappear in loads of content dropped on different platforms every minute. They consistently post relevant content on time so your audience gets used to your booming presence. 

A social media management team has different professionals working around the clock to provide a seamless and uninterrupted service. They can use tools to streamline your marketing efforts and use tools to make a lot of processes automated. 

- Avoid Major Social Media Mistakes 

Sorting your social media posts and deciding on an uploading schedule is the preliminary step in social media management. But it does not stop here. It is important to build a brand persona that is innately imbibed in all the social media posts you create. It prescribes your online behavior. For example, if you have a quirky brand personality, you can introduce a few jokes here and there. But if you have a serious brand image e.g. - on medical websites, you might consider writing a fun post for the social channels. 

In addition, there should be a particular lingo in which you respond to your audience's comments or DMs. Establishing rules is a crucial step in setting up consistency in your online behavior across all social media platforms.  No matter how careful you are, you will receive some negative feedback which will coerce you to mimic their tone and language. This can wreck your brand image forever. Professional social media experts are trained to frame suitable professional responses that bode well in the public eye. 

Social media specialists will also eliminate any grammatical and spelling errors so that your brand reputation is preserved. 

5. Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

We have discussed why you should opt for social media outsourcing. Now, it is time for you to decide what aspects you should be mindful of before you select an outsourcing social media agency or a consultant. Check out our list below: 

- Trustworthiness

Outsourcing your social media management is a pivotal decision. It is important to learn about the credentials and expertise of the individual working on your social media platforms. Whether you choose to select a dedicated social media company to set your large multi-level social media campaign in motion or choose to outsource to a freelancer, trust is the foundation of long-lasting business relationship. 

It is their responsibility to maintain a consistent brand image and sustainable brand awareness. They become the spokesperson for your brand, therefore it is important to test their credibility before hiring them. 

To test their credibility you can survey their LinkedIn profiles or go through their Google reviews. Also, you can navigate any feedback or review present on their site. 

- Hire for Short Term for Building a Strategy

There is no point in outsourcing to a consultant for a long duration of time. Within a short duration of time, a marketing expert can frame a solid social media content calendar that will work for you timelessly. Once you learn the basics, you will be able to do the task yourself. 

We are suggesting this step only if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of an outsider representing your brand in the public domain. 

- Monitor the Performance of Full-Time Virtual Assistants

If you want to perform a social media outsourcing to a full-time professional, you must ensure to keep an eye on their activity. You need to ensure that they comprehend the meaning of your campaigns clearly and share the appropriate message with your audience. Once you are working closely with your virtual assistant, you can train them to adapt to your business language, tone, and behavior. 

When you rely on consultants to get your work done, it is possible that they do not have the same level of firsthand experience with your company as your full-time employees. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to help them be aware of your social media needs. When you work with them, you will speed up their progress and shorten their learning time. 

6. Things That You Should Strictly Avoid in Your Social Media Management

There are several social media best practices to social media management and there are certain things that can put all your efforts and time at risk. Therefore, you should know what steps can work in your favor and what will affect you negatively. This can prove monumental to you especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. With the right techniques, you can skyrocket your sales in a short duration of time.

Some common social media management mistakes - 

- Irregular and Erratic Posting Schedule

Random and whimsical posting can put you in a tough spot. Also, you cannot wait for inspiration, and in the process, make your audience wait for days or weeks. The moment you disappear from their list, you increase your chance of becoming obsolete. Consistency has a pivotal role to play in uplifting your social media marketing. 

A social media professional can stay on top of things for you and use specialized tools to automate posting promptly. When an expert takes care of these things, you can be more focused on your priority work. So, you must relay your social media tasks to a virtual assistant and they will do it for you at affordable rates. 

- Hiring an Inexperienced Full-time Employee

All the social media interfaces are simple and easy. In present times, a lot of people are increasingly becoming social media influencers themselves. A little expert who knows a little bit more about social media platforms than the rest of your staff becomes your best choice to dedicate your entire marketing campaign. Well, it does not work like this. Also, with additional social media work, you could be leaving your in-house employees with less time to dedicate to their mainstream work that they are an expert at. 

You need a team of experts who know what they are doing and can measure how each step can determine your public image. A professional social media expert will create an effective posting schedule and content strategy that will keep your followers growing.

- Posting Just About Products and Services

Social media is not just about promoting your products and services and goading your audience to get conversions. 

Social media platforms are an excellent space where you can share information, entertain your audience, and give them a peak into your work life. People are not driven to your occasional 10% discount if that is all you have to offer. 

Sharing information about your brand will help people associate themselves with your brand on a personal level. You can establish yourself as an industry expert who knows about the wishes and challenges of your target audience. For example, if you are a brand that sells cookware, you can consider sharing recipes or best cookware for bachelors. Social media advertising is not just marketing. It is about building a strong and distinctive brand presence. 

7. Tips to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy

Before you begin to create social media posts and actively post them, you must think about what aim you want to fulfill using a digital marketing campaign

Let us look into a few digital marketing best practices that you must follow:

- Build a Distinctive Brand Impression

If you are willing to be different and special from the other competitors. You cannot just rely on creating an eye-popping logo. You can decide on a personality type for your brand - whether you want to be a quirky funny brand or a brand that is up-to-date and shares crucial information on the latest trends. 
Select a brand identity for your brand and make efforts to establish your brand as you prefer.

- Stay Up-to-date

Trends change frequently. One must ensure that your social media specialist stays aware of the trending affairs, and political and current events happening in the world. If you create a post that is inappropriate given the regional or global sociopolitical events, it will be harmful to your brand. 

Your social media posts should reflect your views and help you emerge as an ethical brand with principles and values.

8. Redirect Your Energy to a Broader Audience

Do not put all your energy into displaying products and highlight the brand mission only. You can think of a strategy to entice more audience into engaging with your social media posts. 

Just like we emphasized before, posting about products will not do the trick for you. You can think about how you can add value to your user’s life. For example, if you are a computer seller, you can post about computer shortcuts or how to improve their longevity. You can then stress how your product will help them do the job for them. 

Wrapping up

Social media marketing can do so much more than just bringing you sales and conversions. It is an affordable way to build a worthy and sustainable brand image. 

Attempting to handle every bit of social media marketing yourself can be stressful and leave you with less time to focus on more pressing business operations. A social media marketer will be aware of industry insights and what strategies to implement. 

Are you considering outsourcing your social media marketing? We are here to help. At MyTasker, we have an amazing team to take your social media efforts to the next level. We are determined to help you achieve your goals and improve your position. 


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