The Importance of Incredible Video Marketing


First, I would like to confess that I am big on online shopping. I am way too lazy to leave the comfort of my bed on holiday and hop shop to shop looking for my favourite products. I am sure you must feel the same, at least at some point (especially if you are a corporate wage worker high on overtime). Well, coming back to the point, every time I look for a product online, I make it a point to watch the adjoining video or one available on YouTube. It helps me get a thorough explanation of the product and how it can benefit me, thereby reaffirming my faith in the brand. Okay, please don't tell me I am the only person who does this... am I?


So, notably, videos are one of the most creative and efficient ways of connecting with your audience in recent times. Thus, brands have been making use of this medium to the best of their advantage. According to statistics presented by Wyzowl, 63% of businesses today make use of video content marketing. 82% of these brands confirm video marketing to be a vital part of their strategy. 


There is no refuting that video marketing is one of the latest additions to a company's promotion tool chest. But is it worth resting all your faith and hopes for a growing business on videos? If yes, what is it that makes video marketing an indispensable asset for modern businesses? 


Let's begin with knowing what video content marketing is —


What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing involves producing relevant, creative, and informative video content to popularize a business profile online. The videos are generally published on either a social network or YouTube. However, they can also be made available to viewers in live videos, self-hosted videos, webinars, or online courses.

Traditional forms of marketing have stopped being as efficient as they were in the earlier years. Thus, if done right, video marketing can be an effective way for businesses to send their message across in a manner easily accessible to a larger audience. It is functional for both B2B and B2C content strategies.

The best thing about video marketing is that with time it becomes easier to perform effectively. The vast number of options available ensures that there is something for every marketer and their business.

Alright, so now that we have a brief idea of what video marketing is about, it is time to move on to the aspects that make it so popular.


What Makes Video Marketing So Important?

  • Videos Fascinate the Audience  VIDEOS FASCINATE THE AUDIENCE

Capturing your user's attention in a matter of seconds is extremely hard. Artistic pictures are dealmakers no more. That is where videos swoop in to save you. I recently came across some dreary product videos that made me hit the back button on my phone in less than 10 seconds! So, make sure that the first few seconds of your product or service video are captivating enough to make users stop browsing and take a look at your content. While viewers might take a pit stop to look at memes, videos can attract five times the attention!

  • Boosts Sales and Conversions  BOOSTS SALES AND CONVERSIONS

Nowadays, videos are the primary source of generating money. Did you know that including a product video on your site's landing page can boost conversions by 80%? That is right, and it is regardless of the sort in which you implement it. Additionally, it can directly lead to sales. Now, that is not surprising because your vision is undoubtedly your central sense. The majority of information transmitted to your brain is visual. So, if a picture can boost your engagement considerably, imagine the power of an adorable video!

  • Videos Offer Better Product Explanation  VIDEOS OFFER BETTER PRODUCT EXPLANATION

If you are looking for an interactive way to help potential buyers know the basics of your product while keeping them interested, video content can be a beneficial tool. According to Wyzowl reports, 94% of marketers have witnessed better user understanding through video content. Consumers will only be interested in your product when they understand its function and how it can help them. Adding a visual element to your explanation will send your message across much more conveniently.

  • Videos Display Great ROIs  Videos Display Great ROIs

Are you aware that about 83% of businesses today reap a good return on investment through videos? Though not an easy task, when achieved, it can pay off big time. Furthermore, video editing tools online are constantly evolving and becoming affordable. Today even a decent smartphone can get the trick done. Moreover, like all things in life, videos have their own set of imperfections. What matters is the content within. Sadly, if your video fails to offer a compelling and noteworthy explanation, the HD quality will not save you.

  • Google Favors Video Content  Google Favors Video Content

As videos can encourage users to spend some additional time on your site, it shows Google that the website has some excellent and fascinating content. With Google owning YouTube, there has been a significant rise in ways videos can improve your search engine rankings. Like text content, you must make sure that your videos are SEO optimized. Use descriptions and titles that are both interesting and descriptive, with backlinks to products or websites.

  • Encourages Viewers to Share  ENCOURAGES VIEWERS TO SHARE

Sharing content has eventually become the need of the hour. You can consider it to be an online version of the old-school "word-of-mouth" technique. Social media platforms help us share videos with other viewers seamlessly. With LinkedIn Stories, Instagram Stories, and Live Video on Facebook, various social networking sites focus on video content more than ever. Just be out there, create some fun brand videos and share them with your network. 

  • Videos Develop Trust

Relationships and trust are the fundamental binding factors in marketing. When you develop a reliable foundation with your audience, you can trust them to spread the word. Video content achieves this feat impressively. Videos are more likely to engage users and evoke a multitude of emotions through storytelling than image stills or texts. YouTube is a commanding tool that can be used for promotional videos, subsequently fostering trust among viewers. Online ads are often considered fraudulent, thereby making users feel victimized. However, running engaging product campaigns shows people that they can trust you.


If your video is engaging and quirky, people will share it. Today, it is much easier to develop and circulate unique video content for broader user engagement. So, if video marketing is not a part of your existing content strategy yet, maybe you should pause and re-think. Why settle for 'good' when you can have 'great'? So, better hurry and create some exciting product videos for your customers and watch your sales soar!

If you want to take it one notch up, then ask your clients to create videos on their experiences with your service. Nothing can work better than that! We always request our clients to share their video reviews or testimonials. Their videos are no less than precious gems for us.

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