Perfecting the Art of Group Discussion


Knowing how to facilitate group discussion is one of the skills of a true leader. Of course, facilitating group discussion requires you to make a plan ahead, keep your group focused on a goal, and manage conflict within the group. In the best virtual assistant companies, group discussion is of paramount importance.

Group discussion facilitates a clear understanding of the clients' work and ensures the successful completion of the work within the specified time frame. It also results in a healthy work environment and develops a sense of trust and togetherness within the organization.

How Group Discussion contributes meaningfully towards the development of the company?

At MyTasker, we facilitate group discussions because we believe that in a group discussion, there is a fair possibility of improving our communication skills.

Communication skills are considered necessary to excel in the VA industry. In a group discussion, there is a constant sharing of opinions and exchanging of views that automatically improves communication skills.  We believe that group discussion facilitates divergent thinking, generating new ideas and opinions for a task.

Also, group discussion sharpens the virtual assistants’ analytical ability, enabling them to perform tasks or resolve issues in a wink of an eye.

A group discussion is not like a formal meeting; employees have a group discussion in a casual way. The idea is to exchange information and build a level of understanding among employees.

An effective group discussion is based on two factors – listening and speaking. Each individual should know how to strike a perfect balance between listening and speaking.

This facilitates the exchange of new ideas among the employees, which has a positive impact on the entire work process in the company.

Initiating discussion, forming cohesiveness within the team

We understand that new joiners feel shy to voice their opinions during team meetings. And that’s solely the reason why we facilitate group discussions at MyTasker. It makes new joiners feel comfortable in the new work environment.

By exchanging ideas, voicing opinions and discussing issues, they get to know each other and the other team members properly. They are not just a part of the discussion, but they actually get a chance to speak up. As the interaction level increases, the reticence disappears and new ideas are exchanged.

Employees feel more comfortable working as a team and striving towards a common goal.  The idea of a group discussion is to coordinate with each other about a common goal and move together to achieve that goal.

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